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Heritage Warns the “Ordinary Americans”

Picked this up from one of the listeners to Bruce’s radio program this evening. (I’d give props, but the chat scrolled away too fast, sorry!)

Heritage does a great job running through the evils of the actual Stalinization of Health Care Act of 2010, laying aside the sausage-making chicanery, ominously (but aptly) titled: “Ordinary Americans Have Been Warned”:

In a recent analysis, Heritage’s Kathryn Nix and Bob Moffit examine the consequences of policies embodied in the Senate bill. It would have enormous consequences for jobs, the economy, and the health care of every American. For example, it:

•Bends the Cost Curve Up
•Increases the Federal Deficit
•Expands Medicaid
•Imposes additional costs on insurance
•Invites Insurance Market Instability
•Creates Incentives for Employers to Drop Group Insurance Plans
•Discriminates Against Low Income Workers
•Creates New Inequities Among Employees
•Creates an Uneven Playing Field for Private Insurance
•Taxes the Middle Class
•Penalizes Marriage

There are details on each of these faults. To see them, I’d suggest you read the whole thing.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)


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