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NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP DEBATE — Join the discussion!

I’ll be Twittering my thoughts in “real time”, but I’ll also use this space for other comments about tonight’s GOP Debate on ABC TV.

UPDATE at 9:09PM — I think I’m bored already.

UPDATE at 9:15PM – Rick Santorum knee-capping Ron Paul is TEH AWESOME. The young man owning the old dithering senile maniac.

UPDATE at 9:30PM – Ron Paul makes me sick. It is LEFTISTS that use the word “chickenhawk” against conservatives. He is disgusting.

This is all so frustrating. Our “news media” is a farce. ABC News should be ashamed of this debate.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Why lobbyists have influence (nutshell version)

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:48 am - January 7, 2012.
Filed under: Big Government Follies

Increasing government power gives more influence to the politically connected, which is often whoever can hire up the most ex-Senators and cabinet members-turned lobbyists.

Timothy P. Carney
(emphasis added)

A nice way to make the president and his wife feel perfectly comfortable

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 10:24 am - January 7, 2012.
Filed under: 2012 Presidential Election

Make sure they’re only in the White House for one term:

During the struggle to pass health care reform, Obama was committed to tackling the massive problem of rising health care costs despite the political costs. “Michelle and I are perfectly comfortable if we’re only here one term if we feel like we really accomplished something,” the book quotes the president as telling aides.

Let them feel like they accomplished something and send him on his way.