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Will West Hollywood Vote for Change in Tomorrow’s Elections?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:00 pm - March 7, 2011.
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Returning from a long weekend out of town, I opened my mail box stuffed with card stock and glossy flyers for and against the various candidates running for West Hollywood City Council.  One flyer attempted to “smear” appointed incumbent Lindsey Horvath, who have lived in the city for fewer than twenty-four months, as a Republican.  Interesting given that the young woman was appointed by two long-serving Democrats on the council, one first elected when the appointed incumbent was still in diapers.

So heated has this race become that even the New York Times has covered it:

But an uncommonly bitter election has exposed a growing divide over what West Hollywood should represent, with prosperity and urban development pitted against the city’s history as a countercultural haven.

The six challengers in Tuesday’s City Council election — all of them gay men — are seeking to oust three incumbents by running on platforms invoking concerns about development and gentrification pushing out younger gay residents and the edgier elements that have long distinguished West Hollywood.

“I believe we’re at risk of being in a situation where West Hollywood is no different than Beverly Hills or Calabasas,” said Scott Schmidt, one of the challengers. “West Hollywood has a special place in the heart of the gay and lesbian community, and people want to make sure we retain what makes us special.”

Interesting that Scott, a registered Republican, whom yours truly has endorsed, is focusing on the city’s gay identity.  He made a similar point in an interview for West Hollywood Patch:

“We are at a cultural crossroads as we struggle with what the West Hollywood dream is,” he said. He fears that Sunset Strip and Boystown are no longer the entertainment destinations they once were, that dissenting voices that were once honored are being ignored, that affordable housing is becoming unobtainable. “The next City Council will define whether we continue to preserve our legacy as a unique and special place for everyone.”

That said, Scott has not focused just on the city’s gay identity, he has also focused on a key Republican issue, out-of-control spending at City Hall: (more…)

Is the president part of the 2%?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:26 pm - March 7, 2011.
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His 2012 budget suggests as much:

Likely voters overwhelmingly believe deficit reduction is crucial to America’s future, but generally oppose raising revenue through tax reform to cut those deficits, a new poll conducted for The Hill found.

A full 95 percent of likely voters believe that lowering the debt is either very or somewhat important, the poll found, with only 2 percent finding the issue not at all or not very important.

Not surprisingly, respondents had a more nuanced take on tax reform, with likely voters saying they prefer spending cuts to tax increases to shoulder the brunt of lowering the country’s debt.

Emphasis added.  (Via Instapundit & Memeorandum.)

Promises “Net Spending Cut”; Delivers Largest Monthly Deficit (Ever)

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:02 pm - March 7, 2011.
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Now, what I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.

–Barack Obama, October 15, 2008

Obama Posts LARGEST MONTHLY DEFICIT EVER… Larger Than Bush 2007 Deficit For Entire Year

–Jim Hoft, March 7, 2011

UPDATE:  An Instapundit reader offers a correction to Jim’s headline above:

Reader Jacob Allen writes: “The 2007 total fiscal year deficit number being bandied about is inaccurate. Thanks Drudge! As your link shows, that was the CBO estimate for 2007. The actual, hard number ended up being $244.2 billion. So February 2011’s #s would fall just short of 2007’s total (and, 2006 and 2008 which were $248.2 billion and $239 billion (estimated) respectively).” Well, that’s so much better, then.