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Obamanomics not as popular in 2012 as New Deal in 1948

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:18 pm - January 9, 2012.
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For some time, I have been compiling notes for a post on why the incumbent Democratic president will not have the success that one of his partisan predecessors had with a “Give ‘Em Hell” strategy, attacking the Republican Congress for its “Do Nothing” record. Jim Geraghty has made by task easier, linking and excerpts John Bicknell’s piece in Roll Call contending that “Obama’s choice to adopt Harry Truman’s “give ‘em hell” strategy would work better if it was still 1948”.

Back in 1948, the Republicans weren’t prepared for such aggressive a strategy.  And for another, as far as I can tell, Truman didn’t take up this tack until the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in mid-July of that election year.

Obama has begun his long before the corresponding date in this cycle (still six months in the future).  Voters may tire of a negative, hectoring incumbent.  Meanwhile, congressional Republicans have the time to showcase the legislation they have passed — and point to the “Do Nothing” Democratic Senate which has bottled up their bills.

Importantly, Bicknell reminds us that Americans in 1948 liked the New Deal:

Perhaps most importantly, despite the economic problems the country faced in 1948, underlying support for continuing the New Deal was strong. Obama faces an even tougher economy, and his economic program inspires little loyalty beyond the Democratic base.

Even as increasing numbers of economists are coming to recognize that the New Deal did not work as advertised, delaying recovery, it retained in the 1940s — and even in subsequent decades — the aura of success.   Today, the American people, as poll after poll after poll indicates, have become increasingly skeptical of government solutions to our economic problems, favoring a private sector approach.

On matters economic, Barack Obama in 2012, unlike Harry S Truman in 1948 is not in tune with the times.

Jon Huntsman for President

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:30 am - January 9, 2012.
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On Friday, reporting GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia’s personal endorsement of Mitt Romney, I noted that although I found him Jimmy’s candidate of the four (then) leading contenders for the White House, I was not yet ready to endorse the former Massachusetts governor because of his failure to put forward a bold enough economic plan.  A few days after making that comment, I was reviewing the platform of another candidate who, like the former Massachusetts governor, has executive experience, having helmed the state of Utah for four years.

His policies were as bold, as conservative as his economic plan which Wall Street Journal editors had touted in early September.  Not just that, it seemed that on a great variety of issues, Jon Huntsman took the stand I would have taken, showing a skepticism of state power and a confidence in the private sector.

He would “dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) at the heart of the financial crisis.  He understands that real “financial reform will mean breaking the Faustian bargain between Wall Street and Washington that helped fuel the housing bubble”.  Emphasis added.  The problem is not just the greed on Wall Street, but primarily the system “crony capitalism” where political appointees and federal bureaucrats help create an unstable (and unfair) system.

Huntsman would repeal “the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, which perpetuates too-big-to-fail and imposes costly and mostly useless regulations on innocent smaller banks without addressing the root causes of the crisis or anticipating future crises” and end “the bailout subsidies”.  That’s not the only misguided legislation the candidate would repeal; he would ask Congress to reverse, opposing also Obamacare and Sarbanes-Oxley.  He has expressed admiration for “Congressman Paul Ryan’s honest attempt to save Medicare.

Jon Huntsman also believes that we  “must increase the production of domestic energy sources.”  To that end, he favors “expediting the process for reviewing and approving safe, environmentally sound energy projects, including the development of North American oil and gas reserves; oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska; shale gas and oil in the U.S.; and Canadian oil sands.”  Not only will this development lead to greater energy production — and thus lower costs — it will also create private sector jobs.

And then there was his statement on same-sex civil unions in Saturday night’s debate.   For these reasons, I endorse Jon Huntsman for President of the United States and encourage our readers who live in New Hampshire to vote for him in tomorrow’s primary.   (more…)

Good Morning from New Hampshire – GOP Primary 2012

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:52 am - January 9, 2012.
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It is FRIKKIN cold here this morning. I’m sure it’s not monumentally cold…but for a guy who has lived south of Mason-Dixon Line since 2000, it is damn cold!

Here are a couple of photos from my under-24 hour experience in the GOP NH Primary.

Right now, I’m in the Radisson Hotel — the media hangout — where GOProud is hosting a Homo-Continential Breakfast for the chattering class.

It is quite a surreal scene around here.

More later!



-Bruce (GayPatriot)