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Carly Comprehends California’s Crisis

When it comes to the problems facing the (once-)*Golden State, Carly Fiorina gets it.  From Guy Benson’s article on an interview with the energetic candidate:

“Drive around this city and take a look at the economic distress.  It’s tragic,” Carly Fiorina suggests as we wrap up a sit-down interview in sleepy Fresno, California.  “It’s way too quiet here.”  She’s right.  Shuttered windows, closed down businesses, and chained-off, vacant lots litter the heart of Fresno’s downtown district, which stands as an enervated shell of its former bustling self. . . .

“Just look at this situation by the numbers,” Fiorina says.  “Fresno County has unemployment above 15 percent.  Individual communities in the Central Valley have unemployment at 20, 30, even 40 percent (as in the case of Mendota, CA).  It’s just terrible.”   She points out that although the region suffers from the same economic ills plaguing the rest of the state, an additional factor is impeding any chance of recovery from Modesto to Bakerfield:  A crippling water shortage.  Fiorina penned an Op/Ed about the issue in theFresno Bee last year, explaining that this “man-caused disaster” arose by dint of a poorly conceived federal effort to protect a species of small fish called the smelt.  The result, she argues, has been unacceptable human suffering

Fresno is California writ large.  We see the same closed-down businesses here in Los Angeles as well.  In LA County, unemployment ticked up to 12.6 percent in August (the last month for which figures are available) from 12.4 percent in July.

Simply put, the status quo isn’t working.  Fiorina understands that we have to change course in Washington:  “We need,” she says, “to cut government spending, while prioritizing carefully, and we need to provide smart, targeted tax relief to our job creators.”  And reduce the regulatory burden on said creators. (more…)