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If Barbara Boxer can’t make her case to Californians, how can she make the case for California to her colleagues in Congress?

Carly Fiorina’s latest campaign ad has begun to grow on me. When first I saw it, I didn’t think she hit hard enough, but the more I watch it, the more I like it.

Maybe it’s that when Carly addresses us directly, she makes some subtle jabs at her opponent, the 28-year Washington veteran. Barbara Boxer constantly bickers; she persistently plays politics; she doesn’t reach across the aisle; she never opposes her party.

Indeed, Barbara Boxer’s entire ambition to serve in the Senate is to promote her own left-wing agenda. And further own ambition. This one clip says it all:

Barbara Boxer can berate a general for following military protocol, yet she won’t address Californians. In none of her ads, does she, like her Republican rival, directly address us, the voters.

If Barbara Boxer can’t make her case to Californians, how can she make the case for California to her colleagues in Congress?

Support someone who can make the case for California.

Well, maybe Obama should learn from Castro . . .

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:35 pm - October 23, 2010.
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CHANGECuba Announces New ‘Small Business Friendly’ Tax Code.

Actually, Nancy, It’s a Job Loss Bill

In February, Ed Morrissey pointed out that in making the case for the Democrats’ health care overhaul, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told us that is wasn’t really a health-care reform bill, but actually a jobs bill: “In arguing for the current version of ObamaCare, whatever that is at the moment, Nancy Pelosi claims that it will create four million jobs — or nearly half of all the jobs lost over the last two years:

Well, Mrs. Pelosi, to paraphrase an expression (do hope you don’t mind), now that we’ve passed the bill and found out what’s in it, well, we find that it actually discourages work:

Congressional Budget Office director Doug Elmendorf said Friday that ObamaCare includes work disincentives likely to shrink the amount of labor used in the economy. . . .

As Capital Hill has noted previously, work disincentives will be particularly strong for older workers because both health care premiums and the law’s subsidies grow much bigger with age.

Further, the new health law will give some older households without access to employer care a big incentive not to earn too much. That’s because earning more than 400% of the poverty level would make them ineligible for subsidies that may be well in excess of $10,000 for couples.

There’s gotta be a joke in here somewhere

Vice President Biden will campaign for controversial Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) next week in Florida.

Of all the places to dispatch ol’ Joe . . .

Of all the incumbents the Administration is trying to protect. . .

The Chinese Professor

This is the single most effective and chilling campaign ad I’ve seen in quite some time.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Let’s Vote for Liberty in November

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