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Brother of KY Senate candidate lies to police

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:57 am - October 24, 2010.
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Which story,” David Freddoso asks, “do you suppose is more relevant — Aquabuddha, or this one?”

A Jefferson County prosecutor was tipped off by Louisville narcotics detectives twice in the past two years that he was under investigation for possible drug use or trafficking, according to police records obtained by The Courier-Journal.

When investigators learned of the leaks and interrogated the two detectives and the prosecutor last March, all three initially gave false or misleading statements about what happened, those records show. The statements of Matthew C. Conway, the prosecutor, were made under oath.

Conway just happens to be the brother of Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, you know the guy trying to make much about the (alleged) college antics of Ron Paul, his rival in the contest for one of the Bluegrass State’s seats in the United State Senate.

Detectives tipped Matthew off that his house was about to be searched for “drug use or trafficking”, giving the prosecutor time to remove any “contraband.”  We don’t know who tipped Matthew off.  We know someone tipped him off.  And when your brother’s the state attorney general, you wonder if maybe . . .

Over at the Daily Caller, Alex Pappas is asking this very questions, suggesting that the candidate may have tipped his brother off.   For the record, “Jack Conway’s office said in an e-mail to the [Louiville Courier-Journal] Thursday that his only involvement was to advise his brother to obtain legal counsel.

One other thing.  We know that Matthew lied about whether he had been tipped off.  When Louisville police realized there had been a leak, they launched an investigation, calling in the younger Conway.  He first denied being tipped off, then “went back and changed his story.

The question remains open as to who tipped off Matthew.  And if it wasn’t anyone in the state attorney general’s office, it would certainly behoove that Senate candidate to get to the bottom of this in the next nine days.


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