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Moonbeam’s Many Mailings

Trying to figure out why I, a registered Republican, have now received seven mailings, trashing Meg Whitman and/or touting Jerry Brown. The latest missive I received was “paid for by the California Democratic Party.” Glad they’re spending money on folks like me; the more mailings I receive, the more determined I am to vote against the California Democrats.

Now, given how gung-ho I am for my gal Carly, there’s never been a doubt that I’d vote, but you gotta wonder about the tactics of the California Democrats. If they’re sending their propaganda out to more apathetic Republican households (or disgruntled right-leaning independents), they may well spur them to vote Republican this fall.

Oh, and Jerry, given that you admitted you lied your way to power, I just can’t buy the Republican rhetoric in one of your many mailings, telling us how you’re so committed to balanced budgets.  Oh, and, instead of saying “No New Taxes Without Voter Approval,” how about just saying, “No New Taxes. Period.” And what about cutting taxes, particularly on job-creating small-businesses?  (According to the Tax Fondation, “California’s taxes on small businesses [are] some of the most burdensome in the nation.“)

California currently has the third highest state income tax and the third highest unemployment rate. As the sage might say, “Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Oh, and by the way, aren’t the Democrats supposed to be the environmentally conscious ones? They must’ve killed a lot of trees so they can mail out all these missives.

Barbara Boxer Silent on Fiorina’s Hospitalization

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:28 pm - October 26, 2010.
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After reading that Barbara “Boxer’s campaign manager Rose Kapolczynski [wished] “Carly Fiorina a speedy recovery and hope she is able to return to her normal schedule soon’“, I went on over to Mrs. Boxer’s web-site to see what the politician herself had to say about her rival’s illness and, well, didn’t find anything.

Seems the Democrat can’t take the time to do the decent thing and wish her opponent a speedy recovery.

As you may know, Carly was admitted to the hospital this morning due to an infection “associated with the reconstructive surgery” following her successful treatment for breast cancer.  (My gal was, alas, unable to attend the campaign fundraiser I attended earlier today).

Here’s the statement from the campaign:

Carly learned more than a year and a half ago that she, like millions of women, had breast cancer. After successfully battling cancer, she had reconstructive surgery this summer and remains cancer free today. However, this morning Carly came down with an infection associated with the reconstructive surgery and, as a result, she was admitted to the hospital to receive antibiotics to treat this infection. While this will impact her campaign schedule today, Carly is upbeat and her doctors expect her to make a quick and full recovery and be back out on the campaign trail soon. Carly is looking forward to getting back to her full campaign schedule and to defeating Barbara Boxer on November 2.

Boxer should join her campaign manager and all decent Californians in wishing Carly a speedy recovery.

Carly’s Got Ma’am on Defense

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:40 pm - October 26, 2010.
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In past elections, Barbara Boxer has won by putting her Republican opponent on defense. In 1992, at the last minute, the California Democrats’ lead henchman, Bob Mulholland, whom Hugh has dubbed “one of the most malevolent forces in American politics“, walked through one of her opponent’s events with a sign alleging that that good man “frequented” strip clubs. Bruce Herschensohn spent the remainder of the campaign on defense.

Well, Carly supporters should be prepared for Ma’am’s minions to pull another such stunt, given that most polls show my gal with momentum similar to that Herschensohn was building up before Mulholland’s stunt. Even CNN notes that Carly’s got Ma’am playing defense

Help Carly keep Ma’am playing defense. The more money Carly raises, the less chance we’ll have of ever having to call Barbara Boxer Senator again:

Call Me Madam Joe from RightChange on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey looks at the latest poll and points out that “Boxer isn’t closing the deal in a deep-blue state, and that means Fiorina has a shot at victory here. If she didn’t, Feinstein wouldn’t be hitting the campaign trail, and the DSCC wouldn’t be dumping millions to protect Boxer.

What is Senate GOP Leader Doing in LA a Week Before Elections?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:57 pm - October 26, 2010.
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This morning, I attended a fundraiser for my gal Carly Fiorina in the heart of Barbara Boxer country, held in the same hotel where, we were told, Jimmy Carter and Michelle Obama were also staying.  The keynote speaker at the event was none other than Mitch McConnell, the Senate GOP Leader.

I had a chance to talk briefly with that good man from the Bluegrass State and learned that Okalahoma’s Tom Coburn is one of the Kentuckian’s closest friends in the Senate.  That cheered me greatly because Coburn has been perhaps the most principled fiscal conservative in the chamber.  Good to know the Republican Leader keeps such good company.   Should he have the chance to set the agenda next January as Senate Majority Leader, this friendship signals that he’ll be listening to a diligent watchdog of the U.S. Treasury.

