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James Taranto backs Mitt Romney?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 8:18 pm - January 30, 2012.
Filed under: 2012 Presidential Election,Obama Incompetence

From today’s Best of the Web on the polarizing Mr. Obama and his standing among independent voters:

According to¬†exit polls, independents made up 29% of the electorate in 2008, and Obama carried their votes, 52% to 44%, very close to his overall margin over John McCain. Obama’s airy promises of postpartisanship no doubt helped him win over independents, but our guess is that an even bigger factor was the sense from the preceding few years that Republicans were incapable of governing competently.

Obama has had low approval ratings among independents for most of his presidency. That, not “polarization,” is the reason he is in danger of defeat this year. The way for a Republican to beat him is to run a campaign centered on competence, not ideology.

More on this anon.