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In Memoriam Sara “Curly” Tunick

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:18 am - August 21, 2011.
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In some ways, I had five grandmothers, my mother’s mother, my father’s mother whom I knew only through stories (she died long before I was born) his step-mother, my Nonny, always a devoted grandmother, my beloved Aunt Ruth, my maternal grandmother’s older sister, and Curly Tunick who worked as a rental agent for my Dad from when he built his first large apartment complex until she was in her 80s.

Curly died yesterday just shy of her 100th birthday. She and I always had a special bond almost from the time my Dad hired her. She says she first remembers me crying about something. I would have been about two. She must have told a crazy joke and quieted me down.

I used to treasure going to my father’s office and walking up the hill to where she worked in the model apartment. Sometimes I’d even go with her when she showed units to potential renters. She had this way of telling whether people were just checking things out or were serious about renting. As I grew older, she used some rather, shall we say, colorful terms to describe those who were just passing the time — or dispatched by representatives of my father’s competitors.

And she had a zest for life, cracking jokes, speaking her mind. I think her husband was a bookie, but I never really knew. And although she had endured her share of adversity, with her father, brother, husband and daughter dying within months of each other, she always seemed to be smiling, savoring every minute of her life. This is one of the last pictures taken of her and me when I visited her last May in Atlanta. In every picture in that set she was smiling — as she is smiling in my every memory of her — in all save one.


The problem is always “cycle of violence”, never the Palestinian terrorists

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:36 am - August 21, 2011.
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Once again, the AP shows that it would rather spin the news in Israel than report it straight. After terrorists from Gaza slipped first into Egypt, then into Israel, murdering innocent civilians on an isolated road, Israel, as would any nation whose sovereign territory had been invaded by armed men seeking its destruction, retaliated.

Now, terrorists from Gaza fire rockets and mortars toward civilian population centers in sovereign Israeli territory. This is how the AP “reports” it:

A new cycle of violence began Thursday with militants ambushing Israeli vehicles near the southern border with Egypt, killing eight people.

Once again, it’s a “cycle of violence.” Here’s how a more responsible journalist would have reported it:

Terrorists from Gaza slipped into Egypt and from there into Israel territory attacking a bus filled with civilians. In response to this violation of its border, Israel pursued the attackers, seeking to protect its citizens from further violence.

Militants, possibly allied with the Hamas government in Gaza, continue to fire rockets and mortars at civilian targets inside Israel.

The word, “civilian,” was not found in the AP article cited in this post.