Indeed, McConnell seems well-attuned to the shifting political tides.  While he backed Trey Grayson against Tea Party favorite Rand Paul in his state’s Republican primary, when asked today about the Tea Party, he said the “movement has been entirely positive.”  Later, he said he’d like to give the president the opportunity to veto legislation repealing Obamacare.

If I have a moment later today, I may fill you in on a few more details of his remarks, but the really remarkable thing was that he was making them here in deep “blue” Los Angeles in “blue” California the week before the election.  As Senate GOP Leader, he has a very busy schedule.  And yet he chooses to be in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican to the Senate in over two decades and which delivered 7% of its votes two years ago to the Republican presidential nominee.

One more thing.  I wasn’t the only gay person at the event.  I happened to sit next to wonderfully engaging lesbian who blogs at these two sites.

Please help Mitch McConnell restore some fiscal sanity to Washington, by sending a few more bucks to my gal Carly.

California Rejected Jerry Brown after his two terms as Governor

The California media would rather focus on Meg Whitman’s household than on Jerry Brown’s record.  It’s been 28 years since he was Governor and our memories grow dim.

To give you some sense of what Californians thought of the Democrat after his tenure in office, consider this.  1982 was a Democratic year.  Jerry Brown had opted not to run for a third term, but instead took a shot at the Golden State’s open Senate seat.   S.I. Hayakawa, the iconoclastic incumbent, was stepping down.

Brown faced off against the then-immediate past Mayor of San Diego, Pete Wilson who had (then) never previously held statewide office.  The then-incumbent Governor didn’t even clear 45% of the vote, losing by nearly 7 points and winning only 5 (of 58) counties (including the City of San Francisco).  He mustered 3,494,968 votes, 300,000 voters fewer than did Tom Bradley, the Democratic candidate for Governor that year.

Help Meg Whitman do in 2010 what Pete Wilson did just shy of 30 years ago.

Oct. 26 1985: When This Baby Hits 88 MPH…You’re Gonna See Some Serious Sh-t!

In the fictional world of Hill Valley, California today is a momentous day in history. Twenty-five years ago this morning, while being chased by angry Libyans, Marty McFly attempts to outrun them in a gussied-up DeLorean. Instead of escaping from the Twin Pines Mall parking lot, the DeLorean reaches 88 mph, the flux capacitor designed by Dr. Emmett Brown activates and transpors Marty and the fancy car back to the year 1955.

The movie Back to the Future actually premiered in July of 1985 — 25 years ago. But those of us die-hard fans know all of the movie dates all too well. Oct. 26, 1985 at 1:24 AM is among the most important moments in the film’s storyline.

I was 17 years old when I first saw the DeLorean disappear in a flash on the big screen. No other movie made such an impression on me in my teen years as BTTF did. Perhaps it was the fact that like Marty, I was also a bit of a loner in high school and anxious about my own future. And yeah, there were Star Wars geeks & Trekkies — but ever since BTTF I’ve been a time travel fanatic.

So cheers to Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis & Dr. Brown on the 25th anniversary of the first trip of the time traveling DeLorean!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Um, Jimmy, in a three-way race, Reagan won with a higher percentage of the vote than you attracted in a two-way race

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:00 am - October 26, 2010.
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Looks like Jimmy Carter may have won his own eponymous contest again.  Back in 2007, we awarded Dan Rather the 1st James Earl Carter Bitter Old Man Award (JEC BOMA):

Named in honor of the nation’s thirty-ninth president, the JEC BOMA honors those men over 70 who, in their dotage, by the very bitterness of their manner, follow in the footsteps of the nation’s worst president.

We have selected Mr. Carter’s name to go on the (yet to be designed trophy) for his nearly twenty-seven years of sour grapes. Having not gotten over his 1980 landslide loss to Ronald Reagan, Carter has become a perpetual critic of his successors . . . . Through the better part of his public actions since voters in 44 states rejected him, this sourpuss has helped redefine the term Bitter Old Man.

He’s still whining about the Gipper’s victory.

Hey, Jimmah, in 1980, Reagan may have got fewer than 51% of the vote; actually he had 50.75% of the popular vote, even with a third candidate in the race, a little higher share that he 50.08% you attracted in 1976 — without a third party candidate in the race. And no, John Anderson didn’t announce at the last minute.

(H/t:  Pat Dollard via Bruce’s twitter feed.)

This is not something you say when you’re winning

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:40 am - October 26, 2010.
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Pelosi: ‘We haven’t really gotten the credit for what we have done’

FROM THE COMMENTS:  American Elephant begs to differ with the Speaker:

Yes, they have gotten credit for what they have done. That’s precisely why they are being fired en masse.