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Challenge to “Patriotic Millionaires”: Show Me the Money

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:53 pm - November 18, 2011.
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Calling themselves “patriotic millionaires,” these guys are lobbying Congress, asking our federal legislators to raise taxes on the rich.

The folks at the Daily Caller decided to see how serious these folks were, attending “their press conference with an iPad, which displayed the Treasury Department’s donation page, to find out if any of the ‘patriotic millionaires’ were willing to put their money where their mouth is.

They scoff at volunteering to donate. Look, I’ll take seriously only those members of this group who voluntarily agree to send in an amount no less than 1% of the total gross income (in addition to their existing tax) to the federal government.

Watching the same video, Ed Morrissey asks, “So what’s the lesson here?” And answers:

True patriots won’t volunteer, but insist on being drafted before coming to this nation’s service? That’s certainly a unique view of “patriotism,” isn’t it? That’s because “patriotism” isn’t what drives this message — it’s ideology. It would be equally “patriotic” to demand that the federal government return to a level of spending that we had just a few years ago, when the federal government spent one out of every five dollars rather than one out of every four in the American economy.

If you guys are serious, just give Uncle Sam the money.

An insight into anti-(gay) Republican prejudice?

Saw this on Jimmy LaSalvia’s Facebook page. We’ve all met guys like this short’s protagonist.

Most partisan president nixes shovel-ready jobs

Once again, Charles Krauthammer is in rare form, but then again since that sage columnist is often in this form, it’s probably not entirely accurate to call it “rare.”  Well, the idiom works.

Writing on the failures of the various big-government initiatives this president had put into place, the conservative columnist quips,

So what do you do when you say you can, but, it turns out, you can’t? Blame the other guy. Charge the Republicans with making governing impossible. Never mind that you had control of Congress for two-thirds of your current tenure. It’s all the fault of Republican rejectionism.

He goes on to show how “a president whose central campaign theme is that Republicans put party over nation, sacrificing country to crass political ends” was putting party over nation, sacrificing country for crass political ends.

Krauthammer’s focus is the 1,700-mile trans-USA Keystone XL pipeline: “President Obama decreed that any decision must wait 12 to 18 months — postponed, by amazing coincidence, until after next year’s election.”  The pipeline, the columnist reminds us, “angered Obama’s environmental constituency.”  So, now the Democrat’s got them in his camp for 2012, but he has prevented private companies from providing the shovels for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of shovel-ready jobs.

Oh, and he’s depriving the American people of access to oil from our very hemisphere — and from one of our closest allies.  As oil fluctuates near the $100 mark.

Post-partisan?  Most partisan in more like it.

Washington Post decries crony capitalism

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:07 pm - November 18, 2011.
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Democrats alone, the editors of the Washington Post remind us, aren’t responsible for the mess at Solyndra.  Congress, Energy Secretary Chu told what the paper called a “Republican-controlled House committee” (wonder if they would have called the House Energy and Commerce Committee a Democrat-controlled committee when the president’s party held the majority) that Congress authorized the program during the George W. Bush administration.

This is just a reminder that Republicans have not always held true to small-government principles — and why we need organizations like the Tea Party to hold their feet to the fire.  The political favoritism the administration showed to the company — and some of its backers — is just part of the scandal.  The Post editors contend “the real scandal is the loan guarantee program itself“:

The United States needs alternatives to oil, for reasons ranging from climate change to national security. Shoveling taxpayer dollars into profit-seeking manufacturing companies is not the way to develop them.

You can call it crony capitalism or venture socialism — but by whatever name, the Energy Department’s loan guarantee program privatizes profits and socializes losses. It’s an especially risky approach in the alternative-energy space, where solar energy is many years from being cost-competitive with fossil fuels for most uses — and history is littered with failed government attempts to back the next big thing.

Emphasis added.  Yes, they’re right, the real scandal is a government program putting its capital into the marketplace.

Now, to be sure, crony capitalism has grown considerably in our nation’s capital since January 20, 2009, but it’s been around a lot longer than that.  And it’s nice to see the editors of one of the nation’s largest (and most liberal) dailies remind us of the real problem of government subsidies for private industries:  they privatize profits and socialize losses. (more…)