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Liberal Spending Insanity

One year after the “stimulus” passed, we’re a little bit older and $787 billion deeper in debt* and the Democrats want another go-round.  Since it didn’t work the first time and there are now fewer Americans employed than there were a year ago while the unemployment rate has climbed even higher than the president told us it would  if we didn’t pass that legislation, Democrats want to spend even more of our money.

Didn’t California’s junior Senator tell us that the “stimulus” was all about creating jobs?  Didn’t Obama promise us that unemployment wouldn’t top 8% (if his “recovery” act passed?

Seems the Democrats attitude is that if didn’t work the first time, the same thing is bound to work the second time.

Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results“?

Or maybe the Democratic plan is working. While private sector unemployment is down, “the federal workforce is at all-time high“:  “More than 2.1 million government workers will be on the federal payroll by the end of 2010.”  And they’re earning more than their private sector counterparts.

So maybe Democrats just sound insane; they do have a sound strategy (from their political standpoint with all this spending):  reward the special interests who favor their party.

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Pelosi Aide Prepares to Turn Congress Over to GOP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s senior health care advisor has told Congress Daily that congressional Democratic leaders have settled on a strategy” to pass the health care overhaul without securing the 60 votes they need in the Senate to stop a filibuster, all but guaranteeing that Republicans will win back both Houses of Congress in less than nine months time.

Wendell Primus, aforementioned advisor

. . .  admitted top Democrats have already decided on the strategy to pass the Senate’s pro-abortion, government-run health care bill.

“Primus explained that the Senate will use the controversial reconciliation strategy that will have the House approve the Senate bill and both the House and Senate okaying changes to the bill that the Senate will sign off on by preventing Republicans from filibustering.

“’The trick in all of this is that the president would have to sign the Senate bill first, then the reconciliation bill second, and the reconciliation bill would trump the Senate bill,’ Primus said at the National Health Policy Conference hosted by Academy Health and Health Affairs.

(Emphasis added.) Should this “trick” work, it will do double damage to the Democrats, first, voters will punish them for passing an unpopular bill. Second, having thrown Republicans out for their legislative shenanigans, they’re sure to do the same to Democrats, especially given that people are paying more attention now to the legislative process. (more…)

Guess Global Warming Goes Back to 1755

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 9:58 pm - February 10, 2010.
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That was the year of the great Lisbon Earthquake.

Eve Ensler tells Joy Behar that tsunamis and earthquakes help prove global warming.

Jake Tapper to Host ABC’s This Week?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:18 pm - February 10, 2010.
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If ABC News were to tap its senior White House corespondent Jake Tapper to host This Week (a choice favored by a plurality of those chiming int to this online poll), it would represent a step in the right director for network news.  The strapping reporter is probably the best in his business, at least of our generation.  He plays no favorites and asks tough questions of both sides, covering public figures warts and all, regardless of their political affiliation.

He would be a welcome replacement to the Clinton official who currently hosts the Sunday talk show.  Via Julie Mason at the Washington Examiner‘s Beltway Confidential who offers:

Beltway Confidential’s partiality to ABC News’ Jake Tapper is no secret. He sticks up for his colleagues, sticks it to the man and is as fair and tough as you’d want in a White House correspondent. He’s also hot, but don’t worry about that right now. . . .

From Dartmouth ’91, Tapper went from cartoonist, to the City Paper (where he parlayed a blind date with Monica Lewinsky into a minor role in the Clinton saga) then covered Bush’s first campaign for Salon and eventually ended up as White House correspondent for ABC News — in line to host “This Week.” Totally weird, offbeat trajectory — but we dig it

Sorry, fellows, he likes the ladies, having wed Jennifer Marie Brown in 2006.

Is Global Warming Always to Blame for Severe Weather?

Just as Obama Democrats blame everything on Bush, seems global warmists attribute all weather phenomenon to global warming.  Just caught this on Yahoo!’s home page: D.C. Snowstorm: How Global Warming Makes Blizzards Worse.

Can’t these folks just acknowledge that they might be wrong?

UPDATE:  Doug Ross “the text of the article is something out of a rejected SNL skit: it’s just too preposterous.”  Read the whole thing!

“No ill effects” when gays serve in some of world’s best armed services

Just caught this link on Instapundit, skimmed the article, but don’t have time to offer much additional commentary, save that it confirms a lot of stuff I’ve been saying about lifting the ban on gays serving openly in our our armed forces:

ILYA SOMIN: “The Australian, British, Canadian, and Israeli armed forces are all among the best in the world. If they allow gays to serve openly with no ill effects, that strongly suggests that the US can as well.”

Slow Blogging/Rebirth of the Real Athena

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 11:58 am - February 10, 2010.
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I’m up in Carpinteria right now where I just heard a friend defend her dissertation and have basically spent the past day focused on myth (and movies), all but oblivious to politics.  In the past few weeks, after revisiting the myth of Phaeton and realizing how relevant it was to my dissertation, I have been writing it at the most furious pace since I started this project.

Now, I’m here also to have some meetings relative to my paper and won’t be back in Los Angeles until later in the afternoon–at which time I to do hope to get back to blogging, but with a friend visiting from Utah and his daughter wanting her Uncle Dan to take her to Disneyland coupled with the head of steam I have built up for my dissertation, I may not have as much time to blog as I have had in recent days.

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from politics.