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The assumption that to be a good gay, you have to lean left

I caught an interesting, but, well, strange, post a reader linked on his Facebook page.  The writer, Robert Klein Engler, offered some interesting background on the Marxist roots of the gay and lesbian movement.  Now, I’m sure that the better part of the rank-and-file gay activists have little knowledge of or sympathy for the Marxian ideals which animated some of the earliest gay rights’ activists, but those leanings are there among some of the leaders.

In this post, I will not consider Engler’s read on the push for gay marriage, but encourage you to read it yourself and to let me know what you make of it.  That said, I did want to offer this paragraph where I do believe he’s onto something:

Likewise, the goal of freedom for gays that queer theory offers, dressed as it is in the feathers and sequins of Marxism-lite, is really an illusion. Instead of opening up being gay to multiple meanings, queer theory straps gays into another straitjacket, this time worn in an alternative universe of gender Gnosticism.

Now, I would put the word, “freedom,” above in quotation marks for the primary reason that, as Engler put its, it’s just an illusion.  Some activists seem to assume that “coming out” means me need not only be open and honest about our emotional/sexual inclinations, but adopt a worldview that accords with leftist principles, hence, the assumption that a gay Republicans is, by definition, self-hating.

In their view, to be a true gay, in addition to being attracted to and longing of intimacy with individuals of your own sex, but you also have to subscribe to leftist political principles.

More on this anon (I hope).

Our First Islamic President

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:40 am - August 15, 2010.
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If liberals claimed Bill Clinton as the “first black President,” then surely Obama’s hearty Ramadan dinner endorsement of the 9/11 Ground Zero mosque makes Barry our first Islamic President.