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Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2011

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:46 am - December 24, 2010.
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After extensive consultations with our committee, we have determined that the following blogresses, divas all, are the nominees for the coveted honor of Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2011, the tiara commonly known as the “Ethel” in honor of one of perhaps the greatest Republican diva of all time.

Runners up will be honored as Conservative Blogress Diva Regent, also known as the Agnes or Endora in honor of another staunchly Republican diva.

Remember, to qualify as a conservative blogress diva, a nominee need only be a strong woman who commands the respect of gay male conservatives. She need not be conservative herself.

Who should be the Grande Conservative Blogress Diva for 2011
Pam Meister
Jill of Pundit and Pundette (also at Potluck)
No Sheeples Here
Robin of Berkeley
Clarice Feldman (of American Thinker)
Elizabeth Scalia (AKA The Anchoress)
Ann Althouse
Sister Toldjah
Dr. Helen
Michelle Malkin
Tammy Bruce
Cassy Fiano
Melissa Clouthier
Mary Katharine Ham (Weekly Standard) free polls

Let the cat fight competition begin.

You can vote once a day until midnight on December 31, 2010.

True Grit: a truly great remake

John Wayne made few great movies, but his mere presence in a picture often prevented lesser scripts from becoming bad movies. His style and his swagger caused us to forget that the film lacked a story — or that we had seen this tale before, only set on a different cattle range or down a different river.

A number do stand out, notably Stagecoach, The Searchers, Fort Apache, Red River and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. And though he won his only Oscar for the original True Grit, few would count that among his best films. Eminently watchable it was (and remains), but a great movie it is not.

The Coen Brothers remake is something else altogether, a lot funnier than the original — and much better shot. If Roger Deakins doesn’t secure another Oscar nomination for this picture, something is wrong with the Academy.

If you cast someone to play a role which Wayne pioneered on the silver screen, Jeff Bridges is the man for the job. He takes the job and runs with it, though given the nature of his character, rides and stumbles with it might better describe his performance.

That is all I’ll say about the movie for now, save that you should watch it — and on the big screen, indeed, the biggest you can find.