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Obama & His “Opponents”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:57 pm - March 12, 2010.
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If you want to know why Jennifer Rubin is one of my favorite blogresses, just read this piece she posted yesterday on Obama, The Endless Campaign.

UPDATE:  Okay, I probably should say why the piece struck me as being so insightful.  Remember how the Democrat campaigned as being a new kind of post-partisan president?  And then just look at how he’s governed, constantly attacking Republicans, regularly blaming his predecessor for the mess he inherited as if someone forced the job on him–and he hadn’t spent two years campaigning for it.

And we gotta admit, he ran a pretty good campaign and generally came across well on the campaign trail.  So, maybe that’s why he keeps at it, keeps campaigning, that is.  As Rubin writes (and this the essence of her spot-on post):

Obama and his grouchy adviser David Axelrod complain bitterly of the nonstop campaign, the partisanship of Washington, and the nonstop news cycle. But they most obviously are perpetuators of all three, and rely on campaign tactics (attack, attack, attack) in lieu of other skills — reasoned persuasion, real compromise, and legislative craftsmanship. They do it endlessly, campaign that is, because this is what they know and this is what they were good at. That it’s ill-suited to the task at hand and ultimately has diminished the president’s standing seem not to matter. Again and again Obama returns to the stump. What else is he to do? He’s proved unable to convince Blue Dogs of the merits of his bill.

Barack Obama seems obsessed with his opponents because he’s better at running against something than he is at running anything.

Katie Couric: Cheerleading for Obamacare

Just a few moments ago, while doing cardio at the gym, I looked up at the television monitor in front of me to see the mock-serious face of former high school cheerleader Katie Couric delivering the Administration’s talking points news.  She was all aflutter about the president pushing back his Asian trip to focus on health care.

Soon, she had someone named Reid (flacking for his ol’ Uncle Harry?) “reporting” from the White House lawn.  We saw Nancy Pelosi delivering some remarks and were told she’s very confident she has the votes to pass Obamacare.  All in all, a very upbeat report.

Notice anything missing?  Yep, me too.  They didn’t mention the opposition to the legislation nor the procedural shenanigans Democrats are playing to try to pass it.  No mention that one-time Obamacare supporter Bart Stupak has registered his firm opposition to the Senate bill, promising to vote “No” this time around.  No mention of a Washington Post piece by Democratic pollsters, Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen, “If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly.”  No mention of what Michelle Malkin reports as the “open-borders caucus [looking] like it’s really going to bolt.

No one questioned Pelosi’s claim she had the votes.  They tell us she’s happy she is that the president is staying behind to push this bill.  Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey puts the damper on Couric’s, er Pelosi’s, enthusiasm:

[Obama] doesn’t have the votes.  As with Nancy Pelosi’s bravado, the deadline turned out to be a façade.  If they had the votes, the bill would be on the floor now.  Not only do they not have the votes now, it seems likely they won’t have the votes next week, either — which is why Obama’s pushing back his long-awaited trip to Indonesia.

Wonder why they CBS “News” didn’t see fit to quote Morrissey –or any Republican or Administration critic.

No wonder Rush Limbaugh calls the MSM “state-run media.”

Guess Republican Women Don’t Make History

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:03 pm - March 12, 2010.
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If it weren’t for the banners hanging from street lamps along Santa Monica Boulevard in the People’s Socialist Politically Correct Republic of West Hollywood, I wouldn’t know it’s Women’s History Month.  And these banners featured images of a lot of interesting ladies, like Billie Jean King, Zelda Gilroy, Susan Sarandon, Hillary Clinton and Betty Friedan.  Now, I did see a banner of Betty Ford, but given the residents of this town, I would dare say she was probably up there for her clinic as much as her stint as First Lady (to a Republican President), but, well, there just weren’t any other identifiable conservatives or Republicans.

You know, like, well, the first (and so far only) female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the current Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the first female Ambassador the United Nations, the first African-American woman Secretary of State, the first woman Governor of Alaska or the woman who led a successful grassroots movement to prevent the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Guess none of them accomplished nearly as much as did Susan Sarandon.

