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‘Everybody Draw Mohammed’ Activist Target of Death Threats By Al-Qaeda Leader

I’m not sure what is more disturbing.


As part of “Inspire,” a 67-page English-language Al Qaeda magazine, Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki — who has been linked to the botched Times Square bombing and cited as inspiration for the Fort Hood massacre and the plot of two New Jersey men to kill U.S. soldiers — targeted the Seattle cartoonist for “assassination,” along with others who have participated in her campaign.

“The large number of participants makes it easier for us because there are more targets to choose from in addition to the difficulty of the government offering all of them special protection,” wrote al-Awlaki, who is an American citizen. “But even then our campaign should not be limited to only those who are active participants.”

He warned that “assassinations, bombings and acts of arson” are all legitimate forms of revenge against the creators of blasphemous depictions of Muhammad.


The woman created her version of “Everybody Draw Muhammad” in late April, days after a Seattle cartoonist launched the online campaign to protest Comedy Central’s censoring of an episode of “South Park,” in which the Prophet Muhammad was depicted wearing a bear costume. The Canadian woman said she will no longer act as the administrator of such a page.

“I just want to be quiet now,” she continued. “I wish I didn’t do this.”

or this…

The 27-year-old Facebook page creator — a Canadian woman who asked not to be identified due to fears of reprisal — told that she was visited at her home last week by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials who advised her to remove her page and not to talk to reporters.

Ah, the chilling effect of the death threat is alive and well here in The West… thanks to Islamists.  I think that’s their goal.  Oh yeah, and beheadings too.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)



  1. Sharia, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution cannot coexist in the same country. If you have the former you will never have the latter. If you have the latter the former will be moot.

    Comment by Delusional Bill — July 13, 2010 @ 2:36 pm - July 13, 2010

  2. Now now, Bruce. Let us not place moral responsibility where it belongs (on the Islamists), nor stand with the victims (Molly, South Park, etc.). Let us blame the victims, as I’ve seen some do on this blog. /sarc

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — July 13, 2010 @ 3:08 pm - July 13, 2010

  3. Gotta love that religion of peace.

    Dearborn, MI 2010 and 2009 ….

    Comment by Roger Sherman — July 13, 2010 @ 3:14 pm - July 13, 2010

  4. I’m not sure what is more disturbing.

    Tough call. It should be the latter. But it’s disturbing that the former still happens to this day.

    Comment by Pat — July 13, 2010 @ 6:10 pm - July 13, 2010

  5. These guys do not play around.

    Anyone who has not skimmed through this book has no clue about Islam:

    Try to reason with Sharia and you will long for arguing with Levi or any other moral relativist.

    If you are going to argue with a militant Muslim, you had best have your exit strategy in mind.

    I have attempted to have conversations with Muslims which suddenly went off track, because the Muslim shut it down on the basis of my (infidel) curiosity about what has been ordered (for the Muslim) by fatawah. Fatawah are the religious decrees of Muslim religious leaders. (One religious decree is a fatwah.)

    Just to be clear, the Muslim knows the fatwah in the question I ask and my curiosity may be seen as a temptation for the Muslim to question the fatwah. Temptation in Islam takes on meaning quite different from temptation in the US.

    If I leave money on the desk in my Cairo hotel room, under Islam I am guilty of temptation when the maid enters the room and sees it. Furthermore, as a non-Muslim, I am doubly guilty since I am infidel and therefore an evil tempter. To further complicate the issue, as a “foreigner” I am where I do not belong, as well. (This is fact, but Cairo is very cosmopolitan. The refrigerator in my Cairo Hilton Hotel room was stocked with liquor and I could arrange for a hooker, if I desired. But then, Cairo would be a greatly different place if the Egyptian Brotherhood had control and the thumb of Mubarak were lifted.)

    The more worldly Muslim has learned to divert conversations which might set the less worldly Muslim into a rage. But, in the Muslim world, sooner or later you are going to encounter the blood that boils in every true believing Islamist. What you are up against is not a dialog full of reason and give and take, but a stone wall of elemental “truth.” But this is not a “truth” that is subject to the scientific method. It is the voice of Allah as divined by religious leaders through fatwah.

    If you think there is wiggle room in this, you are trying to apply some academic method to “understand” what has been decreed by fatwah.

    Iran’s Ahmadinejad believes that Mohammed ibn Hasan, the 12th Imam, is the righteous descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. All streams of Islam believe in a divine savior, known as the Mahdi, who will return at the End Of Days. Ahmadinejad and the Shia sect believe the Mahdi is the 12th Imam, Hasan, who is known as the “Hidden Iman” who went into “occlusion” in the ninth century, at the age of five. His return will be preceded by cosmic chaos, war and bloodshed. After a cataclysmic confrontation with evil and darkness, the Mahdi will lead the world to an era of universal peace. The Jamkaran mosque in Iran is a pilgrimage site where the pious Shia come to drop messages to the Hidden Iman into a holy well. The Mahdi will return with Jesus at his side.

    This is a religious decree. However, the world of Islam is split on whether the 12th Iman is actually the Mahdi. A nuclear Iran is one way to force the issue on those who do not follow the Shia belief about the Mahdi and to exterminate the loathsome (to Islam) Jews.

    Now, as a moral relativist, you are free to debate this. But the insult of your infidel arrogance may well cost you your life.

    Comment by heliotrope — July 13, 2010 @ 6:50 pm - July 13, 2010

  6. That’s the funny thing about strict adherence to a fixed ideology that does not allow for questioning. Any ideology that cannot withstand questioning by its own adherents is totalitarian by ANY definition.

    Comment by Delusional Bill — July 13, 2010 @ 9:12 pm - July 13, 2010

  7. Somehow, Bill, I have a notion that you are not really delusional.

    Comment by heliotrope — July 13, 2010 @ 10:29 pm - July 13, 2010

  8. Hel…. SHHHHHHHHH….. I’m bucking for a free ride on the Obamacare train.

    Comment by Delusional Bill — July 13, 2010 @ 11:08 pm - July 13, 2010

  9. Elsewhere, there’s a “Everybody Draw Capt. Planet” FB group. Their avatar is a crayon drawing of Capt. Planet crying.

    Comment by ThatGayConservative — July 14, 2010 @ 12:45 am - July 14, 2010

  10. The time has come for non-Muslims to start returning the death threats.

    Comment by Classical Liberal Dave — July 14, 2010 @ 1:22 am - July 14, 2010

  11. It’ll be interested to see who gives Molly Norris the most support now, those of us she criticized for following through on “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” or the American Muslims who embraced her (and who she embraced as well) during her campaign against her own creation.

    Comment by Wesley M. — July 14, 2010 @ 2:22 pm - July 14, 2010

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