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Did Jerry Brown Just Throw the Election?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:40 pm - September 13, 2010.
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Every once in a while, during a political campaign, a politician says or does something which changes the trajectory of  the race — or prevents it from turning in his favor.  And no matter what he says or does after that, he can’t gain any traction.  You could say a “macaca” is holding him back.

Jerry Brown may have just done that:

The former governor is fuming at an ad that what Mark Halperin calls “the best TV spot by any campaign all cycle” where Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman merely shows footage from Bill Clinton taking Brown to task during a debate in the 1992 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Now, despite Republiccans’ best efforts, the former Democratic president remains popular in the Golden State.  So, it was a smart move for Meg to publicize this exchange.  As Halperin puts it:

Brown’s dissing of Bill Clinton is probably not going to sit too well with the many California voters with whom the former president is still majorly popular. And it surely makes the prospect that Clinton would campaign for Brown — not a sure thing before — even less likely.

And the outburst captured on the video is sure to reinforce the meme that Brown is a gaffe-prone hothead, since he has made more such mistakes than first-time candidate Whitman, a fact much noted by the media and of concern to some leading Democrats.

Brown’s recent outburst (in what looks like a sparsely-attended gathering) will only compound the damage of the ad.  Even Rick Sanchez featured the story on CNN.  Given that most of those who still watch that network tend to vote Democratic, this could cause some moderate (and otherwise Clinton-loving) Democrats to sit this one out. (more…)

Is Any Democrat Running on Obamacare in ’10?

No issue so dominated the 111th Congress as an issue long on the Democratic wish-list:  health care “reform” that would overhaul our health care system in order to cover all Americans.  And despite the (current) majority party’s eagerness to pass this legislation, the more our elected officials debated the issue the less the American people liked it.

But, do not fret, Democrats (and their supporters on the blogs) assured us, once the bill passes and to borrow an expression from Speaker Pelosi, people “find out what’s in it,” they’ll come ’round.  In the Washington Post last week, Jim Kessler, echoing many of this blog’s critics, contended that “as pieces of the health-care bill are implemented, voters’ views on the legislation may be softening.

When I first wrote about Kessler’s piece, I pointed out what Politico’s Jim Vandehei had noticed, ”Not a single Democrat has run an ad in support of the health care bill since April“.

In the Wall Street Journal, Kimberley A. Strassel shows that some Democrats are even running against the president’s signature legislative accomplishment:

Health care? A total of 279 House and Senate Democrats voted for ObamaCare. Not one is running an ad touting that vote. How can they, given headlines about Medicare cuts and premium hikes? You will, however, find a growing catalogue of ads such as this one from Maryland Rep. Frank Kratovil: “As a career prosecutor, I made decisions on facts, not politics,” and that’s why “I voted against . . . the health-care bill.” (more…)

NYT playing to its base in running Boehner hit piece?

In their zeal to find the ties tightly binding the White House’s latest villain, House Minority Leader John Boehner, to lobbyists, the New York Times fails to mention those tight bonds between the White House and lobbyists.

Well, maybe the paper’s editors are just playing to its base.

In his piece finding that fewer Democrats are following the news this election cycle (than did just two years ago), Bruce Davis unearths this telling tidbit:

Unsurprisingly, Obama gets his highest approval ratings among regular viewers of Olbermann (84 percent approve) and Maddow (80 percent approve), but he also does almost as well with readers of The New York Times (79 percent approve).

Seems the readership of the Times is now nearly identical to the viewership of the most leftist shows on MSNBC.  Don’t think their hit piece on Boehner will impact the Republican Leader’s standing among the American people.

And given the Times‘ readership, I doubt they’ll be reporting that a woman who once (and may yet again) held Boehner’s current title “has pocketed nearly twice as much lobbyist cash as” has the Ohio Republican.

Is this the way for a Republican to win the gay vote?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 11:37 am - September 13, 2010.
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Well, he is running in San Francisco. Against Nancy Pelosi.

Three Things About Islam (That You Should Know)

It is pretty self-explanatory.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Thanks to Obama, More People Dependent on Uncle Sam

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:28 am - September 13, 2010.
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Maybe this has something to do with the skyrocketing increase in poverty in the current Administration with the “number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Barack Obama’s watch“.  Now only are more people living in poverty, but more people are also sucking on the federal teat:

According to the Heritage Foundation’s 2010 Index of Dependence on Government, the number of Americans receiving a government check jumped nearly 14 percent in 2009 – the largest single-year increase since 1970 and 49 percent higher than in 2001. In May, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the portion of personal income Americans received from private sector paychecks declined to a record low of 41.9 percent, while income from government programs climbed 17.9 percent.

Record increase in poverty?  Largest single-year increase in people receiving government benefits in 40 years?  Record deficits.

Who says the Democrats haven’t accomplished anything in the past 20 months?

The monster the media created & the monsters it ignores

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:10 am - September 13, 2010.
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Caught this on AOL’s front page this weekend:

Florida Pastor on Quran Burning: ‘Not Ever’
Terry Jones says his plan to torch Islam’s holy books is “definitely” off, claiming his mission was accomplished.

Yep, he drew attention to himself.  And that seemed to be his real goal.

And now, I wonder if those sought to define this isolated crackpot as a representative of (fly-over) American will also acknowledge how many Americans, from all weeks of life and both sides of the political spectrum, condemned his (advertised, but not executed) juvenile stunt.

While highlighting this fringe pastor’s stunt, all too many media outlets ignore the violence some radical Muslims foment in their lands.  When in 2008, just such an extremist murdered Moshe Nahari, a Jew in his native land of Yemen, “Saeed Al-Ammar, rabbi of the entire Jewish community in Yemen, admitted in press statements that the community had been receiving threats recently by extremists demanding them to leave the country.

Yet, this story didn’t get much attention in the mainstream media nor do stories about radical Muslims murdering Muslims from other sects of their faith (recent bombing of Shi’ite shrine in Pakistan).

And while our media don’t given such atrocities the attention they give to a lone Florida preacher, our intellectuals and entertainers regularly heap abuse on Christianity in almost rote fashion:

Attacking Christianity is practically an industry unto itself. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have become wealthy men attacking the Bible. Entire organizations like the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and state exist to sterilize the public sphere from any acknowledgment of Christianity. In entertainment media, Christians are generally portrayed as hypocrites, bigots, closet perverts, and idiots.

Certainly honor killings, stoning of adulterers, the brutal oppression of women, brutality against gays, and admonitions to murder those of other faiths would rouse the elites to outrage if they were a routine part of Christianity. (more…)