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Obama: Political Adolescent (when it comes to federal spending)?

Perhaps the greatest sign that the president is out of touch with the national mood is that at a time when people are increasingly concerned with the growing national debt, the Democrat believes we need to “invest” (i.e., spend taxpayers’ money) in new government initiatives to improve the economy.  He can’t seem to understand that, thanks in large part, to the budget-busting legislation of his first two years in office, the government is running a river of red ink.   

Simply put, we don’t have the money for any new programs.  

That’s why the Jewish Athena believes we need a Republican “grown-up who is both tough and appealing” to take on the president in 2012.  “As exemplified by the State of the Union address,” she writes, we learn that the president doesn’t have a plan.  “Obama turned out to be a political adolescent, full of himself, but, ultimately, irresponsible and lightweight. He is unable or unwilling to face up to our greatest domestic challenge: our fiscal mess.”

It’s Jennifer Rubin.  Read the whole thing.

Seems that members of the president’s administration share this naive take on things, with “U.S. Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner” echoing “the president’s State of the Union speech, acknowledging the need for fiscal responsibility but warning against making deep cuts to government spending.”  Warning against making deep cuts in government spending?!?  Given our massive debt, there is no other way to meet that need for fiscally responsibility.

You Mean, Himalayan Glaciers Aren’t Melting?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:02 pm - January 30, 2011.
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Remember all the dire warnings about how growing carbon emissions were warming the environment and causing the glaciers to melt, seas to rise and people to become mean.   Well, that turns out not to be the case, at least about the glaciers in the Himalayas:

Researchers have discovered that contrary to popular belief half of the ice flows in the Karakoram range of the mountains are actually growing rather than shrinking.

The discovery adds a new twist to the row over whether global warming is causing the world’s highest mountain range to lose its ice cover.

It further challenges claims made in a 2007 report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that the glaciers would be gone by 2035.

You mean the ice flows are growing rather than shrinking!?!?!   Al Gore could not be reached for comment.

Heritage’s Ever-Changing Explanations for CPAC Non-participation

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:18 pm - January 30, 2011.
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Via Reader that Gay Conservative, we find the Heritage Foundation making explicit what many (including yours truly) believed was implicit in its decision not to participate in this year’s CPAC:

The move, however, has been seen that way by insiders and outsiders, and Heritage — a pillar of the conservative movement — shifted its public stance in a Times article up this evening:

“GOProud was one element in the decision,” said James Weidman, a foundation spokesman.

Heritage, which isn’t primarily identified with opposition to gay rights or with social issues more generally, is the biggest surprise among the CPAC boycotters, and making its move public deepens the rift on the right.

First of all, I’m not sure this deepens any rift.  What it really does is expose the me-tooism* of Heritage’s leadership. It seems the leaders of this conservative foundation (as opposed to many (if not most) of the scholars and policy expects who work there as well as those who contribute to their studies and other publications) are eager to curry favor with social conservatives.  This may well be a fundraising strategy, a means to distinguish Heritage from the many conservative groups who are participating in the confab.

Whatever the case, this move does not look good for Heritage.  Their ever-changing explanations show an organization struggling to appease social conservatives without distancing themselves from more mainstream elements in the Leave Us Alone Coalition.  They might better be served by taking part while pointing out that participation in CPAC doesn’t indicate agreement with all the other participants and leave it at that. (more…)