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Can’t Get the Votes? Just “Deem”


There is no bottom in determining how low the House Democrats will go to force the Stalinization of health care on an unwanting public.

Latest, it turns out, the Rules Committee is drafting a scheme that will allow them to deem the Senate bill “passed” without even voting on it.

If it seems like something odd and underhanded, I don’t know what to tell you.

NRO has a couple pieces on the Corner about it.

Here we go again.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

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If Muslims Gay-Bash in San Francisco, Do They Make A Sound?

My second post is up at Big Journalism!  I’ll give you a preview, but you have to go there to read the whole thing.

Imagine, if you will, that the BB gun attackers [in San Fran] had been white. Or from Utah. Or from Texas.  Or Laramie, Wyoming. What kind of wild adjectives would have been applied? We can only surmise. Editorializing against mainstream Americans who are now out-of-favor by the media (whites, Catholics, evangelicals, Mormons, conservatives) happens everyday on America’s front pages and network news programs. But when it comes to Arab/Muslim attackers — all silence is golden for the American media.


It is also important to note that the fundamental philosophies of a majority of the American gay activist community have been rooted with elements of anti-capitalism, anti-democracy, anti-war, and anti-Israeli sentiment for the past three decades. You could not have attended an anti-Iraq war rally in 2003-2007 without seeing many rainbow flags (the unofficial symbol of gays and lesbians) mixed in with pro-communist, anti-capitalist, anti-Bush and anti-American signs, symbols and chants.

In order to be gay and part of “the community” in America, you must first renounce “the mainstream,” your individualism, liberty, capitalism, the Constitution, the basic right to vote and your patriotism. All those checked? Join the club!

Read the whole thing.  And please let me know your thoughts.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Charlotte Observer, Goodbye

Today marks the first day since I graduated college in 1990 that I’m not a regular subscriber to my local newspaper.  Fair enough — I had given up daily service a few years ago an only opted for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

But it is time to say goodbye to the dinosaur.  As of today, The Charlotte Observer is not getting anymore of my money.

Why, you may ask?  Because of what is plaguing other local newspapers — editorial bias influencing their “news reporting”.

The past few days have been the last straw.  Part of the Observer’s problem is that they are a McClatchy Newspaper — a well-known liberal publisher.  And these two straws are mostly McClatchy-generated.  But nonetheless they are a symptom of the Observer’s cancer.  They do not report “news”, they advocate for their point of view.  That is fine on the Editorial Page.  But not Section A or the Local News Section.

First straw: Front Page Lies About The Iraq War in Sunday’s paper (posted on the Web last Friday)

When the Bush administration invaded Iraq seven years ago, it pledged to leave behind a democracy that would be a model for the entire Middle East. Instead, it now appears that the United States will leave behind a big question mark.

Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Iraq will start the clock on the withdrawal of U.S. troops, with 50,000 soldiers remaining in an advisory role after Aug. 31 and all of them gone by the end of 2011, if current plans hold.

The elections are, in a sense, the final act of a U.S.-led invasion that the George W. Bush White House sold on false pretenses – nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, an imaginary nuclear-weapons program and fictional al-Qaida ties – and that has cost nearly 4,400 American lives, at least 100,000 Iraqi ones, as much as $3 trillion and untold political capital.

The bolded part is not only editorializing — it is a lie.  ALL of the Western intelligence services concluded the same thing the CIA did: There were WMD, an active nuclear program, and ties to al-Qaida in Saddam’s Iraq.  The phrase “false pretenses” suggests (as most liberals do) that “Bush Lied.”  Was Iraq an intelligence failure?  Certainly.  But everyone who supported the Iraq war did so in a post-9/11 mindset and sincerely believing the intelligence they were given.  That includes Al Gore, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry.

Second straw: A Biased Profile of the SC 2nd District Race (Joe Wilson)

You can read the story itself.  Every mention of Wilson is negative, every mention of his opponent is positive.

The Observer can print this drivel on their “news” pages and pretend they aren’t biased.  But I don’ t have to pay for it.

After all, thanks to Obama this economy is even worse than under Bush. THAT is a fact.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

The Democrats’ Bad Week Gets Worse

As details emerge about former Rep Eric Massa’s (D-NY) misdeeds, he becomes the latest embarrassment for the Democrats.  His stories about Rahm Emanuel may tend toward exaggeration, but now that he is getting attention throughout the media, more and more people are learning about the Rahm with whom we on the right have long been familiar, the ruthless political operative who swears in public meetings and sends dead fish to pollsters who displeased him.

And people are learning about the White House Chief of Staff’s novel way of doing things (that new kind of Chicago politics) the week after scandals involving prominent New York Democrats broke.  The mainstream media may try to bury the news about former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel and outgoing New York Governor David Paterson (which would still dominate the headlines if either man had an (R) after his name), but the stories remain fresh on people’s minds.

And this just days after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid boasted that we lost only 36,000 jobs last month.  Now, we have his counterpart in the House saying, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.

How’s that for a definition of transparency?  Vote for a bill so you can find out what’s in it.  Can you imagine a car salesman telling you to agree on a purchase price for a car so you can figure out what you’ll be driving for the next seven years?

While Nancy asks Democrats to vote on faith, Politco reports that her grip on the House is slipping.  Not the kind of headline you want when you’re trying to corral votes for unpopular legislation.

It just keeps getting worse for the Democrats.  People may not believe Massa, but he sure has helped keep his party’s dirty laundry in the news.