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HOT! VERY HOT: Stupak May Have A Deal

Over at FDL (hey, you’ve got to know what your enemies are up to), word is that all that activity around the office of that lady with all the Botox all day might have been a precursor to a deal on Bart Stupak’s anti-baby-killing wishes.

Seems Nancy may let him substitute his language disallowing federal funds (read: Your and My Tax Dollars) for abortions. Not sure why this would make a difference, there’s no way it’d pass in the Senate, but perhaps all the machinations are beyond me. Thought I was following it up till now.

Funny thing, though, is that it sure as hell has the pro-baby-killing Left in a tizzy. It’s even got my Congresswoman, Diana DeGette (D-Would be the best place in the world, but for her) threatening to scuttle the whole thing. Wow, what irony it’d be if she and her Infanticide Cabal were actually responsible for killing this thing after all this. I might even send her a fruit basket.

Either way, though…sure is interesting that Pelosi would even be bothering with Stupak. Seems to me that word was she’d written him off long ago. That she’s engaging with him suggests she’s not as close to 216 as we’d all thought?

This shit still ain’t over… Stay tuned.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

Economists to Obama: PLEASE, NO!

Proud to see no fewer than nine Economics professors, representing four of the Centennial State’s fine universities were among the 130 economists who signed on to this letter to Congress and President Obama arguing how the Stalinization of Health Care Act of 2010 will destroy the economy. A snipit:

In our view, the health care bill contains a number of provisions that will eliminate jobs, reduce hours and wages, and limit future job creation.

In addition to constricting economic growth and reducing employment, the health care bill will increase spending on health care and will increase the cost of health coverage. The new and higher taxes on America’s small businesses and workers included in the bill are detrimental to job creation and economic growth, especially now given the fragile state of the economy.

Given the lack of attention they’ve paid to us simple stupid constituents of theirs, what’s the chance they’ll take the word of experts?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

Lots of Doctors Running for Congress on Republican Ticket

Wonder why that is.

In an article on the GOP’s successful efforts at recruiting congressional candidates, soon to be Members of Congress, Byron York notes the superabundance of doctors in the mix:

Talk to the new candidates, and they’re worried about the entire scope of Obama policy. But an indicator of the specific effect of Obamacare is the unusually large number of new recruits — 31 — who come from the medical profession. Twenty-four are doctors. The GOP already has a significant advantage in the number of physicians-turned-lawmakers — at the Obama health care summit, the Republicans brought three doctors to the table, while the Democrats brought none — and that advantage will probably be larger in 2011.

That gives them a special authority on what will surely be a continuing debate over Obamacare. “I think it will basically decimate the health care system in America,” says [Dr. Larry] Bucshon [heart surgeon in Evansville, Ind]. “The number of doctors who are going to retire, and the number of young people who are no longer going to go into medicine, will be massive.”

No wonder the Obama Administration is so fascinated with white coats.  The president hopes his little bit of political theater will obscure the overwhelming opposition to Obamacare among physicians.

Obama’s Strong Disapproval Matches W’s At End of Term

Glenn Reynolds alerts us to the latestRasmussen [poll]: 43% now strongly disapprove of Obama, same as Bush when he left office: “Imagine how unpopular Obama would be if the press and the late night comedians (who are at least as important as the press) treated Obama as they treated Bush.”

And imagine how unpopular Obama will be should Obamacare pass the House and as we keeping learning about the bill’s myriad moving parts and its plethora of payoffs –not to mention the various inducements to get wavering Democrats to vote in favor of this legislation to limit our liberty.

His poll numbers will continue to decline in the coming days go down as the Senate is going to have to devote an inordinate amount of time to debating all those House fixes.  So, if the House package passes, we’re going to be at this for a while, a long while and the more wer’re at this, the lower Obama’s polls go.

The health care nightmare debate may well continue as will Obama’s polling agony.

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Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 3:38 pm - March 19, 2010.
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-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, frm TML)

Where Republicans are Missing It

An unfair narrative has taken hold over the past year or so as the battle has raged on over health care reform. That insidious lie has been perpetrated by President Obama and his minions, pressed by Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid, and repeated endlessly by the Leftists of Obama’s Christian de Neuvillette media. Naturally, that narrative is that Republicans aren’t interested in health care reform and would be (all together now), “satisfied with the status quo”. (Of course, lost in that lie is that apparently, but for the buy-offs, the Democrats are similarly “satisfied” were it not for the quid pro quo. But I digress…)

But the fact is Republicans do have a plan (have for over a year), and have touted it. That the media and the rest of the Left purposely ignores it and continues to lie about our satisfaction with the current health care situation is just par for the course…it’s to be expected.

