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Judge Rules DADT Unconstitutional

Here we go again.

While I believe DADT should have been overturned years ago, I don’t believe it is a court’s role to determine military policy.

Via Servicemembers United we learn that “U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips has ruled that the 17-year old “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law is unconstitutional. Judge Phillips also indicated that she will issue a permanent injunction barring the Department of Defense from carrying out further discharges.”

Let’s just have Congress overturn this law to avoid a prolonged legal battle.

The opinion is here.  Given the Jewish New Year and other obligations, I doubt I’ll have time to get to it right away.  (From a quick scan of the opinion, my sense is the judge relies less on the actual text of the constitution and more on twisting past rulings to yield the result she wants.)

Short summary of my opinion.  This is the result I want, but from the wrong branch of government.

UPDATE:  Have now had the chance to scan some other posts/articles on the web.  Allahpundit thinks this will “fuel this fall’s populist mojo“: (more…)

“Two Protests” or “Outrage!!!”

Posted by Sarjex at 7:40 pm - September 9, 2010.
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Media helped make crank pastor’s publicity stunt successful

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:37 pm - September 9, 2010.
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So, some extremist Florida pastor has now had his “15 minutes of fame“.  Pastor Terry Jones who had been planning to burn a “Koran on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks said [today] he would not go forward with the event, adding he would meet with the imam planning to build an Islamic center near ground zero.

You know, I wonder if fringe figure had gone forward with his publicity stunt if it would have attracted more media than the miniscule membership of his congregation.

Would anyone even know who this guy was if, as Mike Thomas asks in the Orlando Sentinel, the “media had ignored” him?

James Taranto contends that the media helped make this crazy pastor’s stunt successful:

. . . a fringe Florida pastor’s announcement that he would observe 9/11 by burning the Islamic holy book was not, in itself, news. It was a mere publicity stunt–which the media, by treating it as news, made into a successful publicity stunt.

It is a publicity stunt that fits a pernicious media narrative, exemplified by a New York Times story we quoted yesterday titled “American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong,” which cited the Koran burning as evidence of widespread anti-Muslim bigotry.

Anti-Muslim bigotry is a problem, but it is only exacerbated by the media’s tendency to exaggerate and sensationalize it–and by the adversarial and snobbish attitude many journalists and some politicians have adopted toward the vast majority of Americans, who are not bigoted and who see the Ground Zero mosque as an affront.

While the media sensationalize this story, Sarah Palin takes notes of a story that media are ignoring “Book burning is bad. But the Muslim cleric who is running for parliament in Afghanistan is calling for the murder of American children in response to scorched Korans, which is worse. Where is the media’s focus?”   (more…)