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Monty Python Explains Obama’s Persistence on Health Care

Do the Obama Democrats (Obami, as Jennifer Rubin calls ’em) understand what’s been going on in the world? They’re still pressing ahead on health care, even as it becomes increasingly clear that the American people don’t want the legislation they’re proposing. Not just that, the president’s support of this overhaul hurts his party while allowing the Republican Party, the once ostensibly defunct GOP, to gain strength among independent voters.

Shouldn’t the Democrats have realized how unpopular reform was when they could not pass it on its own merits? They had to pay off certain Senators to secure their votes. The polls shows that despite the president’s repeated efforts to sell his policy, opposition to Obamacare continues to grow. And a Republican running against the health care overhaul is elected to serve out the term of the Senate’s one-time champion of said reform, winning a decisive victory in Masachusetts, supposedly the bluest of blue states.

But, even as Democrats keep losing, they persist, much like the Black Knight:

Note how said knight says, he “always triumphs.” He believes the mythology written about him–much as Democrats believed what they were reading in the press–with a Democratic supermajority and a charismatic president, this time, a health care overhaul would finally pass.

In this case, their “myth” blinds them to reality.

What happened to Obama’s First-Class Temperament?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:52 pm - January 24, 2010.
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Jennifer Rubin has an answer:

Jim Geraghty observes of Obama’s appearance in Ohio that the president was ”defensive, prickly, almost indignant that he’s found himself in the tough spot that he’s in.” That’s pretty much par for the course when things aren’t going well. I think that superior temperament thing only works when he’s on top.

Emphasis added.