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Anthony Weiner’s Charlie Sheen Strategy Ain’t Working

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:25 pm - June 3, 2011.
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How long,” Michelle Malkin asks,”before Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner conducts his next meltdown press conference flanked by two adult-movie ‘goddesses’ a la Charlie Sheen? Like the delusional bad-boy actor, Weiner actually thinks his self-destructive act is ‘winning‘, too.”

And why boast (falsely as it turns out) that he has more Twitter followers than Paul Ryan?  It’s almost as if his whole game now is about getting media exposure (well, not quite).

I had dinner last night with a friend who routinely votes Democrat and even he had trouble believing his fellow partisan from the Empire State.

Mr. Weiner is not acting like he has nothing to hide.  Indeed, it’s almost as he believes making a spectacle of himself will keep people’s eyes riveted on the locked door to the closet where he keeps his secrets.  If they keep looking at that door, he wants to believe, they won’t want to know what inside because it’s locked, you see.  You know, like that scene in Star Wars where C-3PO and R2-D2 hide from the stormtroopers in Mos Eisley.

If he were indeed innocent of the charges leveled against him, he would:

  1. Say in plain and simple terms that he didn’t send the tweet in question
  2. Call for an investigation to see who had hacked his Twitter account
  3. Remain silent until said investigation was complete.


  1. Oh my god, who gives a shit.

    You should be embarrassed if you give two squirts about this. As much attention as this is getting, I say we deserve all of this economic ruin. Probably more.

    Comment by Levi — June 3, 2011 @ 1:16 pm - June 3, 2011

  2. Levy, it matters because the answer is very simple; Weiner, on the other hand, is making it complicated by not answering the questions. He’s turned the spotlight he so craves into a death ray. I like seeing the schmuck squirm; he deserves to lose his job over this given he cannot be trusted.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — June 3, 2011 @ 2:38 pm - June 3, 2011

  3. I say we deserve all of this economic ruin. Probably more.

    There you have it. Levi’s endorsement for more failure by Chairman Obama.

    Comment by TGC — June 3, 2011 @ 2:58 pm - June 3, 2011

  4. Levi. I care. I am getting tired of the Democats getting by with their sleazy behavior and the msm letting them. It started with a president that had a shack-up in Georgia for several terms and we were not told a word about it. Also to the one that left his girfriend to drown. And the many who are for increasing the taxes but not paying the taxes themselves. Finally we have the bloggers bringing all this out in the open. Thank god for GP and the other bloggers.

    Comment by John W — June 3, 2011 @ 9:24 pm - June 3, 2011

  5. What an unfortunate name too.

    Levi- I care. Why should Western politicians be able get away with things just because they’re leftists? I see this all the time. Years ago, lib-fems likened wolf-whistling to rape at worksites, but this is now excusable?

    I think the Democrats are elitists. They don’t care for the working class. I also thought America said goodbye to the monarchy for a reason.

    Comment by Ben — June 3, 2011 @ 10:19 pm - June 3, 2011

  6. #1: “Oh my god, who gives a shit. You should be embarrassed if you give two squirts about this. As much attention as this is getting, I say we deserve all of this economic ruin. Probably more.”

    It’s never enough for a leftist to cavalierly reject all objective moral standards and enduring codes of conduct that define ethical men of character. They must also denigrate and marginalize others who actually believe in such “embarrassing” standards and quaintly endeavor to follow and preserve them. That’s Levi and every other angry, sad liberal like him.

    Levi, I have to ask: do you have parents? If so, they’ve probably heard something about the Rep. Weiner scandal. If they/he/she read your comment, do you think it would give them any concerns about the kind of adult you have become? The scandal implicates sexual infidelity and shocking, serial dishonesty by an elected official that we should be able to trust, but you see NOTHING important at stake and even worse, you express unmitigated disgust toward anyone who does! I don’t know how you were brought up, but if my parents thought for a second that I looked at the world the way you do, they would be devastated.

    I truly pity you.

    Comment by Sean A — June 4, 2011 @ 4:22 am - June 4, 2011

  7. Levi, I care. There’s a Culture of Erection on the liberal left and it’s just plain disgusting. Hell, if I have to have a sexual harassment lecture for because I was in the same office where others were engaged in it, you can bet your ass a rich, white, liberal elitist should be hammered for much worse.

    Comment by TGC — June 4, 2011 @ 8:17 am - June 4, 2011

  8. Weiner doesn’t have the excuse of being a drug addict like Charlie Sheen, but he’s still imploding like Sheen nonetheless.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — June 4, 2011 @ 7:25 pm - June 4, 2011

  9. Levi – Weiner’s weenie wouldn’t matter a hill of beans except for one thing: like most libs, he believes that he is so much smarter than the rest of us; that libs are so smart that we should surrender our liberty to them in exchange for their expert ministrations.

    If he were so freaking smart, he wouldn’t be twittering compromising pics to the world. The obnoxious cretin made this mess all by himself and is getting a taste of his own medicine.

    Would you, Levi, have the same opinion if a GOPer was in this spot?

    Comment by SoCalRobert — June 4, 2011 @ 9:30 pm - June 4, 2011

  10. Funny how the same lefties who proclaimed that Mark Foley’s indecent txt messages were an abomination to the Republic and a symptom of a corrupt Republican party that was rotten to the core… are now saying “so what?” when a married Democrat congressman tweets crotch shots to a college girl.

    Comment by V the K — June 5, 2011 @ 8:14 am - June 5, 2011

  11. DNC chair, DWS does not want to talk about Weinergate either:

    She would rather talk about Republicans killing grandma. Levi & the Peroxide Hag both agree. Color me shocked.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — June 5, 2011 @ 9:47 am - June 5, 2011

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