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The Obama-Reid-Pelosi Unemployment Extension Act

Drive down Wilshire Boulevard through Beverly Hill as I did today. Walk down Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood as I did last week. Take a jaunt down any major commercial thoroughfare in Los Angeles. You’ll notice something everywhere, empty store fronts and commercial space for rent.  “For Lease” and “Available” signs seem to decorate more display windows in Hollywood and Beverly Hills than do manikins sporting the latest fashions.

And thanks to House Democrats, we’re likely to see even more such signs in the future.

Among the many distasteful provisions in the Democrats’ health care bill are those requiring businesses to provide health care or pay a penalty if they don’t, thus, increasing the costs of hiring a new employee.  With this increase–on top of the existing federal and state mandates and assorted regulations, creating new jobs becomes increasingly costly.  And thus, it will be less likely that employers will be bringing on new employees any time soon.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claims notwithstanding, this is not a jobs bill.  It won’t create jobs (well, except in the federal bureaucracy).  It will burden employers and make it more difficult for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to bring in new talent.  The costs of business are going up. And I wonder if Mrs. Pelosi and any in the Administration understand such costs.

This bill is not just bad or our health care system, it’s bad for business as well.  The pushback begins tonight.

ADDENDUM:  While watching the House vote today from my perch on the Stairmaster, I thought of this clip from Revenge of the Sith:

Guess I wasn’t the only one.  (H/t:  Instapundit.)


On June 3, 2008, history was made when the party that once defended slavery and stood in the way of equal rights for black Americans gave Barack Obama enough delegates to make him their nominee for President of the United States.

Never one to pass an opportunity to aggrandize himself, the completely unqualified, dearthly experienced Senator of all of four years from arguably the most corrupt political cesspool in our Nation’s history declared that that was, among other biblical things, “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”.

Rightly (in both senses of the word), he was castigated, but naturally and true to his form, he remained unrelenting in his own beatified view of himself.

Five months later, almost to the day, he was elected our 44th President. And we’ve had many moments since.

Just moments ago, I watched in despair on C-SPAN as the nominally representative body of our most democratic house of Congress openly and actively spited the will of the overwhelming majority of its constituents by passing a bill that will, in effect, federalize and seize control of over 15% of our economy.

Apparently on Tuesday, we can expect President Obama (likely to little fanfare, owing to his acknowledgment that what he is doing is so anathema to the will of those from whom he derives his current position, not to mention the Constitution to which he swore his defense) will sign this insult to liberty into law.

That, my friends, will be a moment to remember.

It will be the moment that our representative form of government will have ceased to exist. It will be the moment that those who deign to represent us in our Legislative and Executive Branches have chosen their own will over that which is clearly ours.

It will be the moment our Nation, whose Founders viewed legitimate government as “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” is now unquestionably ruled by a political class who exercises its power in spite of the governed.

It will be the moment we look back on, ten, twenty, forty years from now, when, in hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt, facing tens of trillions of dollars of costs due to this social experiment, we think: What the hell happened to America, anyway?

It will be the moment when, for the first time in our Nation’s history, the knowing and purposeful execution of innocent unborn human life was bankrolled by taxpayer dollars, a move, according to a November 2008 Zogby poll, opposed by 71% of Americans.


It can be the moment our so-called “representatives” in government finally begin to hear from us.

It can be the moment they look back on in less than 8 months and see as the galvanizing moment when Americans decided to take back their Nation from them.

It can be the Rick Santelli moment times 100.

It can be the moment that people who have been involved in Tea Parties and town hall meetings begin to take real action by RUNNING FOR OFFICE to replace these scoundrels who currently entrench themselves in the ivory halls of OUR government.

It can be the moment that those who were elected by We The People begin to FEAR the People and what we will do to them come November 2, 2010.

