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Um, Ms. Nancy, the Market Meltdown Happened on your Watch

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:12 pm - January 7, 2011.
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Seems we’re going to have to keep that Pelosi Watch category up.  She’s like the guest who won’t leave.  And our mainstream media seem fascinated the Minority Leader, doing their utmost to keep the big-spending Democrat center stage.

Now, blogging on MIchelle Malkin’s page, Doug Powers informs us the Ms. Nancy has pulled out the standard excuse of her party in the Obama era: it’s W’s fault:

“We still would have lost the election because we had 9.5% unemployment. Let’s take it where that came from. The policies of George W. Bush and the Republican support for his initiatives, tax cuts are for the wealth, recklessness by some,” Minority Leader Pelosi told CNN.

Um, Nancy, if W’s policies were so bad, how come the economy didn’t go south until nearly one full year after your party took control of the House, with you as Speaker.

If she keeps talking like this, she’s sure to remain in the minority for a long time.

HRC’s Hateful E-mail

A reader alerts me to an e-mail HRC President Joe Solmonese sent out yesterday (January 6), the day after Republicans took control of the United States House of Representatives.

Entitled “Hateful leaders take over”, the missive warned of dark days ahead:

Remember all those anti-gay candidates who ran for office this year? As of yesterday, dozens of them are now members of Congress and the House of Representatives is under their control. . . .

2011 opens with a new, more conservative, more deeply anti-gay House leadership – helmed by right-wingers John Boehner and Eric Cantor. Together, they tried to stop us from repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”They’ve opposed legislation on hate crimes, employment non-discrimination, responsible HIV/AIDS policy, and relationship recognition. And they just became very powerful.

Emphasis in original.  Guess ol’ Joe has determined that anyone who disagrees with his agenda must needs be anti-gay.  Not really the right way to address the leaders of one part of the legislative branch, especially if you want to lobby them on issues of importance to the gay community.

I agree that we need to change many Republican minds on “relationship recognition.”   Hinting that Republicans are “hateful” and their leaders “anti-gay” is not the way to do that.

With e-mails like this, HRC reveals itself (again) for the partisan organization that it is.  Its business isn’t so much helping gay people as it is trashing the GOP.