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Seems Dianne Feinstein Thinks Things Are Going Badly for Boxer

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 9:57 pm - October 25, 2010.
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Just “before a campaign event for her colleague Barbara Boxer in San Jose on Monday,” Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein,

. . . was greeted by a reporter who asked how things are going.

Her answer: “Bad.”

“In the House?” pressed KTVU political editor Randy Shandobil. Feinstein didn’t answer…

A telling silence.  Wonder if she was aware of some of her colleague’s internal polling indicating that the 28-year Washington veteran had reached a ceiling in popular support — and that independents and late-deciders were leaning toward Carly.

Help make things worse for Barbara Boxer, send a few bucks to the woman seeking to send the career politician packing.

If a Republican had said this, his political career would be over

Jerry Brown admits lying in his previous tenure as California Governor:

Guess then his change of tune on taxes today is just another lie.

(H/t: reader Jesse, via

If Christine O’Donnell had said this, it would be news

But, as we know from the media treatment of Barbara Boxer that when Democrats misrepresent American history  — or their own record — well, it just isn’t newsworthy. Jeff Dunetz reports about Lois Capps, the Democratic Congressman from Santa Barbara.

Last year, while holding a town hall about the Obamacare bill she was asked where in the Constitution does it say the government can provide health care?  Her answer was that the Constitution guarantees Health, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Of course, Capps is wrong on two counts, the phrase is LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and the line is in the Declaration of Independence not the constitution. This is the quality of some of our people in Congress, they have no idea about the document they are sworn to uphold.

(H/t: my co-blogger via his Twitter freed.)

Gay conservatives: better off with the right than the left

Commenting on Tammy Bruce’s post (that I blogged about earlier today), Glenn Reynolds gets it, “You’re better off being a gay conservative with the right, than a conservative gay with the left.

Pretty much my experience.  And I would dare say that of many of our readers.

Taking a Failed Senator to Task

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:01 pm - October 25, 2010.
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Having failed to accomplish much of anything for the Golden State in her 28 years in Washington, Barbara Boxer has based her campaign, not so much on defending her record, but attacking her opponent. While the California media have largely been silent about Boxer’s misrepresentations of her own record and questionable investments, it’s been up to her opponent to remind us of that record:

Since the media aren’t telling us the truth about this failed Senator, you can help Carly Fiorina remind us what a disaster Barbara Boxer has been for California.

HRC’s Revenue Drops; Solmonese’s Salary Doesn’t

Principled lefty blogger Michael Petrelis has read through HRC’s recently released 2010 IRS 990 filings so you and I don’t have to.  Among other things, he found that the Democratic front group gay advocacy organization saw a steep drop in its revenue:

The annual report shows that revenue for 2009 was at $45,792,310, and for 2010 it was $37,918,133. The difference comes to $7,874,177, which is a drop of 17%.

The lousy economy certainly played a role in that steep fall, but my gut also says a significant portion of the decline is due to more gays not donating to HRC.

Wonder if being White House lickspittles had anything to do with that drop-off in donations.  Read the whole thing to see what other tidbits Petrelis pulled out.

Building on Petrelis’ post, Ryan Tedder at Queerty quips, “Luckily, if you work at HRC you wouldn’t have noticed any budget problems in your paycheck“:

Digging through the forms that he’s been urging HRC to release, Michael Petrelis finds in salary and benefits, programming head David Smith is taking home $245k, (now former?) development director Cathy Nelson took home $272k, and president Joe Solmonese is still earning a cool $304k . . . . That’s roughly what they earned in the previous year, thanks to a two-year pay freeze mandated by the board of directors in 2008.

Maybe HRC’s fundraising prowess is just not what it’s cracked up to be.  Or, maybe gay conservatives and gay lefty bloggers are right that Solmonese’s leadership has been lacking.

Waiting for GLAAD to take this Democrat to Task

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:32 pm - October 25, 2010.
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Earlier today, Glenn Reynolds quipped, “SO DO DEMOCRATS THINK THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY? Protester Who Called Andrew Breitbart ‘Gay’ Is A Democrat Party Official.

So, I followed the link.  Over at Big Government, we learn, “This person has now been identified by multiple sources as a local Democratic Party official named Sue Walton.

Now, over to GLAAD’s website where the masthead reminds us that “words & images matter.”  Plug Sue Walton into the search engine.  Our result, “No results found for Sue Walton“. Now, a search for Vince Vaughn.  The organization defined as “anti-gay” a scene in the movie The Dilemma where the “actor uses the word ‘gay’ as an insult.

Now, we’ve got a Cook County Democratic Party Official using the term as an insult and GLAAD is silent.   Wonder why that is.

Just how out of touch is Jerry Brown?

He may be leading in the polls in the California gubernatorial contest, but that’s because our media have seen fit to all but ignore his record as governor in the 1970s and his bizarre statements over the past three decades.  If this contest were to turn on Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman would win in a landslide.

I mean, bringing Jerry Brown in to fix Sacramento today is like having a man wear a leisure suit (and a moth-eaten one at that) to a job in Silicon Valley.  His governing philosophy comes straight out of the 1970s.

Hardly the man we need to fix a state which repeatedly faces budget “shortfalls” and where public employee unions all but control the state legislature.  Before his first election to public office, the state Assembly Speaker spent his career working for unions, having “served as political director for United Food and Commercial Workers before his election to the Assembly in 2008. His resume includes 15 years of serving labor unions, including a stint with the California Labor Federation.”