It can be the moment we look back on in ten, twenty, forty years, and reflect on a new birth of American Independence and self-reliance. A new birth of a Nation governed by people who hold true to the ideals of our Founders that our government return to “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

It can be the beginning of the end of the “long train of abuses and usurpations” of our current unrepresentative elected officials, and the day Americans once again dedicated themselves to the prospect that “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

What say you, America?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

“Political Jonestown”

Via National Review’s the Corner, a comment by Jimmy Carter’s pollster Pat Caddell:

On Fox a few ago: “Look, the people who are opposing this are holding tea parties. The Daemocrats (sic) are holding a Kool-Aid party. This is political Jonestown.”

ABC News Inflames Race and Gay Baiting In America

Last night David Muir, anchor of World News Saturday, breathlessly opened his broadcast with the fact (according to him) that John Lewis and Barney Frank were attacked verbally by conservative protestors.

ABC News had (and still has) no substantiation of the Lewis and Frank charges. Presumably the ABC News race & gay baiting shrillness rested on this flimsy report in yesterday’s Washington Post (an ABC News partner):

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) said that he was walking into the Capitol to vote when a protester spat on him. Police quickly responded and detained the protester, Cleaver said in a statement, but the lawmaker declined to press charges.

Others hurled epithets at Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a former civil rights leader, and Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) as they left the Capitol after Obama’s speech.

“They were shouting the N-word,” Carson told reporters. “It was like a page out of a time machine.”

Observers also said that Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was heckled with anti-gay epithets inside the Longworth House Office Building.

“I have heard things today that I have not heard since March 15, 1960, when I was marching to get off the back of the bus,” said House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), the highest-ranking black official in Congress.

Who are these “observers”? Isn’t it very, very convenient that Barney Frank — the most well-known gay Congressman — and John Lewis — the most well-known civil rights leader in Congress — were THE Members that happened to be the ones insulted.

Why, pray tell, doesn’t Rep. Cleaver press charges?  I WANT to know who this alleged race-baiter was.  Aren’t Democrats always whining about “hate crimes”?  So come on, Cleaver, press charges.  If it was a Tea Party protestor — call them out.  I want to know.

This entire weekend has been a bunch of crap and public relations stunts by Democrats that were simply reported, without checking, by the Mainstream Media.  ABC News should be ashamed of itself for forwarding these outrageous and completely uncorroborated stories of hate mongering by protestors.  They are doing this nation a severe disservice which I believe we will all live to regret.

It is completely disheartening to this American who was raised to think that the media was independent, the Constitution was the law of the land, and that we live in a Republic form of government.

This weekend, our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

FROM THE COMMENTS (via Dan):  Ellie writes:

Why did they walk through the group of protesters anyway? This sounds like it was done on purpose to drum up anti-protester sentiment. Anyone expecting there to not be some racists in that crowd would have to be woefully idealistic. I’m disappointed in whatever security the Congressman had that let him even consider traveling through a hostile crowd. If I’d walked proudly into that crowd with a dress on and my face unshaven and had insults and worse thrown at me, I’d only have myself to blame. Same applies to them.

Emphasis added. My thoughts exactly.  Everything the Democrats do is political theater.  But, it may rally their base, including the MSM, but it sure looked staged to me.

Become a Fan of Bart Stupak’s Opponent

Sounds pretty solid.   I just became a fan of his campaign.  You can too.  Via Instapundit where a reader writes:

His membership is currently growing at a rate of about 20 new members every 30-60 seconds and incoming comments are fast and furious. People are begging him to set up his donation site so that they can start a money bomb.

UPDATE: When I signed up, his campaign has 1,001 members. Now it has 1,679 1,821 2,063 (more than doubling in the 37 minutes since I first posted this) 4,248, more than quadrupling in less than two hours, 10,000 as of 11:58 EST, a ten-fold increase in 6 hours and 10 minutes.

UP-UPDATE: Michael Barone looks into why Stupak caved:

Why did Bart Stupak agree to a deal which supposedly restricts abortion funding by an executive order, when it’s obvious, as Yuval Levin points out, that an executive order can’t trump a law and the Senate bill clearly authorizes abortion funding? The reason, I suspect, is that aside from the abortion language Stupak really wants this bill to pass and recognized that it wasn’t going to if he didn’t make the deal.