Procedurally speaking, hearing future Speaker Boehner yesterday threaten promise to repeal the Stalinization of Health Care Act of 2010 if it passes and Republicans as a result regain the House is heartening to the base for sure. (Its impracticality before 2013 notwithstanding.) On the other hand, that doesn’t address the overwhelming number of Americans who genuinely want health care legislation passed. To be sure, they don’t want this mess, and they would likely be much more amenable to the Republicans’ plan.

So consider how much more effective we’d have been in defeating this disaster for our Nation if, instead of promising things like repeal if it goes through, sounding a narrative like: Hey, how about instead of these socialists ramming through this plan that you clearly don’t like, you give us the reigns, and we’ll make OUR health care reform Agenda Item Number One starting in January 2011!

Americans want health care reform. With Obama’s plan, they don’t get it till 2014 anyway. Why haven’t Republicans made real reform of health care their number one issue? Touting it as a neo-Contract with America? If that’s what Americans want, why haven’t Republicans made it a bigger issue for their own campaigns? By chasing after the Democrats’ disastrous plan, we’re not even taking our own advice: To look to the polls and address Americans’ concerns.

Representative Boehner would do better to promise not (just) repeal, but an actual health care reform bill from the 112th Congress if he is “lucky enough” to become speaker.

Tell you what…promising another shot at actual reform that Americans want would probably win more undecided Democratic fence-sitters to the “no” camp on the current legislation than just threatening to boot them if they go the other way.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

Vice-President: “We’re going to control the insurance companies”

In what has become a reliable pattern, the Vice President has tipped the hand of the Obama Administration (to those who didn’t already know) and inadvertently, in a moment of candor, told America (if they’ll hear it) what Teh One’s plan is.

In an interview for ABC News with Jake Tapper, the VP is asked how he’s working to gain votes of wavering Democrats in the House. As part of his answer, he reassures them:

And my response is, hey, man, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I’m telling you, you know, pre-existing, they’re going to be covered. You know we’re going to control the insurance companies.

Wow…with the master plot so laid out for the American people, shouldn’t it be obvious to us all what they’re after? Oh that’s right, it is obvious. That explains our continual and consistant disdain for it. Too bad nobody in Washington is listening.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

CIA Agents Outed to Terrorist Suspects; Media Silent

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:00 pm - March 19, 2010.
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Amidst all the hullabaloo over health care, we can’t lose sight of the other outrages of this Administration.  Remember how Democrats and their allies in the MSM just couldn’t stop telling us how horrible, no good and very bad it was that Karl Rove and the Bush White House “outed” a cover CIA operative, only to find out that Rove hadn’t done the “outing” and that the operative wasn’t covert?

Well, now, “Attorney General Eric Holder is dragging his feet in investigating how CIA officials were recently outed by the defense attorneys of terrorists“:

In August 2009, senior Al Qaeda enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay were shown photographs taken of CIA officials leaving their homes, by their defense attorneys.  In addition, Bill Gertz recently reported in theWashington Times that more photographs were shown to the detainees.

So, where’s the outrage?

Elise Cooper, who alerted me to the story writes, “Former CIA agents and intelligence specialists cannot understand why there are no outcries from Congress.”  Well, why would there be an outcry?   This can’t be used to embarrass a Republican Administration.

Obamacare: By Any Means Necessary

As the 2008 campaign got underway and we started learning about Barack Obama’s real record, not many people on the right believed the Democrat’s bromides that he was, as he claimed, some new kind of politician.  We saw his record; he was just a regular ol’ Chicago pol who cut a far more impressive figure in public than most.  He spoke well.  He looked good. But, he always toed the party line.

Despite his claims about changing the way things were done in Washington, he had no record of changing the way things were done in Chicago or Springfield, his state’s capital.

And remember, the transparency he promised on health care?   You know, deals negotiated in front of C-SPAN cameras.  Some thought maybe he had turned a new leaf when he convened his summit last month in front of such cameras, but well, House Democrats just released a passel of fixes to the Senate bill–and none of them were crafted in front of C-SPAN cameras.

It seems that with each passing day, each hour really, we learn some new nugget about the arm-twisting, job-offering and deal-making still going on to squeeze out those last few votes in the House.  Not just that, we keep hearing about the strategies that Obama campaign, er, team has been using to shift public opinion, strategies torn out of the playbook of old school Chicago politics, updated for the Internet era.

In a piece over at Big Journalism, Morgen Richmond and John Sexton detail how the president’s Organizing for America (OFA) is promoting an Astroturf letters-to-the-editor campaign, duping 72 local papers around the country “into publishing OFA talking points (some more than once).” They’ve even plagiarized their talking points.

Wondering at the lengths to which the Obami are going to deceive the American people, Richmond and Sexont ask “Is there any level to which the President and his supporters won’t stoop for a win?”