Now, I only paid attention to the banners twice (once heading west and the other time heading east) as I drove by today, so may have missed these great women.  If you live in in West Hollywood, please let me know if you can find any right-of-center women honored on our city’s main thoroughfare.

A Musical Rendition of Pelosi’s Latest on Obamacare

So, earlier this morning, I was watching portions of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s brief press availability where she “said the House would take as long as it needed” to pass the health care overhaul. I translated that as, “We don’t have the votes and don’t know when we’ll get them.”

As I switched off the TV, I realized that a musical rendition of her statement already existed.

Methinks though that the bill is only alive in Mrs. Pelosi’s imagination — and that of the president.

Equality, Progressive, Social Justice:
Liberal Euphemisms for Big Government

When I received my latest e-mail from “Equality California,” (EqCA) the gay auxiliary to the Golden State’s Democratic Party, masquerading as a civil rights organization, its Executive Director Geoff Kors was all abuzz about “the critical fight for equality in California.”  I wondered, as I often do when I hear about such pushes for “equality,” what exactly that critical fight entailed.

And lo and behold, the contents gave me a clue.  His left-wing outfit is “sponsoring 13 pieces of groundbreaking legislation”.  Huh?  More legislation?  How many laws do we need?  How long has Kors been bragging about how many bills EqCA has shepherded through the state legislature?  And still he’s got more up his sleeve?

Deeper in the e-mail, we learn Kors real agenda, keeping government growing and Republicans from winning election.  This year, he says, they’ll be doing lots:

At the ballot box, we have an election that will determine whether we have a governor and legislature that will stand up for equality and oppose budget cuts that could threaten the health of our community. Electing a governor who supports full equality — and defeating a candidate who was a vocal Yes on 8 supporter — will be vital to our success in repealing Prop. 8.

Now, first will he please tell me what he means by “full equality.”  And when will we know it’s been achieved so we can stop legislating?

At least the above paragraph does give us an idea what he means by “equality,” linking that notion to opposing budget cuts.  In other words, “equality” is just a fancy name for big government.  (Wonder if he has any plans for addressing our multi=billion dollar budget deficit.)  No wonder he wants the state government to keep legislating.  The more bills the Democratic legislature passes, the greater power they give to the state, the less freedom we have.

It’s the same thing with other words the left uses to describe themselves and their agenda.  When they talk about progress, they mean greater government control.  “Social justice” is achieved through state intervention.

If “equality” means greater government regulation of our lives, then it’s not what I seek nor what most gay people really want.  We want to be left alone, free from state interference.  But, those selling us equality aren’t interested in leaving us alone.  In the name of progress and “social justice,” they want to cede greater power and devote more resources to government at all levels.

And that means more meddling in our live.

The Left-Wing Ideology Behind the Health Care Push

If House Democrats had the votes to pass the latest incarnation of the president’s health care overhaul, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi long since have scheduled the vote.  And her minions wouldn’t be trying to figure out clever procedural gimmicks to ram it and cram it through the House.

I bet that if you had a vote tomorrow in the House on whether the chamber should push forward with some version of the Senate plan or start afresh, starting afresh would win a comfortable majority.  (I know that’s not how they vote in Congress, it’s either yes or no on a particular piece of legislation or amendment thereto.)  There would be Democrats voting to move on, er, start afresh,ssss that if you combined their tally with the Republican tally, you’d have a majority.

But, since the Democratic leadership sets the schedule in the House, they determine what gets voted on.  And they want to pass a massive health care overhaul.  It’s not that the grassroots is clamoring for it, well, some in the fringes of the grassroots are, but that Democratic leadership is insisting on it.

Americans have moved on.   We’ve made up our minds about the Democrats’ proposed overhaul.  And no matter how many more speeches–or campaign-style rallies–the Democrats hold, we’re not going to change our minds.

But, we do see what the Democratic leadership is made of–and the left-wing ideology which defines it.