It’s Barone, read the whole thing!

UP-UP-UPDATE:  Since you cannot donate on line, one of Benishek’s fans tells us, please  send any contributions to

Benishek for Congress
802 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

UP-UP-UP-UPDATE: I am writing check now for $25 to Benishek for Congress and sending it out tonight via snail mail. I encourage all GayPatriot readers to do the same. Seems ol’ Miss Nancy did indeed need those votes:

the Democratic leadership had to make a deal with Stupak in order to avoid defeat. As was the case in November. The large number of Democratic defections suggests how unpopular this bill is with the voting public. Without the abortion deal, the leadership was losing 40 of the 253 House Democrats.

My Challenge to Barney Frank’s Defenders

Since the unhappy Democrat from Massachusetts is demanding that his Republican colleagues do more to “differentiate themselves” from the hateful speech spewed by a handful of anti-Obamacare protesters, I challenge defenders of Mr. Frank to provide examples of statements the Democrat made–while George W. Bush was in office–differentiating himself (and his party) from hateful insults leveled against that Republican president.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  Scott doesn’t rise to meet my challenge.  Instead, he offers a telling anecdote which, I’m sure, Barney (and his cheerleaders in the MSM) will ignore:

Of the accounts I’ve read, only one Tea Party protestor was arrested. There was a much smaller anti-war protest yesterday which resulted in 8 arrests, including Cindy Sheehan, who yelled “arrest that war criminal!!”, right before her arrest.

If Obamacare passes, how big a GOP wave this fall?

If, indeed, a “historic win” on health care is close as blares the headline on Politico, then the key question is not whether or not the Republicans will win back the House, but how close their margin will be to the 67th Congress, elected in 1920 in the wake of popular discontent over the Administration of Woodrow Wilson.

Then, there were 302 Republicans in the House, compared to 131 Democrats.  Now, I don’t think we’ll elect that many Republicans this fall, though, in the coming days, we’ll see some Democrats who voted “Yes” get opposition from irate physicians or others opposed to this legislation.  More races which looked safe to the Democrats, like Barbara Boxer’s race to stay in the Senate, will move from “Lean” or “Likely” Democratic into the “Tossup” category.

And many Democrats who voted “No” may get swept away in the anti-incumbent Democratic tide.

UPDATE:  Glenn Reynolds:  “Like the protester said yesterday, if you vote yes on the bill, we’ll vote no on you in November.

GOP to Pick Up Another House Seat

In the fall of 2008, riding the tide of hope and change, Barack Obama barely edged John McCain in Michigan’s first congressional district by 2 points (about 5 points behind his national percentage).  Bush had won the district by 7 points (that national percentage) in 2004.

Now that Bart Stupak has caved in backing the health care overhaul in exchange for an “executive order ensuring that no federal funding will go to pay for abortion under the health reform plans“, it looks like Republicans should take that seat this fall, both because of opposition to Obamacare and because pro-lifers, strong in that region, feeling betrayed.

What It Means To Be A “Pro-Life” Democrat

Regrettably, Bart Stupak (D-I’ll Believe Anything Obama Says) has caved and is the last person in America to rely on the words of President Obama when he makes a promise.

This is the end of it, unfortunately, and here’s hoping some of the other pro-life Democrats aren’t quite as gullible as he is.

Stalinization of Health Care here or there, as a pro-life Catholic myself, I cannot even express in words my disappointment in this good man’s mistake.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

UPDATE: Congressman Stupak was just on Greta’s show and either could not or would not answer her direct question about the FACT that the president could just as easily rescind his Executive Order. I have watched him many times in the past several months, and have found him to be a man of great conviction and principle. I’m not a shrink, but what I see in him right now is a beaten man. I honestly do not think he believes himself that this is going to work, and that it is truly worth only the paper it’s written on (or worse, worth only the already-proven unreliable word of President Obama). I don’t know just what to think of this. I’ll go ahead and put it out there: Either I completely miscalculated the character of Stupak (least likely, I think), or his gullibility. Or, worst of all, there’s something else sinister going on. I guess we’ll see in time.

