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Flawed Democratic candidates Flounder in Recent CA polling

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:57 am - September 4, 2010.
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In his analysis of some recent polling data out of the (once and future) Golden State, Ed Morrissey quotes a write-up that sounds like it was copied from my youngest nephew’s favorite book, that 1963 classic, Hop on Pop,

In the contest for Governor of California, it’s Republican Meg Whitman 47%, Democrat Jerry Brown 40% today. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll 3 weeks ago, Whitman is up 3, Brown is down 3. 

Emphasis added.  

The blogger formerly known as Captain Ed wonders what it will mean if both Brown and Barbara Boxer lose, whether it will signify a change in California politics or merely be a reflection on the quality of the candidates: (more…)

Do conservative protesters ever mete this treatment out to liberal politicians?

Tony Blair Pelted With Eggs at Book Signing:

Tony Blair was pelted with eggs and shoes by anti-war protesters this morning in Dublin, where the former British prime minister held a book-signing event to promote a new memoir in which he defends his decision to help invade Iraq.

And they accuse Tea Party protesters of inciting violence.

UPDATE:  The BBC has more, “Four people were arrested as activists clashed with Irish police at a security barrier outside the bookshop.

Obama’s Rhetoric: Beautifying Failure?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:12 am - September 4, 2010.
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Writing about an expensive new school complex constructed by the broke Los Angeles school district, the Wall Street Journal‘s Alyssia Finley offers a nutshell description of Obama’s liberalism.

The K-12 complex isn’t merely an overwrought paean to the nation’s most celebrated liberal political family. It’s a jarring reminder that money doesn’t guarantee success—though it certainly beautifies failure.

Beautifies failure.  Certainly sounds like all the fancy rhetoric, “hope,” “change” and “stimulus” to cover up for a major expansion of the federal government and an economic policy which has prevented the economy from expanding at the rate it normally does immediately following a recession.

UPDATE:  And is this contrast with charter schools related to real Republican reforms?

Mr. [Thomas] Rubin [“a consultant for the district’s bond oversight committee”] says it’s unfair to compare charters with traditional public schools because charters aren’t saddled with onerous government regulations regarding labor and environmental standards. What he doesn’t say is that charter schools don’t have taxpayers as a backstop.