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Another Big Speech, Mr. Obama?!?!?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:47 pm - August 17, 2011.
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Just caught this on AOL:

Guess this’ll be his much touted jobs plan?

Last night before bed, I scribbled a note as a reminder to check the president’s various speeches on his jobs tour across the Midwest to see if he then put forward any specific proposal.

UPDATE:  In response to the president’s announcement, Sonicfrog released this rant:

Don’t you think this would have been more timely maybe FIVE MONTHS AGO?????? And it’s SOOOO important, he’s waiting until September… Because, after all, it’s not like there is any need or urgency to get the economy moving sooner than that! Talk about leading from behind!!!!!

Instead, you went on A [political] BUS TOUR?

The Marcus Bachmann Obsession

A number of people have asked me over the past few days whether I thought the husband of a certain presidential candidate was gay. I find it amusing how so many people protective of the private lives of Democratic politicians have an almost perverse fascination with the most intimate details of the lives of prominent conservatives, their spouses and progeny

I am tempted to reply as Tallulah Bankhead once did to a question about the sexuality of one of her male contemporaries because, like her, I just don’t know.

Of the many reports and video clips that readers have sent me — or that I have seen on other blogs — none has provided evidence that Marcus Bachmann ever engaged engaged in sexual activity with another man, even before his marriage to the Minnesota Congressman and Republican presidential candidate.

If indeed, the man (as some say) is homosexual (using the term as an adjective not a noun), in the sense that he is primarily attracted to men, then we have no confirmation he acted on it.

Weighing in on the controversy, my pal Joy McCann (whom I call a “pal” because we have corresponded, I have met her on several occasions and, well, I enjoy her company) observes:

Cynthia Yockey is of the belief that Marcus Bachmann is gay, and closeted. Which I have no way of being sure of. I do know that I’ve known multiple men in my life who were terrific non-conformists about their approach to masculinity, and though straight as arrows, were continually assumed to be gay—even by those who were gay.

Read the rest of her post. Like Stacy McCain in the post I linked yesterday, she raises some interesting issues, not that I agree with everything she says, but I do not doubt her sincerity and respect the integrity of her opinion.

Why so many people so intent on snooping around into the private life not of a presidential candidate, but of her husband?  How would they feel if conservatives started asking about Michelle Obama’s college boyfriends?

My Favorite Tweet of the 2012 Campaign So Far…

From John Hawkins today:

-Bruce (GayPatriot)