UP-UPDATE: Having just watched the spectacle of Congressman Bart Stupak disingenuously (the only word to describe it, given how much we’ve been through with him) demonizing the Republicans for having the temerity to expect him and others who voted for this pro-abortion to live up to their own votes, I owe our readers an apology.
I try to stay away from cynicism, but that’s no excuse for not having my eyes open. Congressman Stupak’s craven and dispicable words (and forthcoming spineless vote—they’re voting on the motion to reconsider as I’m typing this), combined with the below video, showing him declaring back in November that, at the end of the day, he’d still vote for Obamacare, even if he didn’t get his anti-taxpayer-funded-abortion language in the bill leads me to believe that I’ve been suckered by this man all along.
I should have made myself aware of this video long ago. Had I, I would never have used his possible hold-out position as a principled stand for life. I have let you down, and apologize.

Obamacare: The grassroots energy is in the oppostion.

If you follow the conservative and libertarian blogs and FoxNews, you’re familiar with the inordinate amount of Americans protesting the Democrat’s health care overhaul.  You’d think Washington, D.C. Democrats would have gotten the message when voters in three states that went for Obama in 2008, including one state considered the most liberal of jurisdictions, elected Republicans to state-wide office, while the the Republican tallies increased in counties surrounding New York City, where voters who, a year earlier, delivered majorities to Obama, tossed out incumbent Democratic county executives.

Rob Kleine, an Instapundit reader, wrote in to Glenn Reynolds:  “All the focus on the anti-Obamacare protests has me wondering: Are there any pro-Obamacare protesters? Or is the Emperor truly w/o clothes?

The grassroots energy is entirely among opponents to this bill.  The energy for passage comes from the White House, the Democratic leadership and their allied special interests.  And like King Pyrrhus of Epirus so focused defeating the Romans in at Heraclea, they have put all their energy into winning this one battle, losing sight of the much broader contest.  For Pyrrhus, it was a war which he eventually lost.  For the Democrats, it’s the battle to remain the majority party.

As Mike Flynn put it:

The Democrats and the White House are lost in a legislative “fog of war” right now. They are focused on twisting enough arms, offering jobs and negotiating specific “deals” (bribes) to get them to 216 votes. Their attention and energy is focused exclusively on a final vote in the House tonight. No one is looking even one minute beyond that horizon. They are like a general who pours all his reserves into taking a symbolic bridge, never realizing that his lines have already collapsed and his flanks have been turned. They may take the bridge and get to 216 votes. (I’ve learned to never bet against Congressional leadership and an Administration united for a single legislative victory. ) But, they have already lost the war.

Via Instapundit.  Democrats have pushed this legislation for a vast overhaul of our nation’s health care system without achieving a popular consensus, without a House-Senate conference committee to work out a compromise of the two chambers’ competing bills, with deals forged in back rooms and with payoffs to wavering legislators.

In the course of the lengthy debate, the Democrats have lost the people and roused the opposition to an extent hardly imagined 14 months ago. (more…)

Why I don’t think Democrats Have Votes (at least not yet)

FoxNews is now reporting that the White House is still struggling to work out a deal with Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), as the Hill put it earlier today, “on abortion provisions.”  That these negotiations would be going on at this late hour suggests the Democratic leadership does not yet have the votes they need to pass this, so must flip Stupak and some of his pro-life allies.

UPDATE:  There are so many conflicting accounts of just how Stupak is voting on the web.  Some websites say he’s a confirmed “No,” others, “Yes.”

UP-UPDATE: The Hill, via Instapundit, confirms my hunch: Unless a deal is struck with Stupak, Dems appear to be short on votes:

Hours before a scheduled vote on healthcare reform, Democratic leaders don’t have the votes.

The decisions of two Tennessee Democrats, Reps. John Tanner and Lincoln Davis, to vote no has put President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her lieutenants in a major bind.

If every member votes, Democratic leaders can only afford 37 defections. According to The Hill’s whip list, there are 39 Democrats planning to vote no.