Risks For Senate Republicans in Opposing House “Fixes”?
Maybe, but not nearly so great as those
for House Democrats Voting For them

In an odd bit of political analysis featured on AOL, Russell Berman says Senate Republicans are taking political risks in preparing to fight the legislative fixes that House Democrats have demanded:

As the House moves toward passing sweeping health care reform, the threats from Senate Republicans keep coming. The latest is a promise to force a battle royal in the Senate over legislative fixes that House Democrats have demanded in exchange for their vote.

But what will be left for the GOP to fight? The brewing showdown could turn the political tables upside down, forcing Republicans to defend backroom deals and tax hikes they have spent weeks criticizing.

Um, Russell, hate to break it to you, the Republicans won’t be defending backroom deals and tax hikes, they’ll be fighting the backroom details and tax hikes contained in the House “fixes”   Borrowing a Democratic National Committee talking point (I call it that because he’s just rephrasing what he quotes a DNC spokeswoman as saying (though without her language accusing the Republicans of doing exactly what her fellow partisans have been doing to get this passed), Berman says that “by preventing Democrats from changing the new law, Republicans could find themselves in the position of ensuring that the most disputed elements of health care reform remain intact.”

So, by Berman’s logic, Senate Republicans should support fixes cooked up in back rooms on the other side of the Hill? (more…)

Only Outrageous to Drag Democratic Children into the Fray?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:54 am - March 19, 2010.
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Featured on Yahoo! last night was a piece by Yahoo! News national affairs writer Brett Michael Dykes:

As the House gears up for this weekend’s dramatic vote on health reform legislation, Democrats are taking flak from all sides. In southern Ohio, opponents of the bill have created a blowback effect by airing an ad targeting Rep. Steve Driehaus to stand firm as a “no” vote on the legislation. The ad prominently featured the congressman’s young daughters, in violation of the unwritten law that forbids dragging lawmakers’ family members – most especially their underage children – into the fray.

Emphasis added.

Wonder if Dykes showed any outrage about John Kerry and John Edwards’ injection of then-Vice President Cheney’s daughter into the 2004 campaign and David Letterman’s sexual commentary Sarah Palin’s underage daughter.   Did Yahoo! then discuss this unwritten rule?

Not to mention the media going overboard on Mrs. Palin’s children.   A Brett Michael Dykes did, however, wade into Andrew Sullivan’s favorite topic, you know, allegations about the former Alaska Governor’s youngest child.

I agree that that an ad featuring a Congressman’s children, Democrat or Republican, is outrageous, but the group which attacked Driehaus has already apologized to the Congressman.  Why, then, did Yahoo! feature it on its main page?  (And, as I post this, continues to feature it.)

Would it have done the same if a left-wing group supporting Obamacare had used the children of an Obamacre opponent in an ad attacking him?

Congress Reaches Record Disapproval*

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:22 am - March 19, 2010.
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According to Gallup:

Americans hold Congress in far less esteem than they do the president — 16% approve and 80% disapprove of the job Congress is doing, according to the latest update from a March 4-7 Gallup poll. That is just two points off the record-low 14% Gallup measured in July 2008. Gallup has been measuring congressional approval since 1974.

Do You Approve or Disapprove of the Way Congress Is Handling Its Job?

Lowest since July 2008? Now, let’s see, who had the congressional majority back in 2008? Oh yes, the same folks who have it now. So, that means, that under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Congress has twice reached the nadir of its approval, lower than it was in 1974 when the American people threw out record numbers of Republicans, lower than in 1994, when the American people threw out the Democrats.

Now, we know that given the then-Republican president’s low ratings in 2008, many people, like 57% of Obama voters, weren’t then aware that Democrats controlled Congress. Now, they are.

You know, I don’t think Mrs. Pelosi will find herself any more popular (except among her far-left base) if she manages to ram health care through the house.


*Since Nancy Pelosi’s first term as Speaker.

Hey, Ma’am, How about Them California Numbers?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:40 am - March 19, 2010.
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RealClearPolitics still lists the California Senate race as Leans Democratic, but when a three-term incumbent Democratic Senator in a state that delivered 60% of its votes to Obama and where the president still enjoys high approval writing herself has a disapproval rating of 51%, it’s time to move this race to the Toss-up category.

According to the latest Field poll,

A majority, 51%, of likely voters now view [Barbara Boxer] unfavorably, with only 38% having a favorable impression of the incumbent. In the previous poll, taken in Jan., 48% viewed Boxer favorably, with 39% having an unfavorable image of her.

In matchups with the Republicans competing for the chance to succeed her, she never tops 45% and is running either one point behind or one point ahead of her Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina respectively.  And what is it they say about undecideds breaking against the incumbent?

And my gal Carly’s been surging, up 9 points since the last poll.  If  she continues this trajectory, she’ll be polling above 50% next month.

(H/t:  Instapundit.)