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Reuters: Socialists led Spain from boom to bust

No wonder our media are so eager to downplay the Spanish election:

Voters vented their rage on the Socialists, who led the country from boom to bust in seven years in charge. With 5 million people out of work, the European Union’s highest jobless rate, Spain is heading into its second recession in four years.

. . . .

The PP won the biggest majority for any party in three decades, taking 186 seats in the 350-seat lower house, according to official results with 98 percent of the vote counted.

Emphasis added.  Boom to bust seems to be the story of what happens when governments increase their meddling in the economy.

Spain’s Socialists Ousted in Landslide; Doesn’t Make AOL/Yahoo! Headlines

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:36 pm - November 20, 2011.
Filed under: Media Bias,Politics abroad

Seems Instapundit is a better source for news than either AOL or Yahoo!  Glenn reports that “SPAIN’S SOCIALISTS lose in a landslide. Spanish voters, tired of war, got rid of Aznar and brought in people promising hope and change. Now they’re broke, and the Socialists are out.”

Now, this seems to be pretty big news.  A major European industrial nation where the Socialists won big back in ’04, seen then by some as harbinger of George W. Bush’s coming fall, especially as it followed on the heels of terrorist attacks in the nation’s capital.

Caught that news after having scanned the home pages of AOL and Yahoo!  Went back to double check as that is something I would have caught.  And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t miss anything. It was they who missed the story.  Guess it doesn’t fit the narrative:


Didn’t even make their rotating headlines.

Yahoo!: (more…)

AOL/HuffPo Continues to Flack For Obama

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:17 pm - November 20, 2011.
Filed under: Media Bias,Obama Worship & Indoctrination

Can someone please tell me how it’s news when the president’s former Chief of Staff attacks a Republican presidential candidate. Yet on its home page, AOL treats us not just to one, but two headlines related to Rahm Emanuel’s attack on Mitt Romney.

Nice to see AOL repeating an administration talking point.