BREAKING! Pelosi Reverses Results of Kansas NCAA Game

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:05 pm - March 21, 2010.
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An ESPN News Release

In a shocking turn of events, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reversed the results of the second round Kansas vs. Northern Iowa NCAA tournament game by deeming the Jayhawks to have passed to the next round.

“I like the procedure, because you don’t have to win the game,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi was reacting to Northern Iowa’s upset of the number one seed overall Kansas, which President Obama had picked to win March Madness.

“There will be no busted Barack-ets this year,” Pelosi said, as she made her way out of the Capital en route to a plastic surgery appointment.

“This kind of thing helps Barack get on with his legislative strategy when the Republican Party of No is just trying to defeat him and win the pick em game.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, said that he was going to filibuster Kansas’ win.=

Barney Whines that Conservatives are Meanies, but does he condemn similar rhetoric on left?

This is rich:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), called a “Homo Communist” on Saturday by protesters opposed to President Barack Obama’s health plan, says his GOP colleagues need to do more to “differentiate themselves” from the hateful speech spewed in the healthcare debate’s final hours.

So, did the unhappy Barney Frank and his Democratic colleagues do much (do anything?) to differentiate themselves from the hateful speech spewed at anti-Bush rallies during the last Administration?

Yeah, there are some nuts in the Tea Party movement, as there are nuts in any political movement.  And leftist politicians like the mean-spirited Democrat from Massachusetts want to define conservative movements by our extremists.  So, by Barney’s standard, if Democrats are silent when a left-winger spews hate, that hate speech defines their caucus.

In the middle of accusing Republicans of not doing enough to distinguish themselves, the self-righteous Democrat insulted one of his Republican colleagues–and by the tone of his remark the entire caucus.  Guess only Republicans can be mean and narrow.

There is already video debunking Congressman Lewis’ charges of racism.  So, please, Barney, if you want Republicans to differentiate themselves from nut bags on the fringes of the right, then first you make sure to differentiate yourself from nut bags on the left, including some elected members of your own caucus (including especially the junior Senator from the only state Walter Mondale won in 1984).

Who Wants to Be the Deciding Vote on an Unpopular Bill?

Seems a lot of people, including Speaker Pelosi have been thinking along the same lines.  Just yesterday, I wondered at all the ads Republicans and their allies could craft if Obamacare passes by one vote.  Well, if this report is correct, Speaker Pelosi has similar concerns:

ON DRUDGE: “OVERHEARD: Walking into Capitol this morning on phone, Speaker Pelosi tells Hoyer: ‘Steny, we have to get to 217. None of these members wants to be the deciding vote’… Developing…” It’s unsourced, but it’s easy to believe that nobody wants to be the deciding vote on this turkey.

Will Health Care Debate Declaw Speaker Nancy?

Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the vote to increase government control over our nation’s health care system is just the beginning:

In a conference with left-wing bloggers Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that passing the current Democratic health care bill is the beginning, not the end, of the process of creating a national government health care system. “Once we kick through this door, there’ll be more legislation to follow,” Pelosi said, according to an account by Washington Post reform advocate Ezra Klein.

Most likely, she spoke of kicking through this particular door in order to bring left-wingers on board who don’t think the current legislation goes far enough.  Others interpreted it to mean that there’d be more statist legislation to follow and not just in health care.  Now, to be sure, if this passes, Congress will still be working on health care for weeks, if not months to come, “fixing” the bill, then fixing the fixes, batting legislation back and forth across Capitol Hill while other problems fester.

And given just how unpopular this bill is, should it pass, there will be more legislating as the incoming Republican Congress in January moves to repeal it and enact real reforms which reduce the federal regulatory burden and promote private sector innovation.

But, I’m beginning to wonder now, given all the arm-twisting and deals top Democrats have been offering wavering members of their caucus, if come this afternoon’s vote, they will have spent their entire political capital and have nothing more to offer those representing swing districts–or even marginally Democratic ones as citizens, like those in Massachusetts, turn against the incumbent party for its indifference to their concerns.

