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Why do some liberals back Democrats even as they oppose the party’s economic policies?

Not quite sure why, but haven’t really been in much of a mood to blog about politics lately. If you think some of my recent posts seem forced, then perhaps it’s because they are. This is not to say I haven’t been thinking about politics; I have scribbled out a few ideas for posts — particularly the more “essayistic” ones which I prefer to craft.

It may be just that other things are on my mind, including the possible purchase of a condo and the preparation of a curriculum to teach mythology at the college/community college level.

That said, one big issue has been on my mind, brought to the fore, in recent days, by Steve Jobs’s commentary on the president’s record. In a nutshell, I wonder why so many on the cultural left who “get” that the Democratic Party is bad for business, including those industries fostering technological innovation and enterprises catering to a, well, more or less countercultural crowd (i.e., certain small businesses in big cities and university towns), continue to support Democrats and spurn Republicans.

This morning, while sipping my coffee and reading a thoughtful piece (via Instapundit) on the Duke “Group of 88” (professors who signed a letter effectively accusing the Duke lacrosse players of rape despite a paucity of evidence), I caught this:

But, even though I was an Obama supporter in 2008 and will remain so for 2012, Harris-Perry doubtless would dismiss me, too, as an insidiously racist white liberal. After all, I have publicly expressed horror with the Obama administration’s hostility to due process in higher education and my deep disappointment with the President’s indifference to the 2009 plebiscite that annulled the marriage equality law in my home state of Maine.

Emphasis added.  The entire piece merits your time.  It is a devastating critique of an academic’s obsessive focus on race, where “feelings” become subordinate to facts.  That said, the main reason I quote the blog post is for those words I emphasized above.

Now, maybe Dr. Johnson does support the president’s interventionist domestic policies and has to bite the bullet on the differences he identifies above (as we gay conservatives do when it comes to our party’s stand on DADT repeal), but those words did get me thinking about the idea that has been much on my mind of late:

Why do some people (mostly cultural liberals) continue to support Democrats (and oppose Republicans) when they know the economic policies of the president’s party make it increasingly difficult for individuals to establish enterprises while preventing more establish entrepreneurs from innovating and expanding.

Isn’t that what the Democrats did in 2008?

Lead article in New Republic’s daily e-mail: Yes, the GOP Just Might Nominate a Candidate Patently Unqualified to Be President.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  To a post I hacked out in a minute or so because a witty rejoinder popped into my head when I read the headline, darkeyedresolve offers a most thoughtful bit of commentary:

I just see the standards continuing to slip as time goes on, and Obama now gives both sides an excuse to continue the trend.

Because, before someone points out how bad he has been, supporters of whoever can still say you don’t need experience to win the national election. So we will get more people who sound good and less people who have a good resume.