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Social Tolerance & GOP Rebuilding

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:48 pm - December 13, 2010.
Filed under: Republican Resolve & Rebuilding

Interviewed on what changing demographic trends mean for both parties, Joel Kotkin offers this:

Republicans govern most of the growth states (I leave it up to the reader to say whether this is a direct connection). These states are attracting migrants from both abroad and the rest of country. When these people, including Latinos and millennials, arrive three things can happen: they turn the states blue, they themselves turn red, or sometime in between. The key is for Republicans in these states to make a case for their lower tax, lower regulation model. But tolerance for immigration and ethnic change and social tolerance (for example towards gays) will prove critical over time.

Emphasis added.  Republicans do need make an appeal to Latinos.  Had Carly and Meg broken even among Hispanic voters, the Golden State would not have returned two septuagenarian politicians with ideas and ideologies drawn from the 1970s to office.

But, the GOP also needs make its pitch based on the ideas which have proven a winning formula at least since Reagan — and govern on those small government principles.  And in this day and age, social tolerance, particularly toward gays as Kotkin noted above, is key.

(via Instapundit)