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Will gay groups ever credit Dick Cheney for being a role model for parents of gay kids?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 9:48 am - September 18, 2011.
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If you want proof (as if proof is still needed) that most of national gay organizations are little more than front groups for the Democratic Party, who see their purpose not to try to change the minds of those with less than charitable views of gay people, just note how the silence of so many on former Vice President Dick Cheney’s commentary on gay issues.

Guess these groups are uncomfortable with how a man like Dick Cheney challenges their prejudices about conservatives.

Instead of ignoring this good man, they should be celebrating him.  Just when he stepped down as Vice President, few (if any) singled him out for having dared to differ with then-President George W. Bush on the Federal Marriage Amendment and for treating his daughter as we would want every parent to treat a gay child.

Guess it’s just not right to praise one designated an official villain of the American left.

Reader Leah sends this clip of the former Vice President and his wife, once again, providing an example for all parents to emulate:

A businessman’s flight from Illinois to Texas

As some of you know, I’ve been doing a mini-cross country drive these past few weeks, having to coordinate planned trips to Colorado (to celebrate my Dad’s birthday) and a meetings in Massachusetts.

Last night, while checking into a hotel in the Texas panhandle, ended up chatting with a man in his seventies (he gave me his age) about his travels.  He was pulling up stakes in his native Illinois and together with his business partners, and and preparing to set up shop in Texas and New Mexico.

They had decided to face the frustrations of moving because their governor (of Illinois) had just raised taxes by a considerable amount.

I would daresay they’re not the only ones.