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Could young voters shift to the GOP (as they did in 1980s)?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:47 pm - October 3, 2010.
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In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 election, there were two numbers which should have concerned each of the two major political parties.

The one that should have most concerned Democrats was that their party’s nominee barely John McCain among voters over 30, winning them only by a margin of 50-49. Despite his significant cash advantage in the fall campaign, the media cheerleading for him (and downplaying stories damaging to him) while demonizing the GOP’s Vice Presidential nominee, the failure of the GOP presidential nominee to come up with a compelling message on the economy, the market meltdown in the middle of the campaign as well as Americans readiness to change political parties after one has been in power for eight years, Obama could barely muster a majority among voters less prone to the passions of youth.

The number that should most have concerned Republicans was that “Obama carried voters under 30 by 66%-32%“.  It’s not a good sign for a political party which it can only capture the imagination of only one-third of younger voters.  But, Mary Katharine Ham points to some (potentially) encouraging poll numbers for the GOP, showing that as young voters cool to Obama, they are warming to some particularly Republican issues:

For instance, a majority of voters ages 18-29 side with the majority of the American people against the president on the Arizona immigration law and the Ground Zero Mosque. According to the Rock the Vote poll, they support the Arizona immigration law, 53-44. . . .

In a broader shift from 2008, and a foreboding one for Democrats, the federal deficit has crept into the issues most important to young people. (more…)

Pranksters or Tormentors?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:57 pm - October 3, 2010.
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On Friday morning, when penning a followup post on Tyler Clementi’s suicide, I wrestled with whether or not to call those who taped him as pranksters or tormentors.

Since reading about the story, I wondered whether those two young people were truly evil or just depraved, indifferent to the consequences of their actions.  Had they been older — and not fresh out of high school, suddenly thrust into the new-found freedom of college life — they would clearly more likely qualify as evil.  To be sure, what they did was cruel, but did they intend it to be so?

All that said, it will be for a court of law to determine whether they committed their actions with malice aforethought or depraved indifference.  More importantly, it is for us, as gay people, to determine what we can do to help those young people who find themselves in a situation similar to Tyler’s, in situations in which many of us, once found ourselves.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  Mary offers a most thoughtful response:

These kids who thought it was amusing or funny or revenge (who knows what they thought, if in fact they thought at all) are reflecting the narcissistic theme of their generation. To them, all of life is nothing but a reality show featuring them. We’ve raised a generation of kids to believe life is all about them and with no thought of what effect their thoughts, actions, behaviors have on others around them. What will such selfishness bring to the future? I shudder to think. In the end, their behavior is somewhere between prank and torment…more towards the torment end.

The dark & deadly demons haunting Bill Maher

Sometimes, I think Bill Maher makes a schtick of his animosity against Republicans, knowing that it will gain him favor in Hollywood circles and give him the much needed attention he so craves.

He has never distinguished himself by the quality of his arguments, the originality of his thought or the humor of his comedy.  He masquerades as an independent thinker while towing the left-wing Hollywood line.  He claims to be a libertarian while rarely opposing the big-government initiatives of the Democratic Party.

And now we see just how much in the tank he is for this party of government which has, in the past 20 months, distinguished itself by passing legislation which increases the size of the federal government and the scope of its intervention in our lives.  Hardly libertarian these.

The occasionally curmudgeonly iconoclast (a true libertarian he!) Robert S. McCain takes note of the recent remarks of this lock-step leftist:

“I am not here to carry water for this or any administration, but the facts of the coming election are Democrats have real accomplishments to run on. . . . [W]hen it comes to voting, when we only have two choices, you got to grow up and realize there’s a big difference between a disappointing friend and a deadly enemy. . . . (more…)

Socialists (& Communists) Representative of Democratic Party?*
(Yes, by Barney Frank’s Standard)

Unless Democrats quickly move to “differentiate themselves” from the Socialists and Communists who participated in yesterday’s sparsely attended (compared to August’s “Restore Honor” rally*), we can safely say they’re representative of their party.

I mean, we’re just applying the standard Barney Frank wants applied to Republicans to his own party. And there is greater evidence of socialist & communist participation at this rally than there has been of hateful rhetoric at Tea Parties.

*The “Restore Honor” participates did a better job cleaning up after themselves.  UPDATE:  Michelle has more on the comparative cleanliness: (more…)

Media covers for Dem partisan in Whitman Housekeeper Flap

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:33 am - October 3, 2010.
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Notice something missing from the] paragraph in an article on how 1970s California governor Jerry Brown and businesswoman Meg Whitman addressed the issue of the latter’s housekeeper in their recent debate?

The housekeeper’s lawyer has also argued that Whitman and her husband should have known her immigration status due to a Social Security Administration mailed to their house in 2003.

Well, you’re right, there are several things missing.

First, writer Jordan Fabian fails to identify the political affiliation of the housekeeper’s lawyer, refusing to even name her, making her seem like a dispassionate practitioner of the law. We all know that Gloria Allred is a Democratic partisan who filed a similar suit the last time a non-incumbent Republican was making a big for the Governor’s chair.  And she supports Whitman’s opponent Jerry Brown.  (Kind of important when you’re filing a suit –with much fanfare — so close to a contested election.)

Not just that.  If this attorney believes “Whitman and her husband should have known” their housekeeper’s immigration status, then said attorney knows she represents a client who falsified documents and continued in said deception for nearly the entirety of a decade.

UPDATE:  We do find some balance on the web.  Over at AOL’s Politic Daily, Bonnie Goldstein provides some needed contest and calls out Miss Allred out:

When the housekeeper confessed she’d been lying, Whitman “immediately terminated Nicky’s employment.” Saying “it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” Whitman added she “considered Nicky a friend and a part of our extended family.” . . . .

Whatever her motivation for the explosive betrayal, Diaz’ own actions now put her at risk for arrest and deportation. Momentum for the accusations and suspiciously timed revelations seem to be orchestrated by her lawyer, Gloria Allred. (Allred is known for inserting herself into high-profile disputes.)

Read the whole thing.

Yup, that’s right, friends, in her zeal to put herself in front of the TV cameras, while helping her candidate for Governor, this housekeeper’s attorney has put her client at risk for arrest and deportation.  What a great way to represent your client, Gloria.

But, then, for Gloria, it’s not really about advocating for her client, but instead about promoting her political party.  Oh, and maintaining her media presence.