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Publicity-hungry reality star baits insecure chief executive

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:09 pm - May 1, 2011.
Filed under: Annoying Celebrities,Media Bias,Obama Incompetence

Glenn Reynolds nails it:

SUCKER: Obama takes bait, embiggens Donald Trump. You don’t punish Donald Trump by giving him attention. A more experienced politician would know that. Nor is building Trump up good for Obama — Trump has actually hurt him more than all the others combined. Because, you know, Trump has actually been willing to criticize him without being afraid of the Big Media retribution. The various traditional GOP candidates still have the old cringe-reflex where Big Media criticism is concerned.

Now, what did Napoleon said about how to act when your enemy is busy making a fool of himself?  Oh, yeah, it was something about what not to do when your enemy is making a mistake.

Well, maybe the president felt he had to, given that the media has, as Jennifer Rubin put it, “now glommed onto Trump“, with their “circus” continuing even after he’s “he’s ‘accomplished’ his goal of mainstreaming birther coverage”.

My addendum to Napoleon’s maxim:  ignore the attack dog who’s chasing his own tail.