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Don’t think This’ll Further His Reelection Prospects

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:46 am - October 14, 2010.
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Court Document Details [Democratic] Congressman’s Past Spousal Abuse.

Ohio Democrat Congressman Charlie Wilson was first elected to Congress in the Democrat wave year of 2006. Prior to that, he had been a long-time member of the Ohio state legislature, first elected to the Ohio House in 1996 and the Ohio Senate in 2004. (One of his four grown sons succeeded him in the legislature and is currently an Ohio State Senator.) He was also married for 27 years to his wife, Clara. The marriage ended in divorce in 1990.

BigGovernment has obtained a trial brief filed by Mrs. Clara Wilson prior to the formal divorce proceedings. The brief was filed November 9th, 1990. The brief is part of the public record and was obtained at Belmont County Court House in Ohio. (Other documents related to the divorce are sealed.) The brief, which is posted below, is shocking and details very serious allegations of spousal abuse. It states that the grounds of divorce are “extreme cruelty.”

This may have happened 20 years ago, yet Jim Geraghty quips, “There is no statute of limitations on public opinion.”  RealClearPolitics rate this one a toss-up,   McCain edged Obama in the district by 8,000 votes.

You can support the man trying to edge Charlie out here.


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