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We still don’t know the pertinent facts in Cain kerfuffle

Perhaps the best thing about the proliferation of quality conservative and libertarian blogs is that if you don’t get around to checking the blogs until late morning PST (early afternoon EST) you will invariably find a blogger (or blogress) who expresses your views with reasonable accuracy so to make your point, you just need cut and paste his (or her) post and encourage your readers to read the whole thing.

This just a few minutes ago, when while scanning Memeorandum, I chanced upon law professor William A. Jacobson’s post on the Cain kerfuffle*:

Let’s sum up the “facts” as they are known right now.  Mostly unnamed people accused Herman Cain of unspecified conduct which some people who will not specify the people or the conduct have deemed “inappropriate.” . . . .

That’s what’s known now.  Maybe actual facts will come out proving that Cain did something wrong, but those facts are not out now.

Insisting on actual facts before a major conservative politician is taken down is not “selling out our minds.”

Cain has seriously messed up the situation and his campaign with an inconsistent response and a blame game, but does this justify the gloating and pure happiness being exhibited at the media feeding frenzy?

Read the whole thing.  And read that last paragraph again.  Jacobson really nails it.  Yeah, I agree, the candidate did himself no favors with his (seemingly inconsistent) responses to the allegations.  But, we still don’t know all the facts.

RELATED:  Glenn links another of Jacobson’s posts, Show Us Your Sources Or Shut Up! (with a reference to a former CBS News anchor).

*as happened when I read Michael Barone’s post–but that was in the wee hours of the morning.



  1. The demonstrated evidence that the Cain campaign was unprepared for these so-far unsubstantiated accusations persuades me that this whole “scandal” is a nothing, with no legs so-to-speak. If it were something of real substance in Cain’s past the campaign would have had slick pre-packaged answers and rebuttals on-tap. This sort of non-adjudicated PC-crap, feeble accusations and settlements cheaper than pursuing the truth happen in businesses all the time.

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — November 3, 2011 @ 2:36 pm - November 3, 2011

  2. How can Cain respond if he doesn’t remember who it was & the subject? When asked for detail from the source, all they do is talk about harassment, but no other detail is given. This is nothing. The MSM is over-blowing it. The media is misreading Cain as well.

    Comment by Sebastian Shaw — November 3, 2011 @ 3:34 pm - November 3, 2011

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