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Hadn’t Seen this Obama Bumpersticker

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:07 pm - September 1, 2010.
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Just caught this bumpersticker, thought it might be a new slogan for the Democrats, but if you look in the right side, you can see that it was from ‘0[something].  Obviously not for the ’12 campaign.  Must have been an Obama campaign slogan from another part of the country.

Or maybe the car owner was trying to peel off the ’08 as he’s gearing up for ’12?

Will Gay Groups More Readily Embrace Castro’s Apology than Mehlman’s??

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:24 pm - September 1, 2010.
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Fidel Castro has always posed a problem for gay leftists.  On the one hand, he constantly wins accolades from the American left for his efforts to change Cuba while constantly being a thorn in the side of the United States.*  But, on the other, his regime has been perhaps the greatest persecutor of gay people in the Western Hemisphere.  

Not only did this demagogue oppose state recognition of same-sex marriage, but he also sent Cuban gays away to labor camps where they suffered under inhuman conditions and were often tortured.  

Now, the former chief executive of the world’s largest island prison, claims he was just “too busy” to prevent his henchman from persecuting gays:

Continuing his image rehabilitation campaign, ex-Cuban President Fidel Castro called the rampant homophobia in the initial stages of his revolution a “great injustice.”

During an interview with La Jornada, Castro said that while he was not prejudiced against gays, the blame for the homophobic atmosphere lay only with himself. He claims that he was “too busy” with other matters — such as trying to survive U.S. assassination attempts — to deal with the discriminatory policies.

As Mark Hemingway who alerted me to the article reminds us, Mr. Castro suffers from an affliction common to American Democrats, notably Barbara Boxer, remembering things the way he wants them to have been, not the way they were:

I had a feeling some in the media might be overeager to forgive Castro, but some basic questioning of the official version of the Cuban government’s claims might be in order. For one thing, persecution of gays appears to have persisted well past the “initial stages” of the Cuban revolution.

He’s right; it wasn’t just the initial stages of the “revolution.”  Just follow the story of Reinaldo Arenas, the subject of the 2000 movie, Before Night Falls.

Now that Castro has apologized — and his actions directly led to the real persecution , the real suffering, of gay people — I wonder if some gay leftists will more readily rush to accept his apology than they did that of Ken Mehlman — a man responsible for suffering only in the minds of those eager to blame all gay peoples’ woes on Republicans.

* (more…)

Well, Ma’am, we do have quite an imagination, don’t we?

Can you imagine the reaction in the mainstream media if a Republican Senator running for re-election had told a leading newspaper in her state that she had not harangued an official in a Republican Administration, asking only how many people had died in a certain conflict — whereas the tape reveals not the question but the harangue?

The story would race to the top of the news, faster than you could say, “Macaca.” And soon we would see stories about the senator’s pattern of dishonesty.

I guess Mrs. Barbara Boxer thinks she can get away with rewriting the past (just like her unhappy former colleague from Massachusetts) because the media always give her party a pass. Over at the San Francisco Chronicle, Debra J. Saunders has the scoop about Mrs. Boxer’s meeting with the editorial board of that Bay Area daily:

Boxer told me:

“I asked her how many people had died and she did not know the answer to that question. And since we had lost a lot of Californians, I was concerned. And I said, you and I don’t have, we haven’t paid a person price, I said, you and I, I said, myself, my grandkids are too young, my husband too old, and as far as I know you don’t have anybody in the war. So I tried to use it to bring us together, but the right-wing press said that I questioned, that I turned on her because she wasn’t married which was a little silly.”

My thanks to Shaky Hands Productions.

Boxer also said: “I was criticizing the fact that she didn’t know how many people died in Iraq. Absolutely I was.”

There’s just one problem. Boxer never asked Rice how many U.S. troops had died in Iraq when she began her “personal price” remarks. In fact, Boxer had not asked Rice a single question. She was engaged in her usual filibustering.

Wonder if any newspaper will pick up  this story about Mrs. Boxer’s faulty memory?  I mean, will the Chronicle even cover it — outside of Ms. Saunders’ blog?

GayPatriot Readers’ Brunch In Denver on Sat Sept 4*

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:05 am - September 1, 2010.
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Just another reminder that I’ll be in Denver to visit my brother and sister-in-law and at least one of their kids over Labor Day Weekend and would love to arrange a readers’ brunch on Saturday the 4th (or possibly Sunday the 5th).

If you’re in the Rocky Mountain State and would like to join us, drop me a line.

*re-bumped and updated.