Our representatives in Washington will be more wary of controversial legislation, including, alas, repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.  Pelosi may not be able to get them to walk the plank again on that or any issue.

Just look at the lengths to which the president and House Democratic leaders are traveling to try to squeeze our their majority.  If this passes, it will be by the barest of majorities.  And Democrats won’t be putting as much energy into future such issues.

Nancy may gloat if this passes, but its passage will diminish her power.  As will its defeat.

Congressman Mike Rogers’ Statement on Health Care

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:26 pm - March 21, 2010.
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A reader sent me the statement Mike Rogers made at the opening on the debate on health care reform last summer. What he says still rings true, a nice enunciation of the broad conservative objections to increased government control over our health care system, ostensibly to provide health insurance for those currently lacking, but really to centralize power in our nation’s capital.

Well worth your time.

Congressman Lewis’s Questionable Account Says A Lot

According to CNN, Representative John Lewis (D-Don’t they pay attention down there?) is accusing unnamed Tea Party protesters yesterday of calling him racial things. Alongside him, Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Show Me) accuses likewise unnamed and unidentified people as having spat on him.

Let’s break this down: Two men from Congress (approval rating, 16%) make accusations that fulfill their fantasies about racism and incivility in a group they have caricatured as both racist and uncivil. However, there is no video or audio recording of the event, no photography of the event, and no corroboration from someone who doesn’t have a dog in the fight. Still, of course, the old-school media reports it as fact.

Now, I watched a bit of FoxNews yesterday and saw they had cameras down there most of the day. I flipped from time to time over to CNN and over to MSNBC and didn’t see any live footage of the rallies (there may have been some, but I just missed it). However, I only see reports of this from CNN and MSNBC, with zero evidence other than the testimony of already proven unreliable and scheming congressmen (one of whom was able to testify to the press that he heard a slur “15 times”. Really?) Naturally the Leftist press is breathless about all of this. (FoxNews, FWIW, actually has the condemnation of a “Tea Party leader”…something those who don’t believe Tea Party people exist wouldn’t be able to acquire.)

It’s a shame the old-school in-the-pocket press is so hell-bent on ignoring and downplaying the Tea Party movement. It seems that if they considered it real news and covered it, they’d probably have some sort of evidence (other than that of the words of these proven scoudrels). Unfortunately for them, it might mean actually getting the other side’s story out there. That would do two terrible things for them: First, it’d show these scurrilous accusations to be lies, and second, it’d actually allow our voice to get out and stop this steam-roller.

To the press and these congressmen, I say: Show us your evidence.

Naturally I don’t expect any. They’ve built their entire careers on mischaracterizations of their opponents and their own disdain for any opposition keeps them from ever hearing or paying attention to anybody but their own echo chamber. Truly disgusting.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)

UPDATE (from Dan):  There is video: “Video Debunks Lib Accusations That Slurs were Shouted (and Thoughts on Identity Politics)“:

A CNN reporter, yes, CNN, the home of the infamous Susan Rosegen, claimed to have heard racist slurs and shouts; other bloggers picked it up. I mean, if you’re going to smear a group of people by claiming that they were shouting slurs, perhaps make sure you don’t post video that completely refutes your claim and makes you look like a race hustler. Just saying.

Once again, we have Democrats describing Republicans not as we are, but as their prejudices define us.

The Last Stand, Until The Last Stand

So we’re down to just a few hours now. In spite of yet another promise broken in the process, that lady with all the Botox has scheduled the vote for tomorrow.

I’m reminded of a great phrase from out West here: A Dios rogando, y con el mazo dando. It roughly translates to: Praise the Lord, and pass the gunpowder, and more idiomaitcally it means that God helps those who help themselves.

If tomorrow our House of Representatives passes the Stalinization of Health Care Act of 2010, it’ll be up to us to take action. It will be up to us to decide if we choose to allow the criminals who vote in support of this unonstitutional and destructive legislation to continue as our employees or to remove them.

The time for Hope will be over. The time for Action will have come. As of tomorrow, there are 227 days till November 2, 2010.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)