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This attitude is sure to help floundering Democrats

Dems to voters: You may hate us, but GOP is worse

“Only Out For Herself”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:28 pm - September 17, 2010.
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So, writes our regular reader V the K, as Lisa Murkowski gives Democrats a bit of good news, “urging people to come out tonight for what’s being called a ‘campaign kick off,’” as she launches a write-in bid in vain attempt to keep her Senate seat despite losing the Republican primary last month to Joe Miller.

Even with her entering the race, Miller still leads:

Murkowski’s decision will set up a 3-way battle between the incumbent, Miller and Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams (D), potentially turning the race on its head. Private 3-way polling has shown Miller leading, but by a narrow margin.

Why is it that certain politicians just can’t admit defeat, as if their seat is their sinecure.  She claims she’s doing this because of the concerns of her constituents:

“Believe you me, the easier path would be to pack it all up and go do something different,” she said. “If I had not heard this call from Alaskans, I would not be deliberating as I am.”

Um, Lisa didn’t you hear that call of Alaskans in last month’s primary?  They preferred Miller.

This seat doesn’t belong to you.  It’s not yours by right, as perhaps you assumed when your father appointed you to serve.

What is it, I wonder, asking again and again and yet again, that gives a politician such a sense of entitlement?

UPDATE:  R.S.  McCain finds Murkowski’s counterpart on the silver screen and offers:

“Professional Republicans” whose partisanship is a function of career interest. Perhaps they’ve been in the game so long they can no longer distinguish between political principle and personal ambition, but they certainly never let the former get in the way of the latter.


UP-UPDATEThe downside for Republicans:

The primary effect of Murkowski’s temper tantrum will be to force Republicans to spend more resources in Alaska than would otherwise be necessary, and effectively end any chance she may have had for a political future. (more…)

It’s Constitution Day! September 17, 1787

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:44 pm - September 17, 2010.
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As those of my fellow Gen X’ers will know… there was no other proper way to memorize and learn the US Consititution during our yoot.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

DC TV Anchor Fired For Telling The Truth About Obama

Ah, Pravda is alive and well in our nation’s capital.

WJLA-TV has fired veteran anchorman Doug McKelway for a verbal confrontation this summer with the station’s news director that came after McKelway broadcast a sharply worded live report about congressional Democrats and President Obama.

McKelway was placed on indefinite suspension in late July after his run-in with ABC7’s news director and general manager, Bill Lord. In a letter to McKelway this week, the station said it was terminating his contract immediately, citing insubordination and misconduct.

Amid the ongoing BP oil spill in July, McKelway covered a Capitol Hill demonstration by environmental groups protesting the influence of oil-industry contributions to members of Congress.

In his piece, McKelway said the sparsely attended event attracted protesters “largely representing far-left environmental groups.” He went on to say the protest “may be a risky strategy because the one man who has more campaign contributions from BP than anybody else in history is now sitting in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama, who accepted $77,051 in campaign contributions from BP.”

After a brief taped segment updating efforts to cap the BP well, McKelway added that the Senate was unlikely to pass “cap-and-trade” legislation this year, because “the Democrats are looking at the potential for huge losses in Congress come the midterm elections. And the last thing they want to do is propose a huge escalation in your electric bill, your utility bill, before then.”

Lord took exception to McKelway’s reporting and asked to meet with him, according to several station sources who were granted anonymity to discuss the sensitive personnel matter. A shouting match between the two men ensued, leading to McKelway’s suspension, sources said.

Don’t look here folks.  Nothing to see.  The truth isn’t important.  Just the agenda of King Barack I.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Christine O’Donnell’s lesbian sister faults “insane lies” being “tossed around” about DE GOP Senate nominee

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:12 pm - September 17, 2010.
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Thanks to reader Firelight, I learn that Christine O’Donnell has a lesbian sister.  Apparently, some of the rather outlandish statements O’Donnell made about gay people are 15 years ago when the Delaware Republican Senate nominee was in her 20s.

