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Ron Paul takes Rick Santorum to the woodshed

Unlike some of his competitors, at least Ron Paul is keeping the focus in the right place:

Only Republican Presidents are Responsible for High Gas Prices

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 9:48 pm - February 21, 2012.
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Mediate reminds us of times past:

The Five‘s Dana Perino made an appearance on this morning’s Fox and Friends and spoke out about the mainstream media’s coverage of gas price prices, saying it was more negative under President Bush than President Obama.

Meanwhile, the White House is passing the buck:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney denied that President Obama bears responsibility for high gas prices

. . . .

The rise in gas prices is clearly the effect of a variety of factors on the global price of oil,” Carney said during the press briefing today. “They include unrest in certain regions of the world. They include growth in areas like China and India.” He was responding CBS’s Norah O’Donnell, who asked if the unseasonably high gas prices are “the president’s fault.”

Remember, when things go bad under this president, it’s not his fault.

Rule of thumb.  If something goes wrong when a Republican it’s the White House, it’s the president’s fault, but if the same thing happens under a Democratic administration, it’s something that the politicians just can’t control.  Interesting rule given that it’s the Democrats more likely than not who turn to the government when they discern social and economic challenges in need of “solutions.”

Rick Santorum’s Discipline Problem

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:27 pm - February 21, 2012.
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When asked about gay marriage at “the College Convention, a conference organized by New England College to allow students to interact with candidates” just after the Iowa caucuses, Rick Santorum first offered a rather innocuous response, saying, in Philip Klein’s words that “the onus was on those who are proposing to change the law to explain why it should be legalized, rather than on him to explain why he opposed it.”  He added the couples could write contracts allowing for visitation rights.

As the college audience peppered him with questions, instead of allowing that he had said his piece on the topic, the former Pennsylvania Senator instead of “ending it there,” as Klein put it, chose to continue the conversation on gay marriage.  Perhaps if this had been a forum on social issues and Mr. Santorum were offering one conservative view, we might appreciate his determination to keep the focus on this one issues, but this was a forum on the presidential election; gay marriage is only one — and clearly not the most significant (not even close) — of concern to Republican voters.

And Rick Santorum continues to dwell on social issues.  Indeed, he has even said that, as president, he will talk about the “dangers of contraception“.*   Now, maybe there really are dangers to contraception, moral and physical, but the job of talking about those dangers would belong, respectively, to religious leaders and medical professionals.  With a sluggish recovery, trillion-dollar deficits and entitlements facing insolvency, we need a chief executive who intends to focus on our fiscal plight.

Rick, however, just can’t help himself; he really wants to talk about social issues. And that extended conversation leads our friends in the mainstream media to focus on such issues when covering his candidacy.  When he, for example, appeared on “Face the Nation” this past Sunday, he seemed to relish this focus — even if it did make him seem out of touch with the mainstream of America.


So, is Walmart doing well or poorly?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:45 pm - February 21, 2012.
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Depends on your source:

From AOL’s front page:

From Yahoo!:

And note the top headline on the Yahoo! post. Even our friends in the legacy media understood that for the president, bipartisanship means a bipartisan agreement to adopt his policies.

ADDENDUM:  Interesting that the article Yahoo! links doesn’t paint the rosy picture the headline suggests:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s price cuts hurt its fourth-quarter profit, reminding investors that steps the world’s largest retailer is taking to bring back shoppers do come at a cost.

Wal-Mart’s quarterly profit and sales fell short of Wall Street expectations and its forecasts suggest that results in this quarter and fiscal year may again disappoint analysts.

This round goes to AOL.