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No man has been elected president by running against Reagan

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:43 pm - August 2, 2010.
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Every time Republicans lose ground in federal elections, we hear the same chorus coming from the Beltway establishment:  conservatism has had its day, Americans are moving left.

We heard it in 1982 and again in 1992, very clearly in 2006 and most definitely in 2008.

But, if you look closely at each of those elections (save 1982), the victorious Democrats had not defeated Republicans running on a Reaganite record, but Republicans who had adopted the Washington habits of their Democratic peers.

And let us recall that the most successful Democratic President since FDR, Bill Clinton, won not by opposing Ronald Reagan, but by co-opting his ideas.  In 1992, he wasn’t running to expand the federal government, but to re-invent it (whatever that means) and to “end welfare as we know it.”  He may have governed more to the left than he campaigned in his first two years in office, but, after Republicans won Congress in 1994, he quickly shifted gears and steered clear of tax increases and big-budget boondoggles.

No man has ever been elected president by running against Ronald Reagan.  The American people have never repudiated his ideas at the ballot box.  Indeed, the last Democrat to win the Oval Office did so by borrowing Reagan’s rhetoric, you know that stuff about “living beyond our means” and proposing “a net spending cut.”

Obama Reforms Mean Greater Accumulation of Wealth and Power in Washington

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:08 pm - August 2, 2010.
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If we had a real reformer in the White House, we’d see real estate values plummet in our nation’s capital as people long sucking at the teat of the federal government would have to find more productive uses for their talents and energies.  Instead, we see the Washington, D.C-area weathering the great recession much better than other jurisdictions across the country:

The Washington Business Journal reports that while nationwide CEOs of top companies saw a 5.5 percent pay hike, Beltway-area CEOs saw a 37 percent raise — more than in any other city.

This may be yet another symptom of the new Giant Sucking Sound: the nation’s wealth rushing to the seat of government power in the wake of the Bush Bailouts and Obama’s spectacular increase of government’s role in the economy.

Other symptoms: DC’s housing market is the second-strongest in the nation according to one recent measure; the richest county in the nation, and 6 of the 10 wealthiest, are DC bedroom communities; and the area’s unemployment is the lowest in the nation.

The lesson is clear: government, not the free market, is where money is made these days.

But, since government does create wealth, instead as one politician might put it, just spreads it around, it soon too may have trouble finding the resources to pay for the extravagant habits of Beltway denizens.

Dem Congressman: ‘The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in This Country’

This is why We, The People are now armed with questions and video cameras to confront our elected officials.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)