We need a governor able to stand up to the public employee unions, yet they’re out there campaigning or him.  We need a governor who will rein in state spending, but Jerry Brown just wants to keep on spending:

So, basically, he wants to balance the budget and then start spending again, putting us right back in the mess we’ve been since his understudy Gray Davis’ tenure as chief executive of the Golden State.

As Hugh Hewitt put it when posting this video:

Jerry also doesn’t seem to understand why film production has fled California.  It isn’t about permits, but about tax policy.  Does any Democrat anywhere in the United States understand that capital and production are mobile?  Can go anywhere at any time, and will?

And that’s why businesses are leaving the state, with Intel announcing that it’s building a new facility in Oregon — despite all the vacant office space in Silicon Valley.  We don’t need more spending, Jerry, we need less government.

Support someone who wants to rein in Sacramento’s spending.

Speaker of California Assembly Smears His Constituents

At a Democratic rally at the University of Southern California for the president of the United States, one of the leading Democrats in the state used a sexual slur to malign members of the most dynamic, grassroots political movement in the country:

[Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa] relinquished the stage to his cousin, Assembly Speaker John Perez. Perez is running unopposed in his district, so he doesn’t need an Obama bump. But there he was anyway, sending his own personal “message to the teabaggers” that not only do Democrats understand the Constitution, but they’ve also read it. Zing! Who are you again?

Emphasis added.  How would this openly gay Democrat feel if social conservatives at a rally for a prominent Republican referred to gay “equality” advocates as “sodomites”?   They would rightfully be offended and would condemn both the mean-spirited speaker — and the prominent Republican.

As state Assembly Speaker, Mr. Perez serves all the people of California, including those of us who support the Tea Party Movement.

This Democrat should be ashamed of himself for using such juvenile rhetoric, particularly in a public forum.  He should forthwith issue an apology.  And while he’s at it, he would do well to invite a coalition of Tea Party activists to his office in order to familiarize himself with our concerns.

(H/t Gateway Pundit.)

“unlike Boxer, Fiorina possesses an extraordinary record of accomplishment for California”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 11:24 am - October 25, 2010.
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So says the San Gabriel Valley Tribune in its endorsement of my gal Carly:

Those accomplishments are entirely in the private sector. In our ongoing economic downturn to which joblessness is key, it’s precisely someone who understands private-sector job creation who we want representing us in Washington. As a Silicon Valley leader, the only woman CEO of a Fortune 20 corporation, Fiorina understands the way forward economically for our state.

You can help this accomplished woman get the Golden State back on track by supporting her campaign.

If the National Republican Senatorial Committee has committed an additional $3 million to this race, you too can help out.  They sense that this race is winnable.  And wouldn’t it be nice to wake up on November 3, knowing that Ma’am could never ask anyone to call her Senator ever again?  Help us work hard to relieve her of that title.

Call Me Madam Joe from RightChange on Vimeo.

Confronting the Prejudices Against Gay Conservatives

It seems that some liberals in the media have a remarkable unity of thought when it comes to gay conservatives.  Since our pal Tammy Bruce started writing for Britain’s left-of-center publication, The Guardian, she’s asked the same question we at GayPatriot get on almost a daily basis:

. . . what is it like to be gay and conservative?

After all, those conservatives hate the homos, don’t they? It must be very, very difficult for me, one concerned reader noted, to be among the intolerant and hateful.

And no matter how many times we relate our experiences, we almost always get the same incredulous look, as if they know better what it’s like to be gay and conservative (from reading the New York Times) than we know what it’s like being gay and conservative (by being openly gay in conservative circles).  In their reaction to us, they display a certain prejudice, a prejudice being:

1. an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason[,] 2. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.

They have come to their opinion without knowledge of the real experiences of gay conservatives.  Not wonder Tammy finds that

The real story of bigotry and intolerance is the fact that it lives and thrives on the left. As a gay woman who spent most of her adult life pushing the cart for liberal causes with liberal friends in a liberal city, I found that sexism, racism and homophobia are staples in the liberal world. The huge irony is liberals spend every ounce of energy promoting the notion that they are the banner carriers of individualism and personal freedom, yet the hammer comes down on anyone who dares not to conform to, or who dissents even in part from, the liberal agenda.

Read the whole thing.

We have, by and large, found welcome on the right.  And over time, the intolerance on the left makes us stronger.  And helps us judge the character of our interlocutors.  For while we often deal with liberal bigotry, we also frequently find open-minded “progressives” who in their interactions with us demonstrate an ability to rise above the prejudices of their peers.

The real unemployment number in Barbara Boxer’s California

Just as they hold the majority in both houses of Congress, so too do Democrats hold the majority in both houses of the California legislature.  While they may have ruled the roost on Capitol Hill for just four years, in Sacramento, it’s a different story.  Democrats have controlled both chambers for fourteen years.

Since 1992, only Democrats have represented the Golden State in the United States Senate.  And now, at least according to CBS’s”60 Minutes,” the real unemployment rate here in 22%:

(Via JammieWearingFool.)

Remember how back in February 2010, Barbara Boxer who has represented California in the United States Senate for 18 long years, echoed the White House in telling us the “stimulus” would create (or save) “approximately 400,000 jobs” in the Golden State.

And now, nearly one quarter of the Californians are unemployed or underemployed.  This is what comes from putting Democrats in charge.  It’s time that one California Democrat lose her job.  Please help the woman who is seeking to retire that career politician.