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One reason Americans Give Congress a Bad Grade

In yesterday’s Political Diary (available by subscription), John Fund reported:

When it comes to Congress, the voters are tough graders,” concludes Democratic pollster Mark Penn in a new survey for “Almost no Americans give this Congress an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ despite the passage of landmark legislation.”

Um, Mark, is the wont of one of our readers, let me fix that for you:  “Almost no Americans give this Congress an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ because of the passage of landmark legislation.”

AFA Boycott Means Better-than-Expected Earnings for Home Depot

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:34 pm - August 17, 2010.
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According to the AP, one reason stocks rallied today was earning reports “from Home Depot Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. that were better than expected.”  Better than expected earnings from Home Depot?

Wait, but wasn’t the American Family Association (AFA) trying to boycott the company?  Doesn’t look like that’s working out very well.  Almost as successful as their boycott of Disney.

Guess theirs was a “Doomed Enterprise” after all.

Ray Bradbury Agrees with Bruce Carroll?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:06 pm - August 17, 2010.
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From Instapundit, “RAY BRADBURY HATES BIG GOVERNMENT: ‘Our Country Is In Need Of A Revolution.‘”

Linked on Instapundit, Big Brother From The Ground Up?

Straight Conservative Blogger to Sponsor Homocon!

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:32 pm - August 17, 2010.
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In the past few days, John Hawkins of Right Wing News (where I occasionally cross post) was generating a bit of blogosphere buzz.  In a post where he makes an error about Log Cabin (contending they “endorsed John Kerry in 2004” when, in reality, they just acted like they did), he announced that his conservative blog will be

. . . the first sponsor of Homocon. We’re going to be supporting the event, promoting it, and encouraging Republicans in New York to attend. Thanks to GOProud for giving us the opportunity and thanks to Ann Coulter for creating what’s sure to be a memorable event that people will want to attend.

While John wins kudos from gay conservatives, he was also taking some flak from other conservative bloggers for a column he ran, listing the 25 worst Americans of all time.   This was based on a poll he conducted of right-of-center bloggers.  As one such blogger, I regularly receive his e-mails asking me to participate in such surveys.  And not comfortable with the question he asked in that particular poll (for a great variety of reasons), I chose not to respond to it — and not elected not to participate in that poll.

That said, I have participated in other such surveys John has run — and expect to do so again.  He invited me, an openly gay man, to blog on his site and to participate in his polls, always identifying our blog when I do so, thus including a web-site with gay in its name on a list of conservative bloggers. (more…)

“Between Golf” or “What Do You Think Mr. President?”

Posted by Sarjex at 4:16 pm - August 17, 2010.
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Back from TLG’s and my summer tour of the US! We went all around the US…mostly tracing along the perimeter. We slept in more Wal Mart parking lots than I care to count, saw more national parks than I can remember and met people from all over.

I have to say, despite the problems our nation faces and the strifes and pressures, both from within and without, people are just mostly good.

It was hard to keep my ear to the ground on what was going on politically. TLG banned me from listening to Rush as we drove and so I didn’t allow that much NPR in retaliation but there were SOME stories one just couldn’t miss.

I’m also trying to earn enough money to go to CPAC this next year! I’m working on some new designs and am open to your ideas, suggestions and commissions. You can contact me at
sarjex (at) gmail dot com

Obama Wines & Dines While Angelenos Suffer in Traffic*

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:37 pm - August 17, 2010.
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So, yesterday, Obama was hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite, hauling in gobs of dough for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Angelenos suffered as the city closed streets to accommodate the Democrat:

“I was an Obama supporter, but … was stopped by police from crossing Olympic to get home … during my daily dog walk,” Amy Christine said on the website. “I’ve lost all belief in his judgment. Can he really think he’s more important than the tens of thousands of people trying to get home to their families?”

Emphasis added.  There’s so much to the emphasized line — almost as if it is a defining statement of the Obama era.

The massive traffic jam that resulted from President Obama’s motorcade and speech Monday night in Hancock Park is prompting calls for an investigation from some residents, who say they were caught in traffic for hours.”  Kind of a symbol for the divide in American politics today between the governing class and their allies among the superrich and the American people.

While people in positions of power (particularly political power) support the president, those who toil in the private sector (or wish they did), increasingly oppose his agenda.


*Caused by his presence.

UPDATE: Glenn has a good roundup on Obama’s assistance in aggravating LA traffic.

Republican Standing Increasing as Americans Realize They’re the Only Real Alternative to Party in Power

With the GOP enjoying the “largest margin they’ve ever enjoyed in the generic-ballot question“, it would seem to be glory days for the Republican Party.

But, let me, ever the optimist, to add a dose of necessary caution.  We may be pulling ahead of the Democrats and enjoying support (at least on the generic ballot) that exceeds leads we enjoyed in 1994, but people aren’t so much warming to the GOP as they are choosing the only real alternative to an increasingly unpopular party in power (it’s why despite her flaws and gaffes, Angle will likely pull it out in Nevada).

Just like 2006, people aren’t looking to vote for the party out of power, but against the party in power.

As Allahpundit puts it:

In fact, in many polls, the Republican Party’s favorables are still lower than the Democrats’. And even so: Biggest generic ballot lead … in history. That’s how popular Hopenchange is.

The flip side of that calculus, of course: Imagine what the lead would be like if people liked the GOP.

That’s why the GOP needs to come up with a plan akin to 1994’s Contract with America.  Sure, it’ll give the Democrats a target.  But, it will also give Republicans a chance to run on something.  They need to show they’re not the big-spending party of the Bush years — and that they’ve learned the lessons of ’06 and ’08.

Has Geoff Kors read the U.S. Constitution?

In his latest email, the head of the gay affiliate of the California Democratic Party “Equality California” tells us about “the U. S. Constitution’s promise of equality for all”.  Funny, I’ve read the U.S. Constitution more times than I can count and have never found that promise*.  The framers did indicate that the charter’s purpose includes securing “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.

Save for the Fourteenth Amendment when the word, “equal,” appears, it only refers to legislative voting.  And that Amendment specifies that “No State shall make or enforce any law” which denies “to any person within its jurisdiction.” Not sure how you get from that to a “promise of equality.”

Sorry, Geoff, you can’t read your ideological watchword into the constitution.  It just ain’t there.

Better to focus on liberty.  (More on that anon, I hope.)

*UPDATE:  maybe it’s buried in the various emanations of its penumbrae.