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The Political Inertia of Gay Liberalism

Earlier today, Glenn Reynolds linked Jeff Carter’s post, Out of The Closet Conservative in A Democratic City. If we changed just words and substituted our own anecdotes, we could use the balance of his post to describe our own experiences as gay conservatives.

Living in the Windy City, Carter finds

. . . that there are very few true blue Democrats in Chicago. It’s just that the machine is established in the Democratic Party and inertia pushes them that way. So many people make so much money off the machine, you just can’t change it. But, there are enough hard core true believing Democrats around to keep the ship sailing straight.

And so it is within the gay community. Substitute “Gay Inc” for “the machine” and you realize many gay people support HRC and vote Democratic not because of genuine appreciation for the work said organization does or enthusiastic support for the political party it backs, but because of inertia. They’re just signing on to the cause and the political party their peers support. This inertia more than anything defines the voting habits of many gay people.  To be sure, there are also enough hard care true believing gay Democrats to toe the line for their party and maintain the pretense of a caring political party.

When Carter comes out as a conservative to his Chicago peers, he often encounters the same types of reaction we get when we come out to our gay peers:

When people find out that I am a conservative, there are three reactions. One, they can’t believe it and think I am kidding them, but then talk to me and we become friends. The second is abject horror, they sort of tolerate me but behind my back they insult me. The third is they start pigeon holing me into the most radical of conservative classes.

It’s always fascinating to me that liberal Democrats are supposed to be all accepting, and the live and let live party. However, in practice I find they are less tolerant, and want to tell and direct everyone more than the right wing Christian conservatives they love to pillory.

Many times at cocktail parties, my wife and I are introduced as “they’re conservatives but they are okay”, or “our favorite Republicans”, or “the only Republicans I know”.

I do have some very good friends that are pretty liberal and they are accepting of me. We actually have a lot of common ground on some things. We get together and have a good time, but I wonder how they would feel if they were in the minority?

Read the whole thing.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  Ted B. (Charging Rhino) observes:

Like the HRC, most gay Liberals just go through the motions without any self-examination, finding comfort in their familiar political rituals; denial, finger-pointing and demonization.


AOL Flacks for DNC and Obama

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:46 pm - September 25, 2011.
Filed under: Media Bias,Obama Worship & Indoctrination

Love how they use their home-page to flack for the Administration and make it appear that the GOP is the party with all the problems:

They take it on faith that the White House has debunked Republican arguments which they have reduced to “talking points.” A more accurate headline would be “White House challenges Republican position on taxes.”

So, one candidate’s troubles (in a sizable field) means the whole party is “in disarray”?