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BigJournalism: Media Kept At Bay While Gays Protest Obama

Check out my newest posting at BigJournalism.  Here’s a sample:

Now I don’t really get into the whole “shouting down the President” and “handcuffing to the White House gates” approach to things. But it is very disturbing that Obama’s people are using the District police to prevent reporters from doing their jobs and covering an act of peaceful civil disobedience. I can only imagine the breathless and shrill outrage by network news anchors tonight if Bush-Cheney had kept the press away from the White House during an anti-war protest in 2005? Surely the Bush Press Secretary would be “The Worst Person In The World” tonight on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. So why shouldn’t Robert Gibbs be tonight?


Not surprisingly, the demonstrators [in Los Angeles on Monday night] have not received much national media attention despite the shocking rebuke to the President most favored by gay rights groups in recent years.   I do seem to remember that during the 2003-2008 time period, network news reporters and camera crews seemed to be just a phone call away for even the smallest chance that a Code Pink or Cindy Sheehan appearance might interrupt then-President Bush or then-VP Cheney.

It seems King Barack I doesn’t like protests, especially from his left flank.

Please read the whole thing so they keep me over at BigJournalism!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Support Republican Candidate Tim Burns in Pennsylvania

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:40 pm - April 20, 2010.
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On Tuesday, May 18, there will be a special election to fill the Pennsylvania congressional seat of the late John Murtha. So unpopular has the Democratic agenda become in this part of the Keystone State that even the Democratic nominee Mark Critz has been campaigning against Obamacare.  But, remember, should that Democrat prevail, he’ll become a loyal foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi.  Should he be reelected to a full term in November, the first vote that Democrat would cast would to extend Mrs. Pelosi’s terms as Speaker.

Citing a Public Policy Polling survey which shows Pelosi’s favorables in the district at 24 percent, compared to 64 percent unfavorable, Jim Geraghty reports that the Republican candidate in the race, “Tim Burns[,] is having a money-bomb.”

Please join me in making a modest contribution to this fine Republican.

If the victim (or intended victim) is not from an approved group or does not hold an approved opinion, it’s neither a hate crime nor newsworthy

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:10 pm - April 20, 2010.
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Via Glenn Reynolds, we learn more about “the new climate of fear in America: DEM DONOR Arrested for Threatening to Murder GOP Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite …Media Silent“:  “Erik Pidrman threatened to murder GOP Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite.”

Mr. Pidman, “gave $250 to Hillary’s campaign in 2008.”

Barney, you’ve got some differentiating to do.  I do expect the unhappy Massachusetts Democrat to take to the microphones any minute now to “differentiate” himself from the hateful threats made by this supporter of his party.  Should Barney remain silent, we will assume, based on his very words, that he countenances the types of threats the Florida Democrat made.

Barney had said that, “If this [i.e. Tea Party] was a movement that I was part of, I’d be doing more than I think the Republicans are, to differentiate myself“.  Well, Tea Party protesters didn’t issue the kinds of threats Mr. Pidman did.  And Barney said he would have differentiated himself from the kind of hateful language he claimed he heard last month.  So, we’re waiting for him to weigh in on this matter.

No Wonder the “Stimulus” Didn’t Create Jobs . . .

. . . but it may have keep some public employees on state payrolls.   (Guess that’s what Obama meant about “saved.”)

Michael Barone explains:

One-third of the 2009 stimulus money went to state and local governments–an obvious payoff to the public employee unions which gave hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats and got hundreds of billions of dollars in return, to insulate public employee unions from the effects of the recession which has affected everyone else.

What Obama and Boxer don’t seem to realize is that they—like Corzine and Coakley–are on the wrong end a taxpayer rebellion. For decades, Californians paid high taxes but got good services in return: good schools and roads, an excellent university system. But now, after favor after favor to the unions from their pliant political pawns, we have bloated payrolls, unfireable teachers who are the highest-paid in the nation, state workers who retire at 55 and make more money not working than when they were working.
For more on how public employee unions have broken California, check out Steve Malanga’s City Journal piece.