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Is liberal arrogance due to paucity of conservatives on college campuses?

Earlier today, Glenn Reynolds linked a blog post today which helps explain why some of the most intelligent of liberals, particularly on university campuses, but also in the halls of Congress tend to be so narrow-minded. Over at National Review‘s Phi Beta Cons, David French offers an explanation of why it has “been so easy” for James O’Keefe to obtain footage exposing the prejudiced attitudes and disregard for inconvenient laws (i.e, ., in the Planned Parenthood sting, those restricting abortion) of individuals working for left-leaning organizations:

Because until now Planned Parenthood, ACORN, and NPR have not experienced real media accountability or real journalistic scrutiny — at least not to the extent that conservative politicians and organizations do. The mainstream media (and NPR is obviously part of the MSM) is sympathetic to their goals and purposes, and reporter calls tend to come from friendly voices seeking talking points rather than skeptical reporters demanding answers. In the MSM’s eyes, those organizations were the good guys, part of the home team. So millions upon millions of public dollars flow into their treasuries, while they bask in the goodwill of the cultural establishment.

Emphasis added.  Read the whole thing.

For further proof of reporters as friendly voices, take a gander at how Katie Couric treated the vice-presidential nominees of the two major political parities in the 2008 campaign.  With the Republican, she was confrontational as if determined to take vengeance on her high school rival after that more attractive, charismatic and popular girl beat her out from prom queen.  With the Democrat, she was adoring as if doting on the kindly next door neighbor who always gave her flowers when she returned home from school.

Many on the left just aren’t accustomed to dealing with confrontational questions.  (Take a gander at how Barney walked off the set when a CNBC reporter asked him a question he wasn’t prepared to face.)  They think everyone they meet shares their worldview and looks down on conservative.  It’s what they come to expect since they were in college.

Perhaps, the problem begins the paucity of conservatives on university faculties.

Governor Walker: The Graceful Victor

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:47 pm - March 13, 2011.
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So says blogress diva Ann Althouse:

For all the shouting and chanting and drumming and denouncing that we heard from the minority party, the majority party waited patiently, finally made a tough move, and engaged in no triumphalism. There was no “I won” from Governor Walker. Did you notice the graceful winning?

Via Reader Leah.