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Dick Cheney on his daughter’s homosexuality

This really isn’t news.  We’ve read about it already in Mary Cheney’s wonderful book, but we haven’t heard much praise for example set by the immediate past Vice President of the United States, particularly from the supposed advocates for the gay community.

Seems they don’t want to be seen praising a man who has been designated a demon by the arbiters of correct political opinions.  In his book, In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir, where the Wyomingite details his rise to power, in sparse prose (as is his wont throughout), Dick Cheney describes how he reacts to his daughter’s coming out.

Talking about his travels during his “congressional years” when he frequently took one of his two daughters with him on trips back to Wyoming,” this good man writes:

It was on one of those trips–in the Denver airport, to be precise–that Mary told me she was gay.  I told her that I loved her dearly and that what was important to me was that she be happy.

So should all parents react.  Nice to see this leading conservative setting such a fine example.

If you’re aware of the heads of any gay organizations praising the Republican for setting the standard for responses to a child’s coming out, please let me know so I can update this post accordingly.