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CPAC Keynote Speaker Allen West (R-FL) Defends GOProud

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:17 pm - February 12, 2011.
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As they say… here’s the video.  (From the Blogger’s Lounge a few minutes ago)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

BREAKING: Ann Coulter Tells CPAC That Gays
Belong In Conservative Movement

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:43 pm - February 12, 2011.
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From CBS News:

 Conservative commentator Ann Coulter brought today’s audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington to its feet in applause after urging the Republican party to include gays – perhaps getting the last word on the place gays have in the conservative movement after a tussle that pitted social conservatives against libertarians at this year’s conference.

 “The left is trying to co-opt gays,” she said. “They should be on our side.”

 The fight over the Republican party’s acceptance of gay conservatives and gay rights came to a head at CPAC, after organizers invited the gay conservative group GOProud to be an official participant. Some social conservative groups protested the convention as a result, but gay conservatives and their allies this week declared victory, observing that they were well-received at the event.

More to follow, I’m sure….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

CPAC Is Winding Down

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:38 pm - February 12, 2011.
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I want to sincerely apologize for my horrible coverage of CPAC.  I’ve had serious technical issues with my computer and camera equipment (NOT Marley’s fault, though!).  The Internet connection has beenvery bad.  The radio show got the plug pulled while we were live.  And I was helping to manage the behind-the-scenes drama involving GOProud this week.  All in all, not what I was expecting.

There is a lot more I’m hoping to report on  (with video & photos!) over the next couple of days.  I have what I think is exclusive coverage of the guy who yelled “WAR CRIMINAL” at former VP Dick Cheney.  I’m hoping to get that up soon.

Again, I’m hoping that you follow me on Twitter as I’ve been able to get out easier that way since I’ve been here.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

CPAC Saturday – Bloggers Free For All

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:23 pm - February 12, 2011.
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The Blogger Free For All finished up about an hour ago here at CPAC. I was honored to be on the panel with Tony Katz from the Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, Tania Gail from Midnight Blue Says, Joy – aka – Little Miss Attila, Alexander McCobin from Students for Liberty, and Doug Welch from Stixblog. The whole affair was sponsored byKevin McKeever from Bank of Kev Productions.

Our discussion truly was a free-for-all.  We ranged from topics like our 2012 Presidential outlook (Mine –> grim.); how to become a well-read blog; and what the definition of “conservative” is all about.  These are great conservative bloggers and I always love to be in their company. 

Here’s are some photos from the discussion.


Saturday at CPAC

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:03 am - February 12, 2011.
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Good morning from DC. I made sure I was up early to hear Andrew Breitbart’s opening. He was great, and A.D.D. as usual! I’ll write more after a quick breakfast.

For those attending CPAC, I’ll be on the Blogger Free for All Panel at noon today.


Reflections on building an inclusive conservative movement

While we don’t always agree with social conservatives, we recognize how they have helped build the conservative movement. That said, by and large, we share the same goals as many of them: reducing the size of the federal government and expanding the freedoms our founders fought for over two centuries ago, the freedom of association and the freedom to determine our own destiny.

Both Bruce and I have been involved in the conservative movement in various capacities since the Reagan era.   We have both seen the commitment of social conservatives to electing candidates we also support.

We know that while we are often at odds with a number of social conservatives of variety of issues, we recognize that we need work beside them to advance certain shared goals, including a commitment to constitutional principles, judicial restraint, a reduced role for state and federal governments and more freedom for individuals and the institutions we join of our own accord. Those institutions include churches and synagogues as well as gay community associations (not to mention civic and professional organizations, to name but a few).

Hopefully, people will learn from the various experiences of gay people at this year’s CPAC, showing that while most rank-and-file conservatives are willing to work alongside gay conservatives, some are not wiling to do so if such association means the exclusion of social conservatives.   Despite some misunderstandings expressed in the comment section to the blog and elsewhere, we do not seek their exclusion.  

We are willing to work alongside social conservatives even if we have different goals on certain issues, provided the conservative movement as a whole continues to focus on the broad, inclusive agenda, promoted by Ronald Reagan, built upon with the 104th Congress and articulated anew with the Tea Party activism of the past two years.

And that it does not recast those unifying principles. (more…)

A step in the right direction, but that still leaves a trillion-dollar deficit*

Welcome Instapundit Readers!!

If our elected leaders were responsible guardians of the public treasury, those officials proposing budget cuts more drastic than some dubbed “draconian” would be seen not skinflints, but as skinflints.  These cuts barely scratch the surface of our fiscal problems.  With deficits like those we’ve been running, a $100 billion-dollar cut is little more than a rounding error.

That said, I’m pleased the Tea Party has scored a major victory in pushing House Republicans to cut at least that amount  “in spending this fiscal year“, but that still leaves us with a deficit larger than any in the Bush years (when that good man’s detractors, including your humble bloggers, were faulting congressional Republicans for their big-spending ways).

(Hill article via Instapundit.)

Indeed, the deficit this year will be at least twice that of any comparable period when we had a Republican president and Congress.  To be sure, these cuts represent a step in the right direction, but given the size of the deficit, they amount to little more than a few drops in a very, big bucket.

*and then some.