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Just how out of touch is Jerry Brown?

He may be leading in the polls in the California gubernatorial contest, but that’s because our media have seen fit to all but ignore his record as governor in the 1970s and his bizarre statements over the past three decades.  If this contest were to turn on Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman would win in a landslide.

I mean, bringing Jerry Brown in to fix Sacramento today is like having a man wear a leisure suit (and a moth-eaten one at that) to a job in Silicon Valley.  His governing philosophy comes straight out of the 1970s.

Hardly the man we need to fix a state which repeatedly faces budget “shortfalls” and where public employee unions all but control the state legislature.  Before his first election to public office, the state Assembly Speaker spent his career working for unions, having “served as political director for United Food and Commercial Workers before his election to the Assembly in 2008. His resume includes 15 years of serving labor unions, including a stint with the California Labor Federation.”

We need a governor able to stand up to the public employee unions, yet they’re out there campaigning or him.  We need a governor who will rein in state spending, but Jerry Brown just wants to keep on spending:

So, basically, he wants to balance the budget and then start spending again, putting us right back in the mess we’ve been since his understudy Gray Davis’ tenure as chief executive of the Golden State.

As Hugh Hewitt put it when posting this video:

Jerry also doesn’t seem to understand why film production has fled California.  It isn’t about permits, but about tax policy.  Does any Democrat anywhere in the United States understand that capital and production are mobile?  Can go anywhere at any time, and will?

And that’s why businesses are leaving the state, with Intel announcing that it’s building a new facility in Oregon — despite all the vacant office space in Silicon Valley.  We don’t need more spending, Jerry, we need less government.

Support someone who wants to rein in Sacramento’s spending.



  1. It’s the Big Government way. People acting in their creative self-interest will found a great new industry – say movies, or hi tech. Big Government “progressives” view it as something to control and to leech off of. They control and leech and control and leech until it starts dying. Then it’s time to subsidize it – as if subsidies could restore health and life to it.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — October 25, 2010 @ 1:23 pm - October 25, 2010

  2. Why should we expect the media to publish remind the voters of Jerry Browns record as Governor? After all, they, or most, are in bed with him. Anyway that is what Meg Whitman should be doing as part of her campaign, e.g. Jerry, as Governor Brown did this . . . and you can bet he´ll do it again. But as your Governor this is how I will resolve the (whatever).

    Comment by Roberto — October 25, 2010 @ 1:35 pm - October 25, 2010

  3. People like Jerry Brown believes that all opportunity should flow through government. Only those programs that government officials approve of, should be allowed to succeed.

    This is a ‘Bill of Attainder’ in reverse. How is it different to tax everyone heavily and give tax breaks to all your friends, than to only tax the people you dislike? If government taxed everyone equally, then gave 90% tax cuts to all “good white people”, how would it NOT be an act of pure racism?

    Until we convict someone of a crime, how is it legal to single-out and punish a group of people? (The Millionaires Tax, ObamaCare [personal health care plans])

    Comment by gastorgrab — October 25, 2010 @ 2:03 pm - October 25, 2010

  4. The excuse for every program this ‘Progressive’ leadership gives, is exactly the same: ‘I need it, therefore you owe it to me’.

    – “Just think of how many people we could giver free healthcare to if we taxed everyone who could afford it.”

    – “Just think of how many school books we could buy if we taxed oxygen.”

    – “Just think of how much government housing we could erect if we taxed home mortgages.”


    Would the same excuse work on the level of a private citizen?
    Bank Teller: “Sir, you don’t have an account here.”

    gastorgrab: “I need it, therefore you owe it to me!

    Just think of how many bills i could pay off, if i was allowed to raid your vault! Consider how many nutritionally-sound meals i could feed to my children, if i only had more money! Imagine how happy i would be to finally pay off my new Chevy Volt!

    How dare this bank deny me MY funds to fix my leaking roof!!!

    Comment by gastorgrab — October 25, 2010 @ 2:21 pm - October 25, 2010

  5. Jerry Brown is the new Barbara Boxer.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — October 25, 2010 @ 3:36 pm - October 25, 2010

  6. Weren’t the term limits for governor, in California, enacted in response to a disaster of a candidate like Jerry Brown?


    That Was Zen, This Is Now – TIME,9171,957133,00.html

    Monday, Feb. 27, 1989

    During two terms as Governor of California and two failed bids for the presidency, Jerry Brown, to some, symbolized visionary political leadership. To others, unmoved by his fascination with Buckminster Fuller’s visions of the future and the small-is-beautiful theories of E.F. Schumacher, Brown was a weirdo they called “Governor Moonbeam.” After losing a 1982 run for the Senate to San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson, he dropped out of politics and set off on the political equivalent of a penitent’s sojourn in the desert. He went to Mexico to learn Spanish, studied Zen meditation in Japan and worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. “I had such a negative reputation that every time I stood up someone would call me Moonbeam,” Brown explains. “I felt I had to absent myself for a while, expiate for my political sins.”

    Comment by gastorgrab — October 25, 2010 @ 4:26 pm - October 25, 2010

  7. I’m coming to the conclusion, though, that running for Governor of California is kind of like entering a competition to become Captain of the Titanic…AFTER the iceberg has hit. Given the way California law works, the composition of their State House (and the numer of gerrymandered safe seats), and the power of the state and municipal employees’ unions, I’m just not seeing how this is not gonna end in the ship going down.

    Comment by DaveP. — October 25, 2010 @ 5:59 pm - October 25, 2010

  8. Jerry Brown put California on this spiral path; therefore, I find it ironic he is sating he’s the guy to save the day. Right. Just like Lex Luthor is saving the world from Superman.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — October 25, 2010 @ 6:44 pm - October 25, 2010

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  10. As a person liberated from the California Gulag nearly 20 years ago, I guess I’m out of touch. Has it really gotten so bad out there that the people will elect a complete hack for the Ruling Class on the theory he’ll fix the problems created by the hacks of the Ruling Class? I won’t believe it until it happens – but it does look like it will.

    Comment by Mark Noonan — October 25, 2010 @ 9:03 pm - October 25, 2010

  11. Has it really gotten so bad out there that the people will elect a complete hack for the Ruling Class on the theory he’ll fix the problems created by the hacks of the Ruling Class?

    Unfortunately, the choice seems to be between one ruling class hack and another… as per usual.

    Comment by V the K — October 26, 2010 @ 6:40 am - October 26, 2010

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