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Seems Hillary did get Obama

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 4:24 pm - July 24, 2011.
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How prescient she was in the 2008 presidential campaign:

(H/t Our reader, Formerly Left-Leaning Lesbian.)

Yesterday, our reader Sebastian Shaw commented to my post suggesting that Obama in sulking in his own partisan corner and wait for Republicans to solve the debt crisis, suggesting the Democrat . . .

. . . is paralyzed because he wants to vote “present” & wait to see where the wind blows; he will then try to get in front of it & pretend he was for it all along. This is Obama’s pattern. Obama isn’t a leader. He’s a Cult of Personality.

Seems Obama just thought that by virtue of his first-class demeanor, that thrill going up people’s legs because of the perfect crease in his own pants leg, he could just solve the nation’s problems by being there.  Does seem Hillary figured him out long before his failure in the debt negotiations.

A peek into my open windows

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:36 pm - July 24, 2011.
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Every now and again, when surfing the political blogs, I’ll keep a window open with an article or blog post that might provide some good blog fodder.  Sometimes, I’ll fit the post into one of my own; most times, it will just stay open, with me unable to incorporate it into something I’m working on or to expand it into the kind of posts I tend to write.

So, today, I’m trying something new, kind of a roundup of interesting posts from around the web, links to those “open windows” (so I can close them in better conscience).

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John Nolte: Hollywood Reporter: ‘Captain America’ Sticks to ‘Simplistic, Patriotic Origins’

Jeffrey H. ANderson: Obama: Borrow $2.4 Trillion—Roughly What We Borrowed During WWII

John Hinderaker: Bachmann’s Headaches

Why couldn’t it have been settled before 2010 Elections?

Glenn Reynolds notes how convenient it is that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner [says the] Debt-Ceiling Must Be Settled Until After 2012 Election. He wants Congress to “take default off the table for the next 18 months … through the election.”

Might have been more convenient for Democrats to settle it before the 2010 elections when they had the votes to do so, considering, that is, how they used those votes to increase the debt as an astronomical pace.

On Sunday talk shows, will any host, hostess or other journalist ask Democratic guests to specify their plan to raise debt ceiling?

From Glenn Reynolds, we learn that Responsibility for debt talks shifts to Congress, away from Obama.   According to the Hill, House Speaker John Boehner . . .

. . . .  told his colleagues that any deal will be a product of congressional leadership – not a compromise struck with the White House, the Republican source said, noting that “strategically not working with the president, but with the Senate could be better for him.”

Boehner was backed up by Democratic leaders Reid and Pelosi, when he said to Obama, “Mr. President, I need to deal with the House and the Senate because we [the White House and Congress] aren’t getting anywhere,” the source said.

Seems to get something done, the Ohio Republican knows he needs to get out of negotiations with the White House.

Given that the House has passed both a budget and a plan to raise the debt limit, we do know the House Speaker’s bargaining position.  But, we still don’t know that of the Democratic leadership.  It’s been 816 days since Harry Reid’s Senate passed a budget and that chamber still hasn’t voted on a plan to raise the debt ceiling.

Do wonder if any members of MSM will ask any Democrats this weekend in various talk shows to spell out their plan to raise the debt limit. And not like Wolf Blitzer did in querying the DNC Chair, offering her various hypotheticals without challenging her to offer specifics, but instead to point to the specific plans they’ve put forward and on which they’re ready to vote.

Seem the GOP already has another debt ceiling plan on tap.