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Union boss won’t condemn HItler comparisons

Something to bear in mind next time you hear some from the left complain about the declining civility in our political discourse and the supposedly increasing number of right-wingers, particularly Tea Partiers, comparing the president to Hitler:

The head of one of the nation’s most powerful labor unions did not condemn the violent rhetoric in placards and signs held by union supporters demonstrating in Wisconsin despite two direct attempts Sunday to get him on the record declaring them inappropriate.

On several occasions over the past two weeks of demonstrations in the Wisconsin capital of Madison news media have zeroed in on signs that liken Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and recently ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Appearing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was twice asked whether he found the tone at the nearly two-week long demonstrations “wrong” or “inappropriate.”

Trumka did not answer, instead saying, “We should be sitting down trying to create jobs. … “

H/t Instapundit.

If it’s wrong to compare the president of the United States to the late German Führer (and it is), then it’s wrong to compare the governor of Wisconsin to the same bloodthirsty fascist.

Oh yeah, the Oscars

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:09 pm - February 27, 2011.
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About two minutes before sitting down to write this, I decided to watch the Oscars.  This is perhaps the first year since I moved to LA that I didn’t consider my plans for the Academy Awards until the evening of.

I might have totally spaced the ceremony had not a friend, blog reader and fellow cinephile posted on Facebook that he “has never cared less about an Oscar telecast.”  But, then again, when you drive around LA on Oscar Sunday as I did just now in going to the grocery store, you notice how quiet the streets are, quite a contrast with the frenzy you see when you flip on the TV to see the red carpet.  (So, I guess I might have realized something was up.)

And then, you find yourself amused when listen to some of the questions posed to the various celebrities showing off their attire.  One woman just asked Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon how long it took her to pick out her dress and why she chose Armani.   Give me a break.

Let’s pause and celebrate the Tea Party’s Two-Year Anniversary!

Glenn reminds us that “TODAY IS BEING CALLED THE TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE TEA PARTY.”  And indeed, when I went back to check our archives, realized that it was two years ago today that I first attended a Tea Party and blogged about it —  here and here.

May this anniversary remind us that while we’ve come a long way in two years, we still have a tough rough ahead of us.  We may have helped moved popular opinion (or some might see it as helped disgruntled citizens organize and articulate their long-simmering grievances), but we still need to do the hard work of dismantling the unnecessary parts of the federal leviathan, many put into place since the first Tea Party protest.

Still, if our progress in the next two years continues as it has in the past,  when, two years hence, we celebrate the fourth anniversary of these grassroots protests for freedom, former President Obama will be wondering at how quickly a Republican Congress working in tandem with his successor worked to dismantle the bureaucracies he created while helping fulfilling his 2008 promise of a “net spending cut“.

HRC: gay and lesbian auxiliary of the DNC

Under normal circumstances, I would not blog on the silence of HRC when an angry activist at a protest aligned politically with the Democrats and ideologically with liberals hurls an anti-gay slur. It is not their job to police the rhetoric of everyone on their side of the partisan divide. That said, it would be nice if they did at least acknowledge that social conservatives do not have a monopoly on anti-gay animus; we often hear of narrow attitudes and nasty rhetoric from groups aligned with and individuals supportive of the “progressive” movement.

The only reason I brought up the issue, in an update to one post, a separate post and in two spoofing HRC’s own releases was those very overheated releases when they decided to use the occasion of a teenager’s use of said slur as a means to discredit her mother, a Mrs. Sarah Palin, an accomplished and charismatic conservative who, in her rise to political power and her short time as governor of the Last Frontier, effected real reform in her state while standing up to the entrenched interests in her own party and working across party lines.

You see, that Mrs. Palin has become a prominent celebrity on the right, well loved in certain conservative circles and bitterly hated on the left. She has replaced a Mr. George W. Bush as the person who must be vilified to show one’s adherence to the sacred creed of the progressive zealots of the hopeful movement for transformative change, i.e., the political left in the Obama era. HRC wanted to show its allegiance to this, to borrow and paraphrase an expression, vast left-wing conspiracy.

Now, we have no problem with people joining this “conspiracy.” In a free society, individuals have the right to adhere to lost causes and subscribe to discredited ideas for social progress and economic prosperity. But, our mockery here shows that while HRC may style itself as civil rights’ organization, it is, in reality, little more than the gay and lesbian auxiliary of the Democratic National Committee.

And we just wanted to remind our readers, that group’s posturing notwithstanding, that is really all that is is. I daresay you’ll find some people on the political left who share this assessment of that organization.