From her sister’s Facebook page, there’s this:

Jennie O’Donnell to all my friends and family..thank you for your great wishes.. for the wisdom to see through the insane lies that were being tossed around, and still will be, i supose. i’m sure they will make up new ones; but thank you for your love, support prayers, good humor… and support of my sister,no matter what lies were made up about her…oh.. p.s. haave you heard the latest? she’s homophobic… gotta laugh

Don’t have much time today, but have already reached out to Jennie and hope to talk to her before the weekend is out.

Where do conservatives stand on gay marriage?

If you listen to leaders of the various gay organizations spout off about the opponents of gay marriage, you’d believe they all inhabit some kind of fever swamp called the right where everybody’s busy hating everyone everyday, including themselves.  But, it seems that just as opponents of same-sex marriage are a diverse lot*, it seems the conservatives hold a multiplicity of views on gay marriage.

As Allahpundit observes, there is no official conservative position on gay marriage:

I was thinking this morning when I read that passage that, to my knowledge, there’s no clear “true conservative” position on, say, gay marriage at the moment. Opinions run the gamut from Palin, who still (I think) supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, to Rush Limbaugh, who supports civil unions but not marriage, to Glenn Beck, who takes the traditional libertarian pro-marriage stance of MYOB. It is indeed fiscal issues around which tea partiers coalesce, although there’s a little room for dissent even there — I think.

The energy on the right is in the Tea Party movement and they’re worked up about the burgeoning size of the federal government.  As the Tea Party gains in prominence, expect to see social issues fall by the wayside and to see more people adopt the Glenn Beck attitude.

Oh, and, one more thing, if gay marriage were such a litmus test on the right, how could Sarah Palin (supporter of the FMA) demean herself to stand beside Beck at the “Restoring Honor” rally last month?

* (more…)

Is the Senate still winnable for the GOP?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:40 am - September 17, 2010.
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With Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware earlier this wake, most political prognosticators have moved that seat from likely Republican to likely Democratic, with some saying GOP hopes for capturing the Senate are lost.

Not so fast.  With Kelly Ayotte’s victory in New Hampshire and her opponent’s classy endorsement, she’s likely to get a bump in the polls and solidify her long-standing lead.  And with Potrman, Blunt and Rubio surging in Ohio, Missouri and Florida respectively, it looks like Republicans will hold all their seats.  So, that means, they start with 41.

If current trends continue, Democratic seats in Arkansas, Indiana, North Dakota and Pennsylvania are certain to flip, bringing us up to 45.  So, if the Republicans run the tables on the six races now considered tossups, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Washington and Wisconsin, they have a majority.  And recall the “rule” for Senate elections — all the close races tend to go to the same party.

Right now, Republicans look likely to take Colorado and Illinois.  And with Sherron Angle edging ahead in a poll which skews left, Nevada could follow suit.  And we haven’t seen a post-primary poll in Wisconsin.  Methinks, the Badger State’s going to go our way.*

Watch for the Democrats to fight hard to keep Illinois (the president’s home state) and Nevada (can’t be losing our Majority Leader, can we?).  And Democrats still have fighting chances in California (groan) and Washington State. (more…)

Tea Party Candidates: Not Your Standard Politicians

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:57 am - September 17, 2010.
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Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds linked Steve Chapman’s insightful piece on his how he’s been learning to love the Tea Party. The Tea Party anger at establishment Republicans predates the arrival of the Obami, with erstwhile “Republican tightwads” justifying every dollar of government spending “as a vital necessity”:

The tea partiers were dismayed to see these penny-pinchers replaced by poll-driven insiders with an appetite for earmarks. That’s one big reason hard-right candidates have scored so many upsets in recent GOP Senate primaries—including Rand Paul in Kentucky, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Joe Miller in Alaska, and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

They didn’t get nominated because they look and sound like the popular image of a savvy, experienced, well-informed, practical-minded U.S. senator. They got nominated because they don’t.

It’s not just Tea Partiers.  A new CBS News/New York Times poll finds that “Fifty-five percent” of Americans think it’s time to replace their current Congressman and “give someone new a chance.”

Those numbers don’t bode well for 28-year Senate veterans Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer.  Methinks their nasty ads won’t be all that helpful in this environment.  Sure, Reid’s massive spending may have briefly given him an edge over his Republican rival.  But, recent polls show him faltering and her inching ahead.

Expect the same in the (once and future) Golden State.