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President Obama: The Man Without a Plan

On Tuesday, I linked the closing question of Stephen Green’s insightful post on the Obama administration, but the beginning of that post also merits your attention (as does the middle).  He used Steve McCann’ thoughtful piece at American Thinker, linking the president’s behavior in the debt ceiling debate to his overall failure of leadership, as his jumping-off point.

McCann contends that

Barack Obama’s only interest in the debt ceiling debate was to raise the borrowing limit sufficiently to get by the next election, and as a cudgel to denigrate the Republicans. His concern was not for the American people and the impact of overwhelming national debt, nor an impending and inevitable credit downgrade. Rather, he was determined that raising the debt ceiling would not become an issue during the presidential campaign. . . .

The destruction wrought by the nearly $5.5 Trillion (more than a third of the total debt of a nation 222 years old) he will have added to the nation’s balance sheet by the end of his term was immaterial, thus no detailed plan was forthcoming from the White House, and no lie or accusation aimed at the opposition was too absurd to tell.

The Democrat has, McCann observes, “abdicated all responsibility to the Congress, in particular the House of Representatives, which has little choice but to assume a role they are not structured to do: lead the country as best they can until November 2012.”  Indeed, Obama been doing that since the dawn of his administration where he let congressional Democrats draft the “stimulus” as they would later write the health care overhaul.

Seems the election of a Republican House threw a wrench into his plans of governance.  Rather than pivot as Bill Clinton did so masterfully in 1995, the current Democratic chief executive seems to be at wit’s end.  Without the Democratic majority to give him a plan in line with his ideological inclinations, he is left to demagoguing the plans the Republican majority offers.

The fact is that Obama never really had a plan to begin with.  He just latched himself onto the plans of his fellow partisans in Congress.  Now that the opposition party controls Congress, his absence of plan becomes increasingly manifest.  Save to those in the MSM.

UPDATE:  Jeff Dunetz contends that the president’s failure to offer a plan of his own compromised his relationship with his fellow Democrats:

Those who objectively followed the discussion over the past few months, saw the GOP bashing Democratic party proposals with facts and charts, but the Democrat’s arguments against Republican plans were void of any facts, but laden with histrionics and name-calling.

Read the whole thing.



  1. Compare the Westminster system, where the functional (as opposed to ceremonial) head of state must by definition control at least the lower house in a bicameral parliament and (s)he is an INTRINSIC PART of that House.

    Imagine an Obama who was constitutionally obliged to sit in the House of Representatives whenever it was in session, and whose seat in that House was as vulnerable as any other politician’s, and see where that takes you.

    The man’s main problem seems to be that he thinks he can sit at his desk and rule the US from there. No Australian Prime Minister would ever contemplate such a delusion, except possibly the one we’ve got now; and if the polls are anywhere near right then her mob is for the high jump, big time.

    Comment by perturbed — August 4, 2011 @ 7:54 pm - August 4, 2011

  2. Sharing.

    Comment by Scott M — August 6, 2011 @ 10:17 am - August 